DIY Tips to Convert Pierced Earrings to Clip-Ons

DIY Tips to Convert Pierced Earrings to Clip-Ons
DIY Tips to Convert Pierced Earrings to Clip-Ons

If you wear clip-on earrings, you’ve probably noticed that pierced ears have more options than you do. Fortunately, you can use a converter to convert any pair of pierced earrings into clip-on earrings. The type of converter you use will be determined by the earring you are converting and whether the original earring must be preserved. After you’ve converted your earrings, make sure they’re comfortable to wear all day.

Converting Earrings with a Post

Purchase Earring Converters

Earring converters are available online or at your local craft store. Typically, converters are found in the jewelry-making area. On the back of the converter, look for a small tube/barrel.

  • Most posts will fit into the converter’s barrel but double-check the size of your posts to be sure.

Insert the Post Into the Barrel

Insert the post into the converter’s barrel. Then, bend the post about 90 degrees. Bending the post will allow your earrings to sit more naturally on your ear.

  • Bend the posts with a slow, steady motion. If your posts are particularly thick, bend them with pliers before inserting them into the barrel.
  • The earrings can no longer be worn as pierced earrings when the posts are bent.

Try a No-Bend Converter

You can use a no-bend converter if you don’t want to bend the post and still wear them as pierced earrings. Insert the post into the barrel and then put on the earrings. The earrings will be worn just below your earlobe. Because pierced stud earrings typically sit in the middle of your earlobe, using this type of converter may appear odd.

Dangling Earrings Adaptation

Purchase Fish Hook Converters

Go online or to your local craft store’s jewelry section. Look for converters explicitly designed for fish earrings. Instead of working in conjunction with the pierced earring hook, these converters replace it.

  • The earring will be attached to a small extra hoop on the front of these converters.

Remove the Fish Hook

Using jewelry pliers, remove the piece that goes through your ear. Place the small hoop on the converter around the hole on the pierced earring. Close the loop with the pliers. Your earrings are now finished and ready to wear.

  • You can use a hoop converter instead of removing the fish hook if you don’t want to remove it.

Use a Hoop Converter

A hoop converter is a small metal hoop that fits over pierced ears. If you use this with a fish hook earring, first close the opening of the pierced earring with your pliers. Hang the fish hook on the hoop converter once it’s closed.

  • This is one of the quickest methods. Because no pieces must be removed, the pierced earring remains intact.
  • Remember that this type of converter will extend the length of your earrings.
  • If the pierced earrings are weighty, you might consider using a fish hook converter.

Making Clip-Ons Comfortable

Use Clip-on Cushions

Purchase clip-on earring cushions from a jewelry store or any store that sells jewelry. Some of the cushions adhere to the clips with adhesive. Other cushions can be slipped over the clips to provide additional padding for your ears. When using adhesive pads, place the foam on the part of the clip that touches the back of your ear lobe.

  • The majority of these cushions are reusable.
  • You can also use foam pads with adhesive backing from a hardware or craft store. Cut the pads to the size you require.

Loosen the Tongue

Paddle-back clip-on converters are the most common type of clip-on converters. The metal tongue on these clip-on ensures that your clip-ons fit snugly. Gently lift the tongue with tweezers, a thin screwdriver, or a clip-on comfort key if your ears hurt. Lift your tongue slightly, and then try on your earrings to see how they feel. Continue doing this until you find a snug but comfortable fit.

  • Earrings will not stay on your ear if you loosen your tongue too much.
  • When you lift your tongue too quickly, it can break off.
  • A comfort key is a tool used to adjust clip-on earrings. 

Wear for Short Periods

If cushions and/or tongue loosening do not help, you may need to wear your earrings less frequently. Your earrings may feel fine for the first few hours, but they will irritate you eventually. Some earrings may also be suitable for wearing all day, while others may only be suitable for a few hours.

  • Wearing your clips-ons around the house first to see how your ears feel over time may be beneficial. Then you’ll know what your limits are for each pair of earrings you own.

Clean Your Ears and Earrings

To clean your earrings, combine one drop of baby shampoo with water and clean with a Q-Tip or soft toothbrush. Rinse quickly with cool water and pat dry with a cool hairdryer or a soft hand towel. When it comes to cleaning earrings, there are no hard and fast rules, but the earrings you wear the most should be cleaned more frequently.

  • To clean, avoid using anything acidic, such as vinegar or baking soda.
  • If you notice any green stuff on your earrings, use a toothpick, soft toothbrush, or Q-Tip to remove it.
  • Apply rubbing alcohol to a cotton ball or pad to clean your ears. This will kill any germs.