Christian Abstinence Ring Types

Christian Abstinence Ring Types

Christian abstinence rings represent a person’s commitment to avoid sexual demonstrations of affection until they are legally married. 

The Abstinence Movement

Most Christian sects and a broad spectrum of other religions consider sexual interactions before marriage prohibited. These rings are for those who choose to abstain from sexual contact until they say their “I Do’s.”

For many who have chosen abstinence until marriage, the commitment is highly personal and something they are pretty comfortable with. Many people who want to share their promises with the rest of the world discover that Christian abstinence rings and related jewelry can help them make a clear statement about their principles. Today, these people proudly wear Activity rings, which inform the world that some “matters” can wait until a stroll down the aisle.

The Symbolism of Christian Abstinence Rings

Rings have been used to signify different responsibilities for hundreds of years. You can see people wearing engagement and wedding rings and friendship rings. Some rings indicate college and sorority/fraternity membership, while others symbolize membership in golf clubs and society. Christian abstinence rings only represent a person’s decision to refrain from sexual activity until they are legally married. 

While a wedding ring represents a person’s commitment to a spouse through marriage, a purity ring represents a person’s commitment to themselves to live a pure life. Abstinence until marriage is no longer the norm in today’s society, and temptation is everywhere. A purity ring serves as a constant reminder to remain firm in one’s resolve to resist temptation in order to keep one’s body, mind, and heart pure. 

This also serves as a reminder to a potential spouse that you intend to remain chaste until marriage. Many participants, in addition to wearing the ring, take a vow or pledge to demonstrate their commitment to remaining pure.

Below you will see some purity ring variants and styles.

Models of Rings

When looking for the perfect ring to represent your vows to God and your faith, the first step is deciding on the right style. There are so many different types of styles and prices of purity rings available. Common images and designs on purity rings include hearts, keys, crosses, flowers.

A purity ring almost always has an engraved saying. “True Love Waits,” or simply “Love Waits,” is a popular phrase. These simple phrases sum up the essence of the purity ring, which is to be worn while waiting for true love and marriage. Many other phrases can also be found on purity rings. Here are some examples:

  • Pure and patient
  • Purity
  • One life, one love
  • I will wait for you
  • I will wait for my beloved
  • Pure before God

Silver Bands

Many purity rings are simple in their design and color, allowing instead the concept to make a big impression. Amazon has a plethora of simple silver purity rings with abstinence messages.

While there are numerous patterns and price tags, there are a lot of rings by Elevated Faith that have a straightforward design with up-to-date information and the prices are reasonable.

Stackable Rings

If one ring is fantastic, three rings are even better. Stackable ring styles are available in many purity ring designs.

Stackable ring styles offer a purity stacking abstinence ring engraved with the word “Purity.” You can find this ring at a meager retail price under $10.

Engraved Rings

Several rings include messages illustrating the desire to remain pure until entering into a relationship. Men ring “I am going to Wait” or “Purity” are popular messages on chastity rings. 

Pure Ahead of God, available online, embraces the entire abstinence movement.

The “I Will Hold out” ring, also available at Etsy, is typically a slimmer style than the bands previously mentioned, even though the ring is made from well-known stainless steel. The “I’m Going to Wait” concept is very used in the purity ring layout.

Rings With Bling

A considerable number of purity rings combine the idea of innocence with a dash of bling. These rings will accompany wearers to upscale events while keeping their promise to the Lord.

Atrio Hill offers a variety of purity rings, but this one combines religion and sparkle.

A stainless steel band with a square-slice entrance and crystal is available from Christian Jewelry. It is engraved in scriptwriting with the single phrase “Purity.”

Men’s Purity Rings

Numerous jewelry designs are available and they are made specifically for adult men who want to display their chastity way of life proudly. 

The Adore, Purity

Thoughtful Impressions provides a line of masculine adult men’s abstinence rings with a message.

The Adore Purity rings are simple and convey a solid religious concept. It serves as a reminder to those who carry what is undeniably essential in life.

Sometimes you don’t even need words to express a clear message. Many abstinence rings have sayings that explain a vow to beliefs, but some people express purity through symbols.

These rings are a famous symbolic purity ring that says God is greater than the highs and lows but symbolically.

Many purity rings are popular jewelry items, that’s why some retailers and websites combine the concept of the purity ring with suitable elements that fit any woman.


Whether you call these rings guarantee rings, chastity rings, purity rings, or abstinence rings, these items represent a commitment to sexual abstinence. If you’re going to wear one, make sure you fully comprehend the precise message you’re sending to the entire world.