Jewelry Organizer Types for all Your Jewelry Needs

Jewelry Organizer Types for all Your Jewelry Needs
Jewelry Organizer Types for all Your Jewelry Needs

It is significant for you and your jewelry collection to have a decent jewelry organizer. A jewelry organizer/ box should not only be in perfect harmony with your bedroom design but most importantly protect your precious pieces, prolonging their durability. 

What’s worse than missing earrings and tangled necklaces is your precious metals and gems getting scratched or losing their beautiful shine. The answer is clear! A jewelry organizer is up to the challenge. 

You can choose from countless jewelry organizer types, the ones that fit your preferences and collection needs, at affordable prices, from quality brands. 

Jewelry Organizer Types 

Jewelry Boxes

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Made of different compartments, sections, drawers, or hooks, jewelry boxes are the most convenient method to help you sort your earrings, rings, necklaces, watches, and other precious pieces in order. 

You can organize your jewelry, should you so desire, by length or size, material, level of formality, and separate fine from fashion jewelry. Jewelry boxes come in different sizes, materials, colors, shapes, but they all provide easy access to your pieces and solve the storage problem. 

Jewelry Trays

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Easily defined as small, catch-all boxes, jewelry trays are the best resting places for rings and any jewelry you take on and off frequently. Simply unstack the trays and you can easily see what you have in front of you. Designed to organize your pieces, jewelry trays are all about compliance. If you’re a visual thinker that wants to see everything laid out before choosing, a jewelry tray is made for you. 

Jewelry Towers

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Jewelry towers, also known as jewelry trees, are a unique and attractive way of organising your precious pieces while displaying them in your bedroom. They can perfectly organise your lightweight jewelry, like rings, bracelets, necklace and pendants. Jewelry towers, or jewelry tree stands, usually imitate a real tree, while less artistic but serious, come in a set of skinny and long, T-shaped bar stands. This particular jewelry organizer is easy to use, and has no hidden mechanism.

Jewelry Rolls

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When traveling, one of the most tedious things is when you’re getting ready for dinner after a 6 hour flight, and you have to untangle that necklace you want to wear, from a massive, gold-and-silver ball. It doesn’t have to be that way. 

A jewelry roll is one of the best jewelry organizer types you will find when traveling. It is convenient, reliable, and safely stores your precious pieces without utilising much storage. What else can you ask for from a travel jewelry organiser? On your next trip, make sure to have your jewelry roll with you. This will make the packing and unpacking process even more beautiful. 

Jewelry Armoires

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Jewelry armoires are the ultimate solution for a heavy jewelry collector. This jewelry organizer type is particularly convenient for a large collection of precious pieces. You can store your rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, pins & brooches, watches, and other body jewelry. Indeed, a jewelry armoire organizer is large and will keep all your fine and fashion jewelry in one place. If you have more necklaces than any other type of jewelry, an armoire with an upright design has plenty of place to hang them. 

Jewelry Pouches

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Jewelry pouches serve best when traveling. Instead of finding a mess on your suitcase upon arrival, a jewelry pouch can help you better organize your pieces. The conventional jewelry pouch is made of eight wedge-shaped pockets that can perfectly store earrings, rings, necklaces, and bracelets. The pockets are safely enclosed in an upright position, thanks to a drawstring that gathers the pouch. Same as those round baby bonnets, jewelry pouches are a must-have for the heavy traveler. 

Jewelry Bags

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The main difference between jewelry pouches and jewelry bags is their usage. While a jewelry pouch serves best for organising jewelry when traveling; jewelry bags are mostly used to keep your precious pieces safe and prevent them from being damaged. 

They serve as an additional accessory that prevents your jewelry from being scratched or damaged from dirt, dust, light, and even air. Airtight jewelry bags, for example, help your silver pieces to not tarnish. The chemical reaction happens when silver is exposed to air for prolonged periods of time. 

Watch Boxes

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We wear watches not only because we want to keep track of time, but also because they are convenient and perfectly complement our outfit. But same as with jewelry, watches are prone to scratches or other types of damage. This is where a watch box comes to help. Depending on your watch collection, you can opt for a watch box with the number of slots you prefer, choose the color, type of material, and its exterior design. Here are some of the best watch boxes we think a watch enthusiast should take a look at. 

Watch Winders

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Similar to watch boxes, watch winders serve as great watch organizers. In addition, a watch winder also keeps your automatic watches running when not worn. The watch winder’s moving pattern copies that of human motion to eventually keep the watch mechanism running. This serves as a convenience factor so your watch keeps telling the exact time always, without having to set it when you want to wear it after a while. 

Jewelry Valets

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Looking for a storage solution? Jewelry valets are up to the challenge. Organising jewelry valets can store the most of your pieces, keeping them tangle-free and ready for use. They can safely hold anything from bracelets, rings, earrings, and necklaces. If your jewelry collection is immense, jewelry valets can help you organise your pieces in a quick and easy way. 

Organizers by Jewelry Type

Necklaces & Pendants

As suggested above, necklace trees or hangers are some of the most convenient jewelry organizers that keep your pieces tangle free and easy to find. Mini peg racks, whether those be mountable or freestanding, are also a good choice when it comes to necklace organizers. 


Good alternatives that properly organize your earrings include folding earrings screens, mountable earring holders, or hanging earring screens. These specific earring organizers keep them neat and easy to view, saving you time when it comes finding both earrings. 


Your precious timepieces, whether those be fashion watches, or luxury exceptional timepieces, proper storage is necessary in both cases. Watch boxes and watch winders are the way to go if you own more than one watch. These organizers will keep your valuable timepieces safe and protected from dust and dirt. 


The best ring organizers are usually made from soft materials like velvet. They may also have slots and compartments in smaller sizes to insert your rings individually and avoid your precious pieces from being scratched with each other. Hand organizers made of acrylic or wire palm are also popular.

Pins and Brooches

Pins and brooches, like rings, can be perfectly stored in small compartments or individual pockets. You can purchase specific organizers, however, many jewelry boxes offer enough room for these pieces. 

Body Jewelry

Different pieces like lip rings, belly button rings, and nose rings deserve a special place on your jewelry box. Various jewelry organizers can easily accommodate body jewelry and keep them separately in optimal condition. Remember to use small jewelry bags per each piece, to offer the proper sanitary conditions and keep them separate from residues of costume or fashion jewelry. 

Jewelry Storage Tips

  • When purchasing fine jewelry, always ask your jeweler about how to store a particular piece. 
  • Make sure to always organise your jewelry in containers made of jewelry-safe materials. 
  • When organising your jewelry together, gently place each of them in separate zip-loc bags. This will keep your precious pieces safe from scratching each other, and damage caused from dirt and dust. 
  • Keep in mind to use tarnish-resistant jewelry bags for silver jewelry. Tarnish, this chemical reaction, happens when silver is exposed to air for prolonged periods of time. Prevent that from happening by using airtight jewelry containers. 
  • Gold should not come in contact with silver. Gold is a softer metal and can easily scratch. Store them separately and you should be okay. 

How to Properly Choose a Jewelry Organizer?

Depending on the type and the budget, there are countless jewelry organizers that can help you properly store your precious pieces. Prior to purchasing a jewelry organizer, take a look at your beautiful collection. How many pieces of jewelry do you own and how should they be stored? If you mostly own rings and small bracelets, a jewelry box with lots of drawers would be the way to go. If your collection has more necklaces than anything else, an armoire with an upright design can hang plenty of them. 

And if safety is a concern, consider a jewelry organizer with a lock. These can keep your pieces away from meddling hands. Last but not least important, make sure the jewelry box you’re purchasing matches your home decor and design. You can opt for a classic Victorian style or choose a more modern organizer with a more contemporary design. Choices are immense.