Original Heart of the Ocean Necklace + Replicas You’ll Love

Original Heart of the Ocean Necklace + Replicas You’ll Love
Original Heart of the Ocean Necklace + Replicas You’ll Love

Heart of the Ocean Necklace is a famous accessory from 1998 that was originally worn by Rose (played by Kate Winslet) in the blockbuster movie Titanic. It is a fictional jewel that in the movie allegedly came from Louis XVI’ crown. 

The cinematic universe has not only given us amazing movies but exceptional jewelry pieces as well. The Heart of the Ocean Necklace holds an important place in pop cultural history, same as with Tiffany’s Yellow Diamond Pendant, or the Tag Heuer Monaco watch, worn by Steve McQuenn in the blockbuster movie Le Mans (1971), just to name a few. These particular unique adornments have become with the passing of time trends that go on and on.

What happened with Titanic’s Original Heart of the Ocean Necklace 

If you have watched the movie Titanic, which I am sure you have more than once; I believe you are now wondering what happened with the Original Heart of the Ocean Necklace. As seen in the end of the movie, Rose tosses the necklace in the ocean, where its name suggests it belongs. 

Much like the classic storyline of the movie, the mesmerizing Heart of the Ocean Necklace worn by Rose steals the show with its heart shaped blue diamond. The blue gem was composed into a 56 carat blue diamond which was placed in a white gold setting with a colorless diamond frame. 

Had it been for real, the Heart of the Ocean Necklace would have been valued at over $350 million, nearly twice the budget of the whole movie Titanic.

The necklace was made by Asprey and Garrard, two London-based jewels who used a cubic blue zirconium set in white gold. They had it made for around $9.500 and the prop is to this day stored in Twentieth Century Fox film studio archives. 

The Original Heart of the Ocean Necklace worn by Rose

Titanic Necklace Correlation with Hope Diamond

The magical mysterious Heart of the Ocean Necklace was inspired by an existing jewel, the Hope Diamond. It was extracted from a mine in Andhra Pradesh in India sometime in the seventeenth century.  Its blue color in addition to the exceptional size and the historical value, make it one of the most coveted and important diamonds in the world. 

Hope Diamond was indeed worn by King Louis XIV of France, who acquired the diamond from a traveler that brought it to Europe. It became a family heirloom and was passed to Louis’s son and grandson, finally settling on Louis XVI. 

The following events, the French Revolution and Execution of King Louis XVI, caused the diamond to be lost for centuries. It resurfaced again in 1812, when a diamond merchant from London named Daniel Eliason, sold it to another king, this time, to King George IV of the United Kingdom. 

In the following years, the Hope Diamond passed on the hands of many precious stone merchants and jewelers, including Pierre Cartier and Harry Winston. Today, Hope Diamond dwells at the forefront of the gem collection of the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History in Washington D.C..

The Mesmerizing Hope Diamond

Heart of the Ocean Necklace Appearances in Movie Titanic

In the movie, James Cameron, the director, decides to connect his most important characters with the necklace. To start with, Nathan Hockley, father of Caledon, purchases the necklace for his son to give to his fiance Rose. In order to ensure his meeting with her, Cal gives the necklace to Rose as a symbol of love to her, after she nearly jumps off the stern of the Titanic. 

The following scenes include Rose showing the diamond necklace to Jack, and asking the young penniless artist to draw her naked while wearing it. After a few romantic minutes, Jack sketches Rose nude pose but with the necklace placed on the sofa. 

Rose wearing Heart of the Ocean Necklace

When it becomes clear that Jack and Rose are in love, Cal gets the diamond in Jack’s pocket, getting him arrested. He then puts the necklace on his coat, and later gives it to Rose, forgetting the precious stone inside. 

The following scenes include Rose finding the necklace and keeping it for years, to eventually throw it off a ship, finally letting go of her love for Jack and being able to open a new chapter in her life. 

Celebrities Wearing Heart of the Ocean Necklace Replica

In 2019, Celine Deon, while attending the Haute Couture Fashion Week in Paris, was spotted wearing a Heart of the Ocean Diamond Necklace. This is not the first time she wears a replica of the iconic jewel as she also showed up in 1998’s Academy Awards with a similar design. 

Heart of The Ocean worn by Celine Dion 

The GRAMMY Award winning artist, who also sang the movie’s signature song “My Heart Will Go On”, has worn the Titanic-inspired necklace twice in public appearances.

The one seen in the image below, is a $2.2 million worth of necklace. It is one of the best reproductions of the Heart of the Ocean. The blue stone is a 171 carat heart-shaped sapphire and flanked by 103 diamonds set in a platinum necklace. It was originally donated to Sotheby’s charity auction until an anonymous buyer bought it for a whopping $2.2 million. 

Celline Dion wearing Heart of The Ocean Replica (Academy Awards 1998)

Heart of the Ocean worn by Gloria Stuart

Other celebrities that have worn the Heart of the Ocean Necklace include Gloria Stuart. She was the actress playing the older version of Rose. Stuart attended the 1998 Academy Awards (Oscars) wearing this amazingly crafted necklace from the famous jeweler Harry Winston. The jeweler made his own take on the Heart of the Ocean Necklace. He used a 15 carat real blue diamond and the final piece was worth 10 times as much as Celine’s version. Valued at $20 million, the blue diamond necklace justifies the price as a diamond of this size and color is extremely rare. Sapphire, however, has a similar feel and appears just as mysterious. 

Gloria Stuart wearing a Heart of The Ocean Replica (Academy Awards 1998)

Affordable Heart of the Ocean Necklace Replicas 

Soon after the release of the movie in 1997, many jewelers started to make their own takes on the precious necklace. Some of them are made of Swarovski Australian crystal, and as fashion jewelry, are quite affordable. Many can be found online and in collectible stores around the world. Depending on the quality and materials being used, prices range from as low as $10 to over $5000.

Forever Love Titanic-Inspired Necklace

This deep blue Heart of the Ocean replica comes with a design similar to the original and I am sure that is what you are looking for. In addition, the heart-shaped pendant is surrounded by clear crystals, making it even more attractive. The necklace is silver-plated and comes with a lasting layer of protection against tarnish and scratches. And if by chance you are a fan of red, there is a version of the necklace in that color. 

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Heart of the Ocean from Jewel Zone

The US-based jewelers at Jewel Zone have also made their version of the famous necklace. The Titanic-inspired piece comes in three different variants, with the only similarity being the iconic blue heart-shaped pendant. It is the perfect gift idea for many occasions, from birthdays to Valentine’s Day and so on. 

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Retro-Inspired Wooden Box with Heart of the Ocean Necklace

What about a Titanic classical treasure set? This retro-inspired wooden Titanic box bears inside the treasure of the ocean. It is an ideal gift for her or to yourself. Either way, the recipient will be amazed by this work of art. The wooden box comes with a lock and two keys. The sparkling blue crystal gem is from Swarovski and is surrounded with deep clear shining jewels set on a 990 pure silver chain. 

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Heart of the Ocean Pendant in Sterling Silver

This pendant is a captivating treasure from the Titanic that every girl must own. Its necklace is made out of sterling silver and the heart-shaped gem is a lab-created blue sapphire. The heart is bordered by smaller white sapphire crystals, a work of art from the jewelers at Helzberg Diamonds. 

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The Heart of the Ocean Necklace makes a visually and symbolically appealing statement to both fans of the Titanic movie and hopeless romantics all around the world. Its replicas make great gifts for any occasion when someone wants to give a romantic gift to a loved one. As classic as the movie, the necklace is a great accessory that complements a dressy outfit.