Common Celtic Jewelry Designs & Themes

Common Celtic Jewelry Designs & Themes

Many pieces of Irish jewelry are inspired by Ireland’s rich Celtic history and culture. With the arrival of the Celts in 500 BC, the art of storytelling in Ireland began. 

In these stories were frequently used signs and symbols, holding significant meaning and power. These symbols can be found in Celtic Crosses throughout Ireland, which depict the Christian faith. According to legend, St. Patrick converted the Irish to Christianity using a Shamrock to represent the Holy Trinity.

Ireland’s Traditional Symbols

The themes of love, loyalty, and wisdom run through the Celtic Symbols. These symbols reflect the rich Irish heritage. The descriptions of some traditional Irish symbols that follow will help you choose a meaningful piece of Irish jewelry.

Irish Harp

Traditional Irish Harp crafted in sterling silver with Irish gold.

In Irish, the Celtic Harp, Cláirseacht, is a traditional Irish square harp. It is associated with the Irish ruling class. The wire strings are the king’s arms. 

The Harp is Ireland’s most well-known symbol today. You can find this emblem on official government documents, Irish passports, and Irish coinage.

Irish Harp, made of sterling silver and a piece of gold mined in Ireland, is excellent for showcasing  Irish history in the most authentic way possible.

Celtic Cross

The Celtic Cross is a Christian cross that dates back to the early Middle Ages. St. Patrick is Ireland’s patron saint. 

You can find the Celtic Cross or the High Crosses all over the country. It is a traditional Irish symbol representing old monastic sites or sacred land. The crosses are expertly crafted from sandstone or granite and feature stories from the Bible that have been expertly carved and preserved for generations.

Muiredach’s High Cross is an example of a Celtic Cross. It’s in County Louth, in Monasterboice, a ruined monastic complex. This magnificent Celtic Cross stands 17 feet and 8 inches tall. On both sides, there are scenes from the Old and New Testaments.

Many master artisans have recreated this magnificent cross into a stunningly intricate piece of jewelry—a beautiful piece from High Crosses of Ireland Collection.

Trinity Knot

A well-known Celtic jewelry emblem is the Trinity Knot, often known as the Triquetra. This jewelry was created in an Irish monastery several centuries ago, and over the years, different options were developed. 

It can be found in early Christian Celtic crosses and monuments, such as the Book of Kells old manuscripts and stained glass windows. It’s a well-known symbol in Ireland.

This emblem represents the Earth, Wind, and Water to the Celts. For some others,  it represented the Mind, Body, and Spirit. Others believe it to represent the Past, Present, and Future.

Representing the three promises of love, honor, and protection in a relationship, the Trinity Knot has since become a symbol of endless love. It can be found on wedding rings, necklaces, and earrings. It is frequently coupled with other Traditional Irish symbols to produce stunning Irish jewelry, especially on wedding bands.

Claddagh Ring

The Claddagh ring was invented in the 17th century. Richard Joyce, an Irish sailor, designed it. He was kidnapped by Algerian pirates while sailing in the Mediterranean. After his safe return to Galway, he gave his sweetheart a Claddagh ring. 

Without a doubt, the Claddagh is Ireland’s most famous traditional symbol. A one-of-a-kind Irish love symbol. The Heart symbolizes love, the Hand symbolizes friendship and the Crown dedication. This gorgeous Irish band can be worn as a wedding or promise ring. You can wear your Claddagh ring in several ways. The Claddagh ring is now more commonly worn as a symbol of the Irish heritage, and it is worn by the Irish Diaspora and lovers of all things Irish all over the world!


“Shamrock” originated from the Irish word “seamróg,” which means “young plant/little plant.” This little bloom, like other Irish Celtic symbols, has multiple meanings.

According to legend, St. Patrick, Ireland’s patron saint, explained the Holy Trinity using the three heart-shaped leaves. The Trinity consists of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Since the number three is considered the perfect number, it represents the past, present, and future. 

On March 17th, Irish communities celebrate St. Patrick with a parade every year. Shamrock is, of course, associated with more than simply religion. The Celtic Druids highly valued the Shamrock. They believed that this small sprig of green would protect them from har. It is also said that it will bring you Irish luck if you wear it.

The emblem is used by many of state institutions and organizations specialized in the Republic of Ireland, including Aer Lingus, Failte Ireland, and Tourism Ireland.

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