Cubic Zirconia Jewelry Perks: Sparkle on a Budget

Cubic Zirconia Jewelry Perks: Sparkle on a Budget
Cubic Zirconia Jewelry Perks: Sparkle on a Budget

Cubic Zirconia, also referred to as CZ for short, is a mineral (zirconium oxide) that is extremely rare in its natural form. However, it can be man-made to replicate brilliant gemstones like diamonds, emeralds, and rubies. Fine cubic zirconia jewelry comes with the fire of a diamond, and only a trained eye can tell the difference between the two. 

How to Tell a Real Diamond from Cubic Zirconia

Notice: You are about to learn the tell-tale signs that take jewelers years to learn: the difference between cubic zirconia and diamonds. 

Cubic zirconia is what jewelers call a simulated diamond. The latter is what cubic zirconia is known more about, being a gemstone that resembles a genuine diamond. However, they differ in several ways:

  • Cubic zirconia, for example, is softer than diamonds. 
  • Unlike diamonds, cubic zirconia does not conduct heat. 
  • Cubic zirconia is heavier than diamonds. For example, a cubic zirconia stone with the same dimensions as a diamond, is 1.7 times heavier. 

When cubic zirconia is measured in carats, that number corresponds to the carat weight of a genuine diamond of the same size. This is done to standardize the scale so that comparing cubic zirconia to diamond is straightforward. The size of some cubic zirconia stones is used instead of the carat weight to determine their value.

Shopping for Cubic Zirconia Jewelry

Check our curated selection of some of the highest quality cubic zirconia jewelry pieces, crafted with care by some of the most reputable jewelry makers in the industry. Although they sparkle as much as diamonds, they come at a fraction of the price. 

Cubic Zirconia Engagement Ring

There is no stigma attached to cubic zirconia jewelry, and it’s brilliance can obviously compete with that of a diamond. It is a strong mineral that, just as diamonds, can be treasured forever. Therefore, if you are looking for an escape from the conventional diamond engagement ring, take a look at our pick. A genuine 14K solid white gold engagement ring with a cubic zirconia stone of high purity. Indeed, it is an affordable alternative, notably when compared to the price tag of the same carat in diamond. Nevertheless, the 1.75 carat princess cut CZ stone is a nearly dead ringer for a true diamond, and sure worthy to seal a love bond forever. 

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Cubic Zirconia Earrings in Sterling Silver 

Add diversity to your jewelry collection with these three pair set stud earrings. The CZ stones are set in sterling silver jewelry and secured with post and friction backs. You can wear them as a single or in pairs, and use them for ears, lips, or as cartilage. Either way, combination of pure sterling silver with debazling cubic zirconia of the highest quality, make always an unmistakable piece of jewelry that complements almost every outfit and looks good on you. 

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AAAAA-Quality Cubic Zirconia Pendant 

Looking to buy a mesmerizing gem without having to hit the bank? This CZ pendant is up to the challenge. Really, it replicates a genuine diamond in brilliance and the setting is crafted from sterling silver. The pendant is AAAAA grade CZ of the highest purity and offers a lasting sheen. In addition, the jewelry makers at Pavlos Store have taken good care of the finishing, giving each piece a high polish surface. 

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18K Gold-Plated Cubic Zirconia Necklace

Make yours a necklace to treasure forever. The 18k gold-plated necklace adorned with high quality 3mm cubic zirconia stones is one of the most shining pieces of jewelry you’ll ever own. It has a princess 18” size type (45cm), making it suitable to be worn with a V-neck dress, or add a pendant and hang it over a crew, turtleneck, off shoulder, or other type of outfit with different neckline. Choices are immense. 

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18K Gold-Plated Cubic Zirconia Tennis Bracelet

We found it for you. The next best piece of jewelry to add to your collection. This 18K gold-plated tennis bracelet comes with high quality cubic zirconia stones set in perfect order in a classic and elegant 4-prong setting. Cubic zirconia is undeniably sparkly, and even more while hitting the light. 

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Cubic Zirconia Beads

Looking to accessorize yourself in a unique manner? We have found the perfect beads to match with any of your already possessing necklaces or bracelets. Play with your imagination and combine 20 pieces of 8mm cubic zirconia beads as you prefer. Perfect for DIY Jewelry, the minimalist cubic zirconia beads come in different styles, bringing personalization to your jewelry. 

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Cubic Zirconia VS Moissanite Jewelry 

When looking for the perfect diamond substitute gemstone, you will be presented with two affordable, but still substantial and sublime alternatives. One is our now familiar cubic zirconia, and the other, is moissanite. Both gemstones manage to resemble diamond’s brilliance, making it a good and affordable substitute in jewelry. 

Both are great diamond alternatives, doing their absolute best in replicating diamond in brilliance, hardness, overall durability, chemical resistance, and scratch resistance. Both: cubic zirconia and moissanite were discovered in their natural form around one century ago, and have since been used not only in the jewelry industry, but also for medical and dental purposes. If you’re in too deep in the world of jewelry, check out our Moissanite vs Cubic Zirconia comparison article

Different Grades of Cubic Zirconia Jewelry – From AB to AAAAA

As you may or may not know, cubic zirconia jewelry comes in six different grades that measure the gem’s purity and quality. From AB to AAAAA, the more A’s your cubic zirconia jewel has, the higher its quality is. The AAAAA cubic zirconia quality is second to diamond, they are hard and clear, and can not be distinguished without expert examination. As for the AB-quality cubic zirconia stones, which are soft and cloudy, they can sometimes appear with small but significant downsides. Included are lack of luster, development of striations, and low durability. 

Caring and Cleaning Cubic Zirconia Jewelry

Many jewelry pieces, not to say all of them, (except platinum or titanium which are very durable metals) others will unfortunately deteriorate or get damaged. Although all you did was keep good care of them, wore them with appreciation, and stored them properly, some damages can be seen with the passing of time. In order to increase the longevity of your Cubic Zirconia pieces, and treasure them for a lifetime, take a look at how to clean CZ jewelry like a pro, the proper use of the Ultrasonic Cleaner, and the importance of a decent jewelry organizer…

Best Cubic Zirconia Jewelry Cleaning Solution

Although your cubic zirconia piece is in good shape, it might need to be cleaned every now and then to prevent dust and dirt from being accumulated. Use this cleaning solution that is safe for cubic zirconia use: In a quart of warm water add a teaspoon of mild dish detergent and wait until small bubbles float up to the surface. 

Put your cubic zirconia jewelry to the solution and let it soak for 10 to 20 minutes. Afterwards, rinse the pieces again in a bowl of warm water. Use a soft jewelry polishing cloth (not paper towels). You can go over this process again if cubic zirconia is not entirely clean. Pat your piece dry in a soft towel. Then, lay the cubic zirconia jewelry on its dedicated slot on the jewelry organizer. 

Can Cubic Zirconia Jewelry go into the Ultrasonic Cleaner?

Yes. Cubic zirconia is a very durable gemstone, and it can be safely cleaned using an Ultrasonic Cleaner. It has a Mohs scale of mineral hardness 8.5 out of 10, which makes it a particularly strong material. In addition to cubic zirconia, other hard stones like diamonds, can clean up well in an ultrasonic cleaner. However, do your due diligence and check for a loose setting, artificially-colored diamonds, emeralds, pearls, and every other porous gemstone. They can not enter the ultrasonic cleaner. 

Find a Proper Jewelry Organizer 

Proper storage will keep your cubic zirconia jewelry safe and protect its beautiful shine for years to come. A good jewelry organizer is the one that not only combines perfectly with your bedroom design, but also protects your precious pieces by storing them separately, each in its own slot. This way you are prolonging their durability and preventing them from being scratched or dust accumulation. 

Cubic Zirconia is a Conflict-Free Gemstone – Appreciate It

Unlike mined diamonds, which in many in-development countries bring civil conflicts, cubic zirconia is a more harmonic alternative. Rest assured as no one’s life is put at risk when mining cubic zirconia. Another perk is that cubic zirconia can be created in a laboratory setting. The final product is a synthetic jewel that is a nearly exact duplicate for true diamonds. 

Although the mass production of cubic zirconia in the 1980’s resulted in an abundance of these diamond-like stones; today, many fine quality broaches, necklaces, and earrings have returned to CZ for its impressive qualities.