Best Places to Buy New & Vintage Designer Jewelry

Best Places to Buy New & Vintage Designer Jewelry

Vintage jewelry has a timeless appeal, but for the novice, finding authentic pieces at reasonable prices can be intimidating. Vintage fine jewelry can take many forms, such as an antique engagement ring or a cameo to replace the one that was lost by your grandmother. You could end up overspending or suffering from buyer’s greed if you don’t know what you’re looking at. Everything you need to understand about buying vintage jewelry like a professional is right here.

Yard Sales

A fine second-hand jewelry purchase is a not typical place where you can purchase a $5 bracelet” purchase. These places aren’t helpful to fine jewelry shopping, and the seller might know less about what they’re trying to sell than you do. Anyways, they should be avoided.

Flea Markets

A yard sale market is a place where different dealers hang out to sell their once-a-week finds. A yard sale differs from. Furthermore, dealers have a better understanding of the accessories they sell.

You must be cautious if you want to buy fine jewelry at a thrift store! To begin, you must demonstrate the ability to tell the difference between gold and gold-plated items. A flea market is a perfect way to find a good deal, but it is also a great place to get ripped off because some dealers only come to a flea market just once and disappear.

Antique Shops

This is a fantastic place to shop if you live near a few local antique shops, particularly those that are focused on jewelry! The dealers are not only informed, but they also enjoy doing business. If you’re looking for stunning fine jewelry treasures, there are more antique shops than antique accessories shops. Stores are more expensive than flea markets. Consider using a layaway plan to offset the cost of that fine piece of jewelry you’ve always wished for.

Every year, thousands of shop owners from across the country tend to gather in buildings to sell their wares. These are not only entertaining to attend, but the better shows only allow top-notch dealers to participate. This increases your chances of finding a decent piece of fine jewelry. Get a group of friends together, look for shows that are worth seeing, and plan a trip!

Peekaboo Vintage

Peekaboo Vintage is one of over 1,000 boutiques in the Asos Marketplace, which is a division of the British fast-fashion retailer Asos. Peekaboo is the marketplace’s top-rated vintage store for a reason. The London-based shop sells a wide range of affordable vintage clothing and accessories. The majority of their adorable bags, shoes, and scarves are under $100.

When Decades Collide

Decades Collide is an Etsy shop that currently holds the Betty Draper corner of the vintage market, and is a great resource for brilliant, floral brooches and matching earrings—as well as 1950s-era dresses.

Persephone Vintage Shop

Persephone Vintage’s Etsy shop characterizes itself as “curated modern vintage,” which is an accurate description for this store, which sells trendy vintage pieces. The shop sells a wide variety of jewelry, the majority of which is from the 1980s, in geometric forms and minimalist components that would look at home in your everyday wardrobe without looking old and out of date.

La DoubleJ

La DoubleJ, based in Milan, Italy, offers a unique mix of expertly curated vintage fashion items, as well as a new collection of clothing made from vintage prints discovered recently in the archives of some of Italy’s top clothing manufacturers. The shop has a large jewelry collection, which includes a number of eye-catching, brightly colored statement pieces.


Farfetch is a luxe eCommerce site that retails both contemporary designer fashion and a sizable vintage section online. Shop Prada, Chanel, Dior, and Yves Saint Laurent are some of the brands you can find here.

Archive Vintage

Archive Vintage is an online store based in Austin, Texas that works primarily with vintage fashion items from the 1960s to the 1990s. Because it carries higher-end artists such as Valentino and Chanel, prices are slightly higher than average.


The web is a treasure trove of antique jewelry deals. The first three places that jump to mind are Etsy, eBay, and Ruby Lane. Each one is jam-packed with hundreds of pieces that you could spend hours admiring. While Etsy is best known for its handcrafts, many people overlook the fact that vintage items account for roughly half of its webpage.


Since it is very easy to overpay for items up for auction, this is a recommendation for the more expert antique hunter.

Because everything happens so quickly, leaving you little time to think, being in-person in one auction is even more exciting than that of its online counterparts, such as eBay. Before attending the auction, it is critical that you become acquainted with auction best methods. This allows you to deeply inspect any item on which you intend to bid and note any condition issues.

Happy Hunting

You now know where to go to find the best vintage fine jewelry. Always keep a jeweler’s loupe on hand, and ask any dealer a lot of questions. Don’t buy if you don’t feel comfortable with the supplier for any reason!