6 Little Girls Clip on Earrings She’ll Love

Little Girls Clip on Earrings She’ll Love

For children with non-pierced ears, clip-on earrings have proven to be the best option and gift for toddlers. They are a good opportunity for young or little girls to wear earrings. In simple words, little girls will have the chance to wear earrings while they’re not ready to have pierced ears.

Currently, there are countless fashionable earring clips available on the market. Here in this blog, we’re going to discuss the 12 little girls’ clip on earrings, she’ll love:

Fun Girl Earrings

If you’re looking for versatile and creative jewelry designs, Fun Girl Earrings can amuse you. The following two choices are highly demanding:

Fish Tank Earrings:

The designs of Fun Girl Earrings are charismatic and adorable. They come in a variety of colors that can amuse young children. The design contains a fishbowl and a goldfish with bubbles.

Pink Cupcakes:

The set features a chocolate cupcake with sprinkles and icing over it. Moreover, the red heart blushes the overall look of these earrings.

Clip on Earrings Chic

Clip on Earrings Chic boasts the well-known and widely accepted Le Petite Princess clip on earrings. These clips on earrings come in a wide range of colors, themes, and styles. Most importantly, these earrings are comfortable and non-allergic. The following two earring options can be a good choice for you young girls:

 Pink Nature Stud Set:

The pink enameled mushrooms along with birds, clovers, and ladybugs are made from gold alloy. These clips on earrings are safe and child friendly. They’re lightweight and preferred by little girls.

Le Petite Princess Drop Earrings:

These drop-shaped earrings contain different designs including ladybugs, birds, clovers, and enameled mushrooms. These clips on earrings are made from gold alloy and are safe from any type of allergies. These child-friendly earrings are lightweight.


You can dive into a jewelry pool named Amazon to buy the best of the best earrings for your kids. You can have a wide range of options for a particular occasion:

Hicarer Christmas Crystal Clip on Earrings:

The seven pairs of clip-on earrings are suitable for young children. The clips on earrings resemble hearts, crowns, flowers, and bows. Purple, pink, yellow, blue, and red are the available color options to consider.

Tamhoo Princess Play Clip on Earrings:

These clips of earrings boast amazing designs including unicorns, rainbows, mermaids, popsicles, and strawberries. You can select the best from twenty different designs.


Princess is among the most popular brands offering two clips on styles for little girls. These clip-on earrings come in several different colors and are nickel-plated.

Princess Daisy Flower:

These girls’ clips on earrings have seven different colors including pink, green, yellow, aqua, purple, persimmon, and white. These are pretty and are nickel-plated to prevent nickel allergy.

Princess Sunflower:

Princess sunflower contains eight pairs of sunflower clips named white, mint green, melon, purple, persimmon, aqua, yellow and red. This earring set has a flower-like design in the center with pink and yellow shades.


If you want more choices in kids’ jewelry then Claire’s has everything to offer. We find the following two as the best picks for your children:

Gummy Bear Clip on Stud Set

Claire’s clip on earrings looks more like beautiful gummy bears. They come in pink, purple, and blue color shades. These are small and lightweight.

Round Zirconia Studs

The round zirconia studs are made from gold-colored metal accompanied by a zirconia stone. The overall look of these earrings appears fancy and classic.

Crazy 4 Clip Ons

This kid jewelry brand offers astonishing children-friendly designs that can be matched with any dressing. You can try any of the following earrings for your young one:

Pearl Stars:

These dangling pairs of earrings are adorable and come in rose-colored beads and sterling silver finds. These are made up of water pearls and dangle.

It’s Puppy love:

The puppy-themed paw print earrings are incorporated with the dog’s love in mind. The paw prints are hollow, therefore, lightweight, and are perfect for kids.


Young girls aren’t entitled to have pierced ears as it’s difficult for them to have them. Clip on earrings is a suitable alternative for them. This blog is all about 12 little girls’ clips on earrings she’ll love. We introduced several popular branded earrings – best suited for young girls only.