8 Jewelry Box Options: Keys to Picking the One

Jewelry Box Options: Keys to Picking the One

If you believe that no outfit is complete without your favorite ring, favorite necklace, or the perfect pair of earrings, you keep those must-haves safe.  A box can help you in storing your collection manageably and in good condition, and the options are as varied as the styles of jewels and gems themselves.

You can find this kind of box to fit your home decor, ranging from vintage-inspired to completely modern. 

What Is the Importance of Quality Packing for Jewelry Products?

Jewelry is one of the most delicate items on the market. As a result, a jewelry item must be packaged in such a way that it not only protects it from light but also ensures that it remains perfect. Without proper packaging, your jewelry may become discolored or damaged as a result of exposure to sunlight or other external forces.

If you want to maintain in a very good shape a sentimental item, such as a family heirloom, an engagement ring, or a diamond, you need packaging that speaks volumes about the care they receive.

What Are the Requirements for a High-Quality Jewelry Box?

Some of the basic necessities of a good jewelry box are:

  • A jewelry box should be sturdy in order to protect the items contained within.
  • Durable materials are more likely to last longer and to withstand heavy use.
  • A jewelry package should have an airtight seal if possible to keep the contents fresh and to prevent corrosion or tarnishing of metal pieces like gold charms and silver chains.

Would you like  your jewelry to have a proper place to live? Our top picks for the best jewelry boxes are listed below.

West Elm Modern Lacquer- Best Overall 

It’s difficult to outperform a classic! With double doors and a white lacquer finish, this jewelry box from West Elm is timeless. There are numerous compartments for hanging necklaces, velvet-lined drawers for storing miscellaneous items, cushioned ring slots, and a mirrored lid. The glittering asymmetry metal accents bring a modern as well. Consider it a safe haven for your prized possessions.

Umbra Mini Stowit- Best Budget

You should not spend a ton of money on a box as you did on the items it holds. Consider the following cool box: It has a low price tag and a slew of features that you’ll love. First and foremost, it has a straightforward, minimalist design. Then there are the individual cabinets, which are arranged in a modern, spaced pattern to help you organize your jewelry collection. Finally, the fabric lining and cushioned ring storage will guard against scratches and damage to your polished pieces.

Anthropologie Inez Jewelry Holder- Best Wood

Is your personal or home-style more bohemian? With its pretty, gorgeous grain detailing, carved design, this wooden box from Anthropologie has a natural appeal.  It has four compartments for jewelry, one of which is larger and can hold longer necklaces. 

Pottery Barn Quinn Medium Leather – Best Leather

This medium-sized box is made of soft pebbled leather and exudes understated elegance. It is available in four neutral colors to match your decor. This box has multiple cabins with hidden storage and a mirror to keep your jewelry safe and tarnishing-free.

Sophie Bille Brahe Large Velvet –  Best Velvet

This lovely box will compete with your ornaments for attention. Depending on where you shop, this box is covered in velvet material and there are a variety of gorgeous colors. But it’s not just its good looks that make it appealing: it’s also functional. Its large size also allows for plenty of jewelry storage, with four satin-lined compartments for a luxurious touch. It’s pricey, but it’s an elegant piece that you’ll treasure for a long time.

Septemberlove214 –  Best Standing

If your top dresser drawer is full of necklaces and earrings, or if you’re constantly late because you can’t find your favorite ring, it’s necessary to organize your jewelry collection. This lovely piece has plenty of storage space for all of your accessories, and we adore it. The entire organizer folds up for a minimalist design that fits anywhere, with tons of hangers and earring holes. 

Pottery Barn Extra Large Ultimate Wooden – Best Large

There are 12 cabinets in the top section alone. Meanwhile, its top drawer conceals an additional 18 cabinets, and its second drawer conceals three. As if that wasn’t enough, there’s another unorganized drawer for ends and odds. A mirrored lid and linen lining complete the piece.

Mejuri Small –  Best Small

If you’re particular about your jewelry, all you need is a small box to keep it safe. We adore Mejuri’s simple yet stunning little jewelry box in this category. The snap closure, handcrafted in gorgeous grain leather, opens to reveal two stacked and sectioned trays, both lined with anti-tarnish-treated microsuede to keep your baubles extra safe. This small box comes in neutral beige and moody black and can be customized for a personal touch.


You’ve put money into your jewelry. Now is the time to invest in the boxes that will protect them while they are displayed in a retail store or being shipped. A high-quality box may be one of the most essential investments you can make when buying your product, but there are many different types and varieties available today.