What Is Agatha Jewelry?

What Is Agatha Jewelry?
What Is Agatha Jewelry?

Fashion jewellery brand Agatha began as a family business in Paris in 1974. The founder of the company, Michel Quinioux, chose the name Agatha because he wanted a feminine name that started with the letter A related to natural stones, especially to agate. He wanted to create affordable jewelry based on a combination of fashion, creativity, and a cheerful spirit. In the 1970s the first boutique on Rue Monge in Paris offered great design at low price. Agatha jewelry was a great success among the French due to its authenticity, affordable prices and innovation.

What Is Agatha Jewelry?

Agatha Jewelry offers a mix of new essential jewels in sterling silver and more trendy collections for each season. The jewels are also promoted by bloggers around the world. One of the best selling items for more than 20 years has been the Magic Diamond necklace.

The brand in order to reach and gain more clients from all over the world plans several products and store projects over the coming months. It has over 350 POS in the world and now is embarking on an expansion beyond Europe, throughout the Asia and Middle East regions.


The necklaces of Agatha are a mark of class, style and using a variety of materials mixed with precious stones they are perfect for any occasion. The type of necklaces that the brand offers are: long necklaces with oval beads, beads and flowers, multi-shaped beads and flowers and link chain “Y”necklaces with crystal flowers.


The earrings of the Agatha Jewelry match the other jewelry pieces created by this brand. It also offers hard to find clips on earrings and pierced style. Here are some of earrings offerings which include: Multi chain beads and flowers in blue, green and pink made of glass and metal; Clip earrings with mixed rhinestones and simulated pearls made of glass and metal; Rhinestone flower clip earrings which match one of the Agatha necklaces, the earrings come in coral, white light green and turquoise and are made of glass and metal.


The Agatha Jewelry Brand offers a wide range of bracelet choices including Link chain bracelets featuring glass and metal; Wide bagel bracelets in blue gold and pink; Bracelets with sterling silver accents.


In general brooches are often overlooked but appreciated accessories. The Agatha’s line of brooches includes: Rhinestone stars made of glass and metal; Royal crown rhinestone brooch made of glass and metal; Pink flamingo brooches trimmed in gold; Elephant mother and baby brooches in pink and silver metal and enamel.


Agatha’s line rings currently available are: Sterling silver mini flower and leaf rings with cubic zirconia; paved rhinestone rings in copper; Sterling silver cylinder rings with a wide width and polished finish; Sterling silver round rings with imitation onyx, turquoise.

Where to Buy

The company has outlets around the world including Tokyo, Seville, China, Canada, France, etc. The store in China was recently revealed and features feminine, light colours and materials to enhance the modernity and refinement of the jewels. The Agatha Jewelry can also be found online at:

You can visit Agatha Website for a complete list of stores, here are several stores in the US:

  • Grand Canal Shops at the Venetian Casino, Las Vegas
  • Princess Kaiulani Hotel, Hawaii
  • 611 Madison Avenue, New York
  • The Shops at Willow Bend, Plano