Necklace Length Guide: Pick Your Piece Confidently

Necklace Length Guide: Pick Your Piece Confidently
Necklace Length Guide: Pick Your Piece Confidently

When stopping by to your local jeweler to buy a necklace it is normal to find the piece that perfectly fits you. But what to do when you’re shopping online? There is no jeweler to guide you about the necklace length. The latter is important if you want to find the necklace that is right for you. Some key factors that you should consider when picking a necklace are your height, body shape, and even face shape. In addition, the neckline of the outfit that your necklace will complement also matters. Find these, and more explanations about the necklace length below…

The Most Popular Necklace Lengths 

The jewelry industry uses terms like bib, choker, and matine, as references to necklace lengths. There are more necklace lengths and each has its own usability, varying from one outfit to another. In addition, other factors like body shape, face shape, and height – also indicate the length of a necklace. 

Princess Necklace 

In addition to the style, a princess necklace is defined by its length.Their average length is 18 inches (46 cm), making them the perfect complementary accessory for formal attire, V-neck, or even a blazer. The necklace of this length rests just below the collarbone, and is considered to be the most flattering and universal necklace length. 

Choker Necklace

A choker necklace sits very high on the neck or just below the collarbone. It has an average length of 16 inches (40 cm), hence the name. Looking for a style tip? Combine a choker necklace with a V-neck or scoop necks. It will perfectly complement your outfit as well as draw attention to your upper part. 

Collar Necklace

At one time, the collar designation was used to describe all types of necklaces. In modern times, it is used to describe that type of necklace that has an average length of just 14 inches (36 cm), and sits just above the collarbone. Feel free to match a collar necklace with low necklines or off the shoulder tops. 

Matiné Necklace

Looking for a necklace shorter than a princess necklace and longer than an opera necklace? A Matiné necklace is up to the challenge. They have an average length of 22 inches (56 cm), the perfect length for a jewelry layering. Feel free to perfectly combine a Matiné necklace with a high neckline or turtleneck. 

Opera Necklace 

Expect to find an Opera necklace type at an average length of 30 inches (76 cm). Indeed they are long and versatile. An Opera necklace can perfectly complement a V-shaped neckline, as well as be worn with a choker. They must fall below the bust line, while some can even reach the bellybutton. 

Bib Necklace 

Bib necklaces are easily distinguishable due to their wide front portion that rests just below the neck. You will see bib necklaces adorned with some of the most precious gems, pearls, or beads. A bib necklace is today considered a statement piece, although it has been quite popular in the ancient civilisations. 

Lariat Necklace 

Also known as Y-necklaces, or rope necklaces, a Lariat necklace is longer than an opera necklace and has an average length of 34 inches (86 cm). A Lariat necklace is versatile and it can be adjusted with the preferred neckline you’re wearing or be tied off at any length. 

Rope Necklace

Under this category falls every necklace that is about 36 inches (91 cm) or longer. A rope necklace typically falls just below the waist, or slightly above on some women. It is ideal for taller women and can be perfectly combined with elegant clothing. You can also wrap the necklace multiple times around your neck and get a variety of looks. 

Necklace TypeLength (Inches)Length (cm)
Princess Necklace18 inches46 cm
Choker Necklace16 inches 40 cm
Collar Necklace 14 inches35 cm
Matiné Necklace20 to 24 inches51 to 61 cm
Bib Necklace 18 to 20 inches46 to 51 cm
Lariat Necklace 34 inches86 cm
Rope Necklace +36 inchesabout 91 cm

Factors that Determine the Necklace Length

Bust & Neck Size 

Body type, in addition to neck size, is one of the most under-rated factors that is somehow overlooked when picking necklace length. You should consider your dress size and your bust size in order to determine how the necklace will sit against your body. Women with larger busts should go for necklaces with a short length. Any necklace with a 24” (60cm) length and below, would be a perfect fit. 

Understandably, for women with a smaller bust, longer necklaces will sit comfortably and look great on you. 

The same holds true for your neck size; if you have a thicker neck, avoid chokers because they will make your neckline appear shorter. If you have a long, thin neck, a choker might help bring your neckline and face into proportion.

Body Type

Every woman’s body is beautiful. But they are different. And this is what makes them so special and unique. So for every body type/shape, there is a perfect necklace length that you can consider taking into account. 

  • Pear Shaped – Opt for necklaces that are  18”-24” (45 to 60 cm). The necklace will help broaden your shoulders and draw attention in your upper body. 
  • Athletic – An athletic shaped body can wear any type of necklace, regardless of the length. 
  • Hourglass – A medium necklace length that sits just under your decolletage is perfect as it helps accentuate your curves. 
  • Inverted Triangle – A long necklace will be the way to go, as it will better highlight your waist. 

Body Height

It can sometimes be a real challenge to find the right necklace length, especially for women that are taller or shorter in height. Take a look at the body height – necklace length chart to always choose the necklace that is made for you.

  • Regular Height – If your body height is between 5’4” and 5’7” (between 1.63m to 1.70m), feel free to wear any necklace length and type. Of course, after taking into consideration your face shape and body type. 
  • Short – If your body height is 5’4” or below (1.63m and below), consider wearing necklaces that elongate your body frame. The perfect necklace length for short frames is from 16” to 18” (from 40 cm to 45 cm). You can also try longer necklaces, between 20” to 24” (50cm to 60 cm). They will hang effortlessly and fit your body proportions correctly. 
  • Tall – Women with a taller body frame can wear any necklace length, with longer styles working particularly well. The latter will accentuate your height. A shorter necklace style can also complement your outfit and fit perfectly, but you will have to ensure its design is alright with your face shape. 

Face Shape 

In addition to your body height, bust & neck size, body shape, and outfit – face shape is another significant factor that determines if a necklace will perfectly fit you or not. There are three common face shapes in women, and each has its complementary necklace length. Check them below…

  • Round/ Oval – If you have a round face, a necklace that elongates your face would be the perfect fit. Opt for necklaces that measure from 20 to 24 (50 to 60cm). This way, the necklace will help shape the face, creating a V-shape that draws the eyes down. 
  • Square/ Oblong – A choker or shorter necklace design will soften the harsher angles of the face while emphasizing a longer neck.
  • Heart-Shaped – For heart-shaped faces, a short necklace from 16” to 18” (40cm to 45cm) will help soften the angles. 


In order for your necklace pieces to perfectly complement every outfit, it is important to know what necklace length suits what outfit neckline. The guide below explains it…

  • Turtleneck – Long chains or pendants will complement your outfit. 
  • Crew – If you’re a fan of bib or collar necklaces, go for it. 
  • Scoop – Opt for shorter pendants with volume.
  • Strapless – A choker necklace will do the trick.
  • Square – In this case, angular pendants are up to the challenge. 
  • Off Shoulder – Any asymmetric necklace will perfectly complement your outfit. 
  • Halter Neck – Slim pendants will sit gently against your body frame. 
  • V Neck – V-shaped pendants will pair well for this outfit. 
  • Collar – Opt for a short pendant or choker. It will look lovely. 
  • Boat Neck – Combine this neckline type with long beads. You won’t regret it. 
  • Cowl – To complement a cowl neckline, opt for a short pendant or choker necklace. 
  • Sweetheart – The best choices we recommend are pendants, or curved beads. 

What about Men’s Necklace Length?

Men wear necklaces too. And by a rule of thumb, a 20-inch necklace that falls just below the first shirt button would be the perfect pick. This necklace length doesn’t conflict with most necklines and that makes it the universal, standard necklace length for men. And if you are taller or shorter, consider a longer or shorter necklace, accordingly. It will help balance your proportions.

Find The Perfect Length for a Perfect Look

We hope this necklace length guide will help you pick your next pieces confidently in the future. 

Feel free to bookmark this article to your browser and return every time you are surfing the net for another necklace to add to your collection.