Body Jewelry Styles Beyond the Norm

Body Jewelry Styles Beyond the Norm

The most basic types of body jewelry currently available are plugs and tunnels. Depending on the appearance and needs of any piercing, each type of jewelry provides various options. These body jewelry styles are essential to any collection, regardless of how long you’ve had a stretched piercing. If you’re new to this and don’t know where to begin, keep reading for a quick rundown of your options.

Plugs With Two Flares

Because they are less easy to fall out, these plugs are the simplest body jewelry to keep track of. Double flared jewelry is great for extending piercings that require a larger lip in order to stay in place.

Plugs With A Single Flare

Single flare plugs, like double flare plugs, have only one side flared. A rubber band known as an o-ring is usually used to hold the other side in place. If you want a flared look without having to stretch your lobe over a relatively large flare, this is the option for you. Mono flared plugs are ideal for use immediately after extending when your piercing is at its most sensitive, allowing you to recover while maintaining your style.

There Is No Flare

There are no flare plugs, and the plug is flat along its entire length, with no flares at either end. Because there are O-rings on each side of the accessories to keep it in place, this style requires a little more care. When adjusting the O-rings without the flare plugs, you risk pinching your skin. It all depends on the look you want to achieve because no flare plugs have a different appearance than their flared counterparts.

Eyelets And Tunnels

Tunnels are not described the same way as eyelets, and vice versa. Instead of a solid plug, the center of this body jewelry is hollow, allowing you to see through your piercing. Tunnels are particularly useful for larger stretched piercings, as plugs can become cumbersome as the size increases. They’re also great for anyone who wants to feel lighter, or just after stretching to reduce pulling irritation.


Teardrop plugs are purely adornments for any kind of piercing. Teardrop plugs are an excellent alternative to standard round plugs and are available in both tunnel and solid versions, depending on your needs.

Barbell, Straight

Another type of body jewelry are straight barbells can be used for a variety of piercings. Straight barbells of varying lengths are most often used for tongue piercings, whereas longer barbells are more commonly used for industrial piercings. They are also the best option for recovering from a nipple piercing. The length and size of your piercing will vary depending on the type of piercing you have and your personal anatomy.


Labret jewelry, which was originally intended for lip piercings, is now used for a wide range of piercings. Labrets are made of a flat disk connected to one end of a post, which makes them ideal for use behind the ear or inside the mouth. Labrets can also be used to pierce the upper lip of Monroe and Medusa. Similarly, there are a variety of ear placement options for which the labret can be comfortably worn.

Barbell Curved

Curved barbells can be made in any style, length, or size, just like straight barbells. Curved barbells, which range in size from 16g to 00g, are commonly seen in eyebrow, rook, and navel piercings. Size and length, like straight barbells, will vary depending on your anatomy and piercing.

Bead Ring With Captive Beads

Captive bead rings were popular in the 1970s and can be worn successfully in a variety of body art. This design consists of a solid ring with a ball that clicks into place to keep your body jewelry secure. Captive rings are most commonly used to heal piercings in the earlobe, cartilage, rook, and tragus. However, once your piercing has healed completely, you can switch to a different style of body jewelry if you so desire.

Barbell Circular

Circular barbells, which come in different styles depending on personal preference, are used to stretch earlobes on occasion.

Because of their partially open shape, circular barbells are ideal for septum piercings because the body jewelry can be tucked up into the nostrils without having to remove the piercing.

Belly Ring / Navel Ring

Navel rings are made specifically for belly piercings and can be adjusted in length. Because navel piercings are still popular, there are a plethora of stylish and cute options.

Nose Rings 

Because they are designed with anatomy in mind, nostril screws are thought to be the best option for nose piercings. Nostril screws are designed to easily slip into the proper position and remain stable during daily use, ensuring continued nostril comfort.

Final Thoughts on Body Jewelry

It is critical to consider your needs when purchasing jewelry. Remember this, especially if you’re just starting out with piercing stretching. Stretching puts a lot of strain on your piercing, so choose your jewelry with the comfort and ease of aftercare in mind.