Red Dress Pin: a Symbol for Women’s Heart Health

The Red Dress Pin is a national symbol released by The Heart Truth Program in 2002 for women and heart disease awareness. Its message, “Heart Disease Doesn’t Care What You Wear” is supported by this movement, making it more than just a piece of jewelry. The Red Dress Pin is the forefront object that symbolizes the humble movement to save women’s lives.

The movement has since been trying to make an appeal to women from age 40 to 60, the demographic range that is the most exposed to cardiovascular diseases. The signature object has since been worn by women of all ages, as an awareness accessory that contributes to the cause. Different organizations, fashion shows, established brands, and world renowned celebrities have supported the cause simply by wearing the pin, spreading the word, or using their influence to protect the lives of those we can not bear to live without. 

More About The Red Dress Pin Message

The Red Dress Pin, more than just a piece of jewelry, is the symbol that represents the woman’s heart disease awareness efforts. It was introduced by the National Heart, Lung & Blood Institute (NHLBI) in 2002 as part of their continuous efforts to increase awareness about women’s health and the risks associated with it. The object is today used in heart disease awareness campaigns of both: NHLBI’s Heart Truth and The American Association’s Go Red for Women

Red Dress Pin symbolises a fashionable accessory whose main intention is to remind women about adopting a heart healthy lifestyle by also inspiring others to do the same. From a jewelry design context, the red dress pin is as beautiful and heartwarming as the movement itself.  

Be Part of The Movement 

A red dress pin is the perfect piece of jewelry to show your support and be part of the movement for change. The lives of women globally matter and the movement is all about caring for the lives of those you can’t bear to live without. With cardiovascular diseases continuing to be a woman’s health greatest threat, sensibilizing for health improvement can help prevent and save the precious lives of our mothers, sisters, and daughters. Make a commitment to your health by taking care of yourself, learning and sharing heart health facts, knowing the signs, symptoms, and risk factors; as well as by following a healthier lifestyle today. 

How to Wear the Red Dress Pin 

There are different ways to wear the red dress pin, all it takes is your consent to show support for the cause. The pin is a versatile accessory that can complement any daily outfit, from your casual to your dressy clothes. Check the following ideas to wear a red dress pin:

  • Wear the red dress pin on the lapel side of a blouse or suit. 
  • Hold a scarf together using the red dress pin.
  • Put the pin on a belt or attach it to a purse or backpack.
  • Turn the pin to a pendant by stringing a chain through it.
  • Wear the red dress pin on your jacket or coat. 

As you can see, there are countless ways to adorn and complement your outfit using the red dress pin. In addition to spreading the word for women’s heart health, you can also accessorize yourself with a classic jewel. The red dress pin design was initially introduced in 2002 and it hasn’t changed much since. The signature object of Go Red For Women and Heart Truth movements makes a visually appealing statement by also introducing us with a way to show support to the cause. 

Did you know? Eighty percent of cardiac events may be prevented with education and lifestyle changes. 

The Official Design and Variations

The official red dress pin design introduced in 2002 by The Heart Truth Program was a slender sleeveless red dress with the heart symbol in the label area. Different designers from the jewelry industry soon came with their own take on the red dress pin. Saving the official version, new designs introduced in the following years came with slight variations. The signature design is still the dress shape in red with the heart symbol. Other versions and concepts include the following:

  • Red dress with heart symbol on hanger
  • Homemade red dress without hanger
  • Artisan red dress with sleeveless pin
  • Red dress pin in Swarovski crystal
  • Short red sequined dress
  • Red dress pin with semi-precious gemstone

The pins are sold from The Heart Association and the NHLBI. Other retailers, however, who are willing to raise money for heart disease awareness also sell their artisan variations and homemade bead forms. 

The Swarovski Crystal Red Dress Pin

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Each year, the giant glass and crystal manufacturer, Swarovski, makes a red dress pin collection. 

Undeniably, it is one of the most astonishing designs of the symbolic red dress pin. The glass Austrian-based producer has been a pioneer in the glass and crystal jewelry industry since its founding in 1895. The brand is to this day, family-owned (run by the fifth-generation of family members), and their take on the red dress pin is one of Swarovski’s many partnerships.

Their take was introduced in 2003 and since, the Swarovski crystal red dress pin has been a sought after fashion jewelry. The collaboration is further linked with Swarovski sponsoring The Red Dress Collection Fashion Show, organized by NHLBI’s The Heart Truth movement. The Swarovski red dress pins are generally sold for around $55 and are characterized by a red short sleeveless dress with a slit skirt in Swarovski crystals and a plunging neckline.

American Heart Association Red Dress Pin

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The American Association’s Go Red For Women Movement pin is available as a single item or bulk package. You can select your preferred quantity and have a price deduction with every larger package. The design of the symbolic glittering red dress is enamel color filled, with the setting being gold plated and an epoxy coating that makes it smooth to the touch. As you may or may not know, the symbolic jewelry was first promoted by the first lady Laura Bush, contributing to the cause and promoting the awareness of the National Wear Red Day and the American Heart Month. Each pin is individually poly bagged and comes with its clutch back. 

Red Dress Pin | Fundraising for a Cause

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Fundraising for a Cause is one of the largest organizations that support individuals and other organizations raise money and increase awareness for their cause, hence the name. It was created in 2005 after Karen Conroy’s sister was diagnosed with Breast Cancer.  Karen was struggling to raise money and understood how other people faced the same difficulties. She came up with the idea of selling awareness products, starting with only 10 products out of her home, to become today, an international organization that supports individuals and organizations find their way. The red dress pin from Fundraising for a Cause, is the organization’s take on the symbolic accessory. 

The Heart Truth Red Dress Pin

The classic Heart Truth Red Dress Pin, the original jewel, is sold by the National Heart, Lung & Blood Institute (NHLBI) as part of their almost 20 years old movement that supports the continuous efforts in women’s heart health sensibilization. The national symbol of women and heart disease awareness features a heart accent on red enamel. It measures 1 inch tall (2.54 cm), and is sold directly through NHLBI official website.

The Red Dress Collection Event

Mrs. Bush’s at the Red Dress Collection 2008 Fashion Show at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

The groundbreaking efforts of The Heart Truth movement with America’s fashion industry continue their partnership to raise awareness about women and heart disease.

The Red Dress Collection introduced yearly is an exclusive event where personalities and celebrities from different stages of life carry the message of empowerment that there is nothing women cannot do, cannot face and cannot overcome. It is organized by American Heart Association’s Go Red For Women as a way to tell women all around the world that being healthy never goes out of style. 

That goes to getting regular exercise, eating healthy, not smoking, and to pay a visit to your local doctor’s office for regular checks of blood pressure and cholesterol screenings. Here you can join the Go Red For Women Movement – a sisterhood united by a simple goal: to end cardiovascular diseases. There you will have the opportunity to learn about heart disease and stroke, access healthy living tips, and improve overall well-being. You will also have the chance to share your story, get involved, and participate in research initiatives. These actions will help change the landscape of women’s health. 

Every Voice Matters

Women and heart disease need to come to the attention of the public. Wear your red dress pin proudly and hope to get as many questions. The goal of the pin is to serve as a conversation starter, and teach other women but not only, about the importance of their health.