The Jewelry Factory in Hackensack: 8 Custom Designs

The Jewelry Factory in Hackensack: 8 Custom Designs
The Jewelry Factory in Hackensack: 8 Custom Designs

The Jewelry Factory in New Jersey has a large selection of beautiful jewelry designs at a low price. Goldenwest Diamond Corporation, America’s largest jewelry manufacturer, operates in 16 stores, including The Jewelry Factory. The Jewelry Factory, located on Main Street, provides a one-stop jewelry shopping experience in an elegant setting. Whatever jewelry you’re looking for, the Jewelry Factory is likely to have it.

About the Jewelry Factory 

The Goldenwest Diamond Corporation

While working at his stepfather’s pawnshop, Bill Doddridge became interested in jewelry. Doddridge spent years working with his stepfather, learning about the jewelry industry and saving money for his pawnshop. He established his own company, Buena Park Loan & Jewelry, in 1977. Doddridge began looking for ways to increase business after noticing that his pawnshop was not making enough money from used jewelry. He began designing jewelry and creating trendy designs at a low cost. He also began selling high-quality loose diamonds at reduced prices.

Customers preferred to purchase unique modern jewelry and loose diamonds at reasonable prices, which boosted business. He guaranteed that all of his jewelry would appraise for twice the price paid by customers.

In 1986, Doddridge expanded his business to a more prominent location and began manufacturing jewelry on-site. By 1987, he had also begun directly importing diamonds from Israel, allowing him to offer high-quality jewelry at significantly lower prices than other jewelers.

Doddridge closed the pawnshop in 1988 to focus solely on his jewelry business.

He had three stores in California by the early 1990s. Doddridge is now the CEO and President of his jewelry company, Goldenwest Diamond Corporation. Goldenwest operates in sixteen stores in the United States under the Jewelry Factory, the Jewelry Exchange, and the Jewelry Source. 

Factory Direct Jewelry

The Jewelry Factory can offer customers savings of up to 80% off standard retail prices because Goldenwest imports the diamonds and gemstones for their jewelry designs and manufactures the pieces in-house. The Jewelry Factory also guarantees that all store-designed jewelry under $3000 will appraise for twice the price paid by the customer.

Jewelry Factory Designs

The Jewelry Factory is best known for its wide selection of fine jewelry featuring precious and semi-precious gems at reasonable prices. Original designs range from the most recent trends to antique reproductions. The jeweler creates gold, platinum, and silver jewelry. The Jewelry Factory is also well-known for its collection of low-cost loose diamonds. 

The shop sells a wide range of jewelry, including rings, necklaces, earrings, brooches, and bracelets. There are also six exclusive collections at The Jewelry Factory. Rings, necklaces, pendants, earrings, and bracelets are available in yellow gold, white gold, and platinum in each collection. There is also the option of having jewelry made to order. Among the exclusive collections are:


  • It is available in both traditional and contemporary styles.
  • The stones are set deep within the band with no prongs.

International Designs

  • Handmade designs from Thailand, India, and Hong Kong are featured.

Perfectly Matched

  • Diamond stud earrings and anniversary bands are available in a diamond jewelry collection.


  • An anniversary-themed modern diamond jewelry collection.
  • Many free-flowing designs, such as swirls and curved lines

J.E. Collection

  • A more abundant jewelry collection
  • combines flowing, modern styles with classic designs

William Scott

  • Matching diamond wedding bands are available.
  • The Swiss-cut design technique is used.


Because of the designs and deep discounts, the diamond ring is one of the most popular items at the Jewelry Factory. Rings in other precious and semi-precious stones, such as emeralds, sapphires, and rubies, are also available at The Jewelry Factory. There are ring designs to suit every taste, from traditional to modern. The following ring styles are available:

  • 1 carat round diamond wedding band set in 18K white gold (prong set)
  • Round diamond and ruby ring with a 14K yellow gold band weighing 3.20 carats (prong set)
  • Ring with a 3.73 carat round diamond and a square garnet set in a white gold band (prong set)
  • A ring with a 1/3 carat diamond bezel set in a 14K white gold band (gents ring)


The Jewelry Factory is also well-known for its collection of necklaces. Necklaces are available in a variety of modern and classic designs. A necklace can complement almost any outfit. Among the necklace designs are:

  • Star 
  • Intersecting hearts
  • Ruby heart
  • Tanzanite

Ways to Buy Jewelry Factory Designs

The Jewelry Factory is located at 171 Main Street in Hackensack. Jewelry Factory designs can also be purchased at one of the sixteen other locations in the United States or online at the Jewelry Exchange website. The addresses for the remaining sixteen stores are available on the website. Among the store locations are:

  • Tustin, California – Los Angeles Jewelry Exchange (Corporate headquarters and factory)
  • Villa Park, Illinois – Jewelry Exchange
  • Exchange of Jewelry Dallas is a city in Texas.
  • Exchange of Jewelry Tampa is a city in Florida.