12 Filigree Locket Necklaces (and Where to Get Them)

12 Filigree Locket Necklaces (and Where to Get Them)
12 Filigree Locket Necklaces (and Where to Get Them)

Although there is no exact date on when lockets were first used, it is certain that these meaningful jewelry pieces became quite popular in the Victorian Era. This traditional style of the pendant was highly appreciated for the representation of strong family values, allowing mementos like pictures or locks of hair to be kept close to one’s heart. Isn’t that what we all seek from a piece of jewelry? 

Brief History Of Lockets

Since the times of Ancient Rome, when children used to wear a Bulla (pendant with a pouch) to this day – lockets have been one of the most preferred pendants for both: men and women. 

During the Victorian era, these cherished personalized jewelry pieces were crafted in a variety of shapes, including heart-shaped, round, and squarish. The popularity of lockets in the Victorian era, but not only, is tied to its sentimental significance, since the user may open the locket and insert an image of a loved one, a strand of hair, or another personal item within.

Other mementos might also be stored in a locket. Archaeological discoveries have revealed that ancient lockets, particularly those from the medieval era, contained medication, personal talismans, herbs, a piece of paper containing a prayer or wish, good-luck charms, and even malignant substances such as poison.

Locket jewelry was also considered a romantic jewelry idea in the Victorian era, such as carrying a loved one’s hair. In addition, lockets were utilized as mourning jewelry by Victorians, indicating a connection to a dead loved one. Small images were the most common object to put in a locket over time. 

The Beauty Of Filigree Locket Necklaces 

Filigree lockets can be found in a variety of materials, the most common of which are gold, filled gold, and silver. The style and adornment of the locket would symbolize the family that possessed it. A wealthy family, for example, used to express their wealth with handcrafted jewelry items, which would certainly be loaded with jewels and gemstones. Less rich households might own less ostentatious pieces, maybe in plain silver. A filigree locket is a lightweight alternative to the original designs. In addition, the delicate, intricate metalwork makes these eye-catching pieces even more valuable. Without further ado, below you will find some of the most classic and eye-catching lockets that feature the intricate filigree artwork. 

12 Filigree Locket Necklaces That You Will Love

Filigree Locket in Sterling Silver

Looking for the perfect filigree locket? The beautiful pattern created by the metal embellishments on the face of this locket is up to the challenge. The piece is made from sterling silver, and the metalwork replicates a lotus flower. In many different cultures, the Lotus flower is regarded as the symbol of self-regeneration, purity, and rebirth. It is a perfect accessory to treasure someone or something at heart forever.

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Egg-Shaped Filigree Locket

If by chance you are in search of a less conventional filigree locket, we found it for you. The see-through, oval-shaped locket is a handcrafted item by artist jeweler Sai (who runs a family-owned jewelry workshop in Thailand), featured in the Aeravida collection. It is made of 925 sterling silver and will perfectly complement any outfit. Other details include the locket opening and closing by a round spring ring clasp, and connected hearts inlaid along the pendant surface.

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Book-Shaped Locket

The must have piece for every closet owned by someone who appreciates meaningful jewelry. A locket. This one differs from our other recommendations due to its filigree design that extends up to the edges. You can insert any mementos you feel as meaningful: From a picture of a loved one, to a strand of hair, to a personal talisman, or piece of paper containing a prayer or wish, or good-luck charms… It depends on what you want to treasure close at heart forever. 

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Heart Filigree Locket

Next, comes a filigree locket that will particularly serve to seal a love bond. This heart-shaped locket comes with a romantic and vintage appeal, courtesy of the delicate filigree technique. It is crafted from pure sterling silver which happens to come with a coveted high finish. You can open the heart locket and store any valuable item like a love note, a good luck charm, or a photo of your loved one. Imagination is the limit. 

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Filigree Box Locket

As if its stunning vintage look wasn’t enough, the filigree work makes this box locket even more charming. Its filigree pattern and particularly the cubic shape, make it a great accessory for the ones obsessed with the antique jewelry style. The pattern creates a Cercele Cross, which is one of many Chrystian Symbols. Other details include the usage of sterling silver throughout and a spring ring clasp used to open or close the locket. 

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Claddagh Locket

Claddagh locket, as opposed to the more famous claddagh ring, is a type of locket that represents love (the heart), loyalty (the crown), and friendship (the hands). The simple pattern of the Claddagh symbol is centered in the middle of the locket and adorned around with filigree details. It is a great piece of jewelry to add to your collection or wear daily while also treasuring inside a meaningful object. 

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Vintage-Inspired Filigree Locket

We know! It is adorable! Feel free to put one or two pictures on this locket and seal a love bond with a relative or your significant other. The vintage-inspired locket comes with detailed filigree work that creates some beautiful flourish motifs. Although it is made of alloy, it does not fade, and most importantly, it is safe for sensitive skin. The locket can be yours for a mere $12.88 and you can find it on the link below. Thank us later!

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High Finish Sterling Silver Locket

The high finish technique involves using various methods to achieve a high shine in a piece of metal, like silver in this case. The mirror-like locket is crafted from sterling silver, and is adorned with an embossed floral design. It can hold up to two photos inside, allowing you to keep your cherished photos close at heart always. Other details we want to mention include the locket being made in the U.S.A. from a skilled craftsman, and not to forget about the tarnish resistance, courtesy of the rhodium plating. 

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Purse Locket

A purse-style filigree locket is a fun and elegant choice if you agree that a locket does not necessarily have to be a regular form. We decided to add it to our picks for filigree lockets as an escape from the conventional locket design. There is a wide range of purse-style lockets available to complement any stylish outfit, and while this small pocketbook may not hold much, it might be an important fashion accessory.

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Tree of Life Locket

The tree of life, among others, is a symbol of positivity, immortality, strength, and healing. It dates back to 7000 B.C. and its symbol has been found around all cultures in the world. The appealing symbolism of the Tree of Life, accompanied by a memento of your choice to be stored inside, makes the necklace a must-have. The Tree of Life Locket comes with the “Forever in my heart” laser lettering, conveying endless love and care. A high quality Italian chain accompanies the pendant. The latter is crafted from sterling silver, making the piece skin-friendly for daily wear. 

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Gerochristo Filigree Locket

Inspired by a Medieval Byzantine design, this filigree locket delivers a classic aesthetic, thanks to the floral motifs. It is made entirely by hand by Gerochristo, a Greek jeweler who specialized in advanced craftsmanship. The piece comes in sterling silver and is a great choice if you find its large oval design interesting. Although relatively more expensive, the filigree locket from Gerochristo has been handcrafted and attention to detail is also worth considering. 

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“Shining Fantasy” Locket

Giuliana Valz-Gen, from Peru, is the young artisan jewelry designer that brings this lovely locket as an option to the table. Although in appearance simple, the necklace uses a sophisticated merge, sterling silver plated with 21K gold to achieve that luxurious, shiny finish. It is as classical as modern, so rest assured that it can be combined perfectly with any outfit. The locket necklace opens to store photos or mementos and can be yours for around $115. The last time I checked there were only two pieces left. 

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Keeping Something Meaningful Close At Heart

Locket necklaces allow us to keep a picture or a memento of someone we care about close at heart. Find something meaningful, like a photo of you and your significant other, a strand of hair of someone you love, a piece of text you wrote on paper, or something else. A locket, especially with such intricate work such filigree is, also makes a thoughtful gift for your loved ones. It will surely be appreciated and stored forever.