High Polish Necklaces and Pendants + Cleaning Tips

High Polish Necklaces and Pendants + Cleaning Tips
High Polish Necklaces and Pendants + Cleaning Tips

So you are shopping online or are staring at a piece from the vitrine of your local jewellry shop and the description says: “24k yellow gold ring with high polish finish”. You already know the 24k gold designation, but what about high polish! What does it mean and how is it any different from other jewelry finishing types? Well, to appreciate these pieces of jewelry, and in particular this finishing technique, we decided to take a deeper look.

Stay tuned as we explain what the high polish technique is, editor’s recommendations, and tips for treasuring your high polish necklaces and pendants forever. And if there is a jewelry designer or jewelry-maker among our visitors, below you will find some of our tips on achieving the high polish technique. Read on…

More about the High Polish Jewelry Technique 

High polish is a jewelry finishing technique that involves a polishing wheel which bufs the piece to achieve a bright shine. It is one of the most common jewelry finishes and these types of jewelry pieces bring off a classic appeal that can be blended perfectly on almost any outfit. 

The high polish technique is usually utilized in almost every metal, including here: gold, silver, aluminum, steel, iron, brass, or platinum. The precious metal is polished in perfection, to such a level that it has a mirror-like, shiny surface; “you can look at your reflection” kind of polishing. 

If you can use your jewelry as a mirror, you’re looking at the high polish technique. The high polish technique is often combined with other types of jewelry finishes, textures, or techniques. This helps to eventually create more depth and achieve a more contrastful aesthetic. 

Shopping For High Polish Pendants and Necklaces

High Polish 14k Rose Gold Olive Branch Pendant Necklace

The olive branch is a popular symbol of peace derived from Ancient Greek culture. It is used as a figure of prosperity, peace, purity, and victory by many cultures. The high polish pendant comes in 14K rose gold and is polished to perfection.

Find It Here

High Polish Cross Pendant Necklace

Looking for something more spiritual? A cross necklace is up to the challenge. Accessorize yourself with a meaningful item that also celebrates your beliefs. The cross pendant is crafted from solid silver, it has been hand-finished with the high polish technique, and the sturdy chain is made of stainless steel. 

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High Polish 14k White Gold Infinity Necklace 

This elegant 14k white gold infinity necklace with a polished finish is an attractive reflection of contemporary fashion for the modern woman. With its sideways figure 8 infinity pendant and lovely rolo chain carrying it, this magnificent necklace is an instant classic—one that is trendy and sure to liven up any look, for any event.

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Reversed Horn High Polished Necklace

Take a look at this daring and striking sterling silver Reversed Horn high polished necklace.

It is crafted completely of sterling silver, and its bold reverse horn design will surely make a statement everywhere you go. This necklace is ideal for a girl’s night out or to bring out your daring side in everyday wear. For your convenience, it contains an 18″ (45cm) cable chain with a secure spring clasp. In addition, the pendant has been meticulously polished for a stunning finish.

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Customizable High Polish Necklace Bar

Simplicity never gets out of style. Indeed, this necklace features a minimalistic design, yet, its high polish finish will definitely grab some attention. This beautifully polished .925 sterling silver bar necklace is a powerful, direct, and stunning statement of simplicity, style, and balance. And not to forget about its engravable horizontal bar. Feel free to personalize your piece of jewelry as you prefer, adding your name, a date, or something else. You can even add the geographical coordinates used to pinpoint a certain location. 

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You’re A Jeweler? Learn How High Polish Finish Technique Is Achieved

Stepping into the world of sophisticated jewelry-making necessitates a great deal of patience and a greater understanding of the complexities that come with developing your creations, particularly when it comes to different types of polishing compounds and the jewelry polishing process. It would be amazing if any of our visitors would be a jeweler or jewelry designers as this section is all about them. Below you will learn how the high polish finish is achieved, tools to use, and other high polishing compounds and equipment you will need along the process. 

The high polish finish is frequently used as a standard finish since it may be achieved in a variety of ways. A high polish finish can be achieved with the use of a tumbling machine, by hand, or with a polishing wheel.

Jewelry High Polish Technique Using A Rotary Tumbler

Using a rotary tumbler it’s a fast approach to finishing in jewelry, which is why it’s frequently used as a standard in so many components; it doesn’t take long. Tumbled to obtain this quality, they are a standard in jewelry components. A rotary tumbler may be used to polish jewelry and remove burrs from jump rings and other metal components.

Materials Needed:

The Procedure: 

  1. After making sure the barrel is clean, start by pouring in the shot about halfway.
  2. Add water enough to cover the shot plus about 3/4 inch. (1 inch equals 2.54 cm)
  3. Now add a tablespoon of soap flakes. 
  4. Fill the barrel with jewelry and/or components. Pack them loosely because you want them to be able to tumble.
  5. Seal the barrel and let the tumbler go for 3 to 5 hours. (Time varies from one machinery to another, always check the manufacturer’s instructions.)
  6. When the pieces are polished, take them out of the tumbler and thoroughly rinse them with water.

Jewelry High Polish Technique By Hand

This technique involves no machinery or expensive tools. It is a great option to achieve a mirror finish in jewelry pieces, and you can even start immediately from home. Feel free to polish jewelry by hand that is made of materials that include the following: gold, silver, metal clay, sterling silver, copper, bronze, and brass. Plated or filled jewelry is not recommended for novices.

Materials Needed:

The Procedure:

  1. You start polishing with the file. Work with the file until the piece is even.
  2. Keep the piece moving while you work. This ensures every corner and edge is being polished equally.
  3. Careful on the file you pick as coarser files will make deeper scratches.
  4. For the next stage start using the brass bristle brush.
  5. Afterward, you will need to use emery paper/sticks. (Work from coarse to fine)
  6. Rub the piece against the sandpapers. At this point, the piece should have already achieved its mirror-like polish.
  7. Finish with Glanol using polishing cloths. 

Jewelry High Polish Technique Using A Polishing Wheel

A polishing machine, also known as a polishing wheel, is the tool that every jeweler has in their workshop. It is fundamental in helping you create a good quality finish that can elevate your designs from the rest. While some of you might consider the jewelry finishing process as a real challenge, it doesn’t necessarily have to be that way. With the right tools and little patience, through a polishing wheel, you can achieve a superb finish. 

Materials Needed:

The Procedure:

  1. Press the jewelry against the wheel.
  2. Then move it downward, sideways, roll, rotate and position it so that the wheel reaches all possible areas of the metal.
  3. Then, all areas will be uniformly polished, and the cross buffing will provide a brighter gloss. 
  4. Instead of buffing with the solder junction, buff across it.

How to Care and Clean High Polish Jewelry

Cleaning Tips 

Using a soft washcloth, clean your silver or gold jewelry with water and mild soap. It should not be soaked. Instead, wipe it clean and then thoroughly dry it with another towel. Place it flat. Avoid using anything abrasive, such as a toothbrush. If there is any detailing on the pendant that needs to be cleaned, use a cotton swab bathed in the same soap and water mixture.

Storage Tips

Keep your high polish jewelry in a clean, dry spot, such as a jewelry box, and avoid mixing it with other pieces. Place the pieces flat and side by side. Additionally, get it inspected by a jeweler to verify that there are no loose prongs or other damage that has to be repaired.

Statement Pieces Crafted With Care…

As such, high polish jewelry, whether those be necklaces, pendants, rings, or others, deserve to be worn every time your outfit needs to be complemented with something that is eye-catching. High polish pieces will definitely grab some attention and start a conversation. In addition, store them carefully and do not forget the cleaning tips mentioned above. As for our audience that is involved in jewelry making, we hope the above-mentioned techniques will serve as a refreshing change to keep employing this amazing technique on your designs.