Best Jewelry Cleaner Types and Their Purpose

Best Jewelry Cleaner Types and Their Purpose

Do you remember the last time you had your jewelry professionally cleaned? Perhaps you haven’t given much thought to it. However, here’s a hint: wiping your earrings and rings with your shirt it’s not a solution. Whether you bought at a flea market or have expensive jewelry, properly caring for them is critical to ensuring that they last and look good. You cannot, however, clean your jewelry with a cloth and regular soap.

Different materials and chemicals have the potential to harm (or even destroy) jewelry, particularly high-quality pieces, as well as specialty stones and gems. It’s critical to know what’s and isn’t appropriate to use on precious stones like emeralds, pearls, and opals. Furthermore, because there are so many different cleaning methods available, ranging from liquid cleaners to ultrasonic equipment and ordinary polishing cloths, you may need to experiment a little before deciding on the best method for your little collection. Below you will find some of the most used jewelry cleaners. 

The Deluxe

Juli’s kit includes a chamois drying towel, a soft rubber electric brush, and a strong cleanser. The brush is divided into four “areas” that are intended to target various diamond sizes, shapes, and settings. Do you have a time limit? There’s no need to worry; the Juli washing procedure only takes a few minutes.

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Radiance Jewelry Wash 

It is suitable for everyday use because it is free of parabens, sulfates, ammonia, dye, and fragrance. It’s suitable for all pearls and metals, including opals, pearls, turquoise, and emeralds, making it an excellent choice for anyone looking for a one-stop-shop with a diverse jewelry collection.

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Caribbean Gem 

The Caribbean Gem system contains coconut oils and bananas for a truly natural cleanser. Despite being organic, this cleaner is just as useful as the others. Even better, it is good to use it on a wide range of jewelry, including soft, valuable, and costume jewelry, semi-precious gemstones, chains, pearls, and even scratched metals, unlike many others. Customers enjoy its tropical scent as well.

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Personal-Sized Steam Cleaner

Why not use a steam cleaner to give your diamonds a spa treatment? This one has a high-pressure nozzle that quickly removes dirt and residue, restoring the luster to your jewelry. The advantage of using this cleaner is that it does not require the use of a brush or your fingers to get into all the nooks and crannies.

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Cleaning Brush and Basket for Jewelry

Because of its low price and consistent effectiveness, this cleaner is a well-known jewelry cleaner brand. Except for pearls, this non-toxic solution can be used on every type of jewelry. For thorough cleaning, it comes with a soaking basket and a brush.

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R-22 Preventative Jewelry Polishing Cloth

Fingerprints, say goodbye! If you prefer polishing cloth, look no further. The size of this alternative is adequate, measuring 12″ by 15″. 

It is capable of polishing and shining silver, platinum, and gold jewelry. It is also treated with a patented R-22 Preventative solution, which leaves a resistant barrier on your jewelry for an extended period of time. This (and many other) fabrics should not be used on ivory, opals, pearls, coral, emeralds, amber, or 24K gold.

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Jewelry Cleaner Pen on the Go

This is an excellent tool to keep with you. It contains a non-toxic, natural solution that is appropriate for all types of jewelry, including diamonds, pearls, costume jewelry, rare gemstones, and opals. 

Cleaning the difficult areas, such as behind a stone’s setting, is possible by the bristles of the brush and the movement of the pen. Furthermore, the Mine pen contains twice as many solutions as its competitors, allowing it to be used twice as frequently. The company that produces these materials, is a woman-owned company that prioritizes ethical sourcing.

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Wearing fine jewelry is a tremendously rewarding feeling. Whether you prefer to wear jewelry made of gemstones, pearls, diamonds, or precious metals such as platinum or gold, you must clean your jewelry on a regular basis to keep its gleaming appearance. Unfortunately, there is no “magic bullet” solution for every type of jewelry. 

Each type of jewelry necessitates its own cleaning routine. You must be cautious to only use the methods recommended for each type of material, especially the delicate ones. However, if you carefully follow the cleaning regimen, your jewelry will look new for years, if not decades, with the use of these simple cleaners. The options above will help you a lot!