Platinum Jewelry for a Timeless Look

Platinum Jewelry for a Timeless Look
Platinum Jewelry for a Timeless Look

There is no denying that platinum jewelry looks like pure perfection. There are platinum credit cards, platinum album records, and the lesser-known, platinum wedding anniversary that celebrates an amazing 70 years of marriage. Platinum’s association with finer things in life is no accident. It is one of the most expensive rare metals used in the modern world and its desirability comes from exclusivity, its beautiful luster, metal strength, resistance to tarnishing, and its hypoallergenic quality. These are enough good reasons for jewelers worldwide to incorporate the precious metal into their most impressive designs. 

Indeed, platinum’s brilliant white color and its luxurious luminescence have made curious aristocrats, celebrities, and royal family members alike. The legendary metal took the world by storm just over a century ago, a time when it started to be used to create wearable works of art. 

From Egypt’s Ancient Ruins to the Modern Civilisation – Brief History of Platinum Jewelry 

Platinum’s archaeological roots date back to Ancient Egypt. In July of 1881, a large group of sarcophaguses was found in a hidden location on the West Bank of Thebes, (today’s Luxor). The sarcophaguses of Thebes were covered with heretic hieroglyphs and adorned throughout with gold, silver, and platinum. This is the oldest discovered usage of platinum, dating back 3000 years from today. 

In addition, indigenous South American peoples were also using platinum in their ceremonial jewelry such as necklaces and nose rings. 

Times later, the 17th century Spanish Conquistadors brought to Europe samples of platinum, spreading the word about this new metal’s strange properties. Marc Janety, a goldsmith to Louis XVI, started using platinum to make chains for clothing, expensive cutlery, fashion buttons, as well as other luxury items for the royal family. 

King of England, Edward VII, would later say that platinum is the “ Jeweler of kings and the king of jewelers.”

And in the 19th century, the world-famous Louis Cartier was able to utilize the precious metal and create the first platinum jewelry. He was able to use jewelry torches (a groundbreaking achievement for that time) to bring platinum’s brilliance and stability to the world of jewelry. 

Platinum Jewelry 

Given its rare and so-coveted nature, alongside the outstanding properties, expect to pay the top dollar for platinum jewelry. But hey, at least you know jewelry is fun to wear, it has lasting value, and it is the best symbol to celebrate the finer things in life. Without further ado, below you will see our picks for what we consider to be some amazing, affordable, best-sellers, all-time-favorite platinum jewelry everyone must have on their jewelry container. 

Best Platinum Engagement & Wedding Rings

Elegant JunoJewelry Platinum Wedding Rings

Made of genuine platinum 950 of the highest purity and finished with a high gleamy polish, this platinum wedding ring offered by Juno Jewelry is as decisive as saying Yes. This wedding band makes a strong appeal with its classic shapes and beautiful luster so coveted thanks to the metal’s exclusivity and brilliant white color. This beauty has a humble price tag, making it one of my favorites. 

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Ice Cube – Chopard Platinum Engagement Ring 

The Ice Cube engagement ring from Chopard is fashioned from gleaming platinum, holding a brilliant-cut diamond of 0.30 carats. The love sparkles released by both, diamond and platinum, provide a shining symbol of endless love. 

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Bulgari Marry Me Platinum Wedding Ring 

Looking for a wedding ring she can’t refuse? The MarryMe wedding ring in Platinum from the Italian Jeweler Bulgari is worth catching a glimpse of. This unique piece of jewelry is the ultimate symbol of two hearts united, sealing a love bond forever. With pure Italian style and as bold as the proposal, the MarryMe Platinum wedding band makes a strong statement thanks to its charming architectural design. 

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Best Platinum Pendants & Necklaces 

KoolJewelry Platinum Necklace 

If you’re a fan of minimalism, this amazing platinum necklace is perfect for you. Crafted in genuine platinum, the KoolJewelry platinum light rope chain necklace measures approximately 0.9 mm (0.04 inches) in thickness with a classic spring ring lock also made from 95% pure platinum. 

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Harry Winston Pirouette Diamond Pendant 

Pirouette by Harry Winston is an amazingly designed and finished pendant with 1 round brilliant and 8 marquise diamonds set in platinum. The jewelers choice is perfect as platinum’s unmatched durability is essential to hold the diamonds in the long run. (Weighting a total of approx. 3.49 carats).

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Jewel & Co. London Platinum Pendant

Looking for something affordable made of platinum? We got you covered! Jewel & Co. London brings a simple yet beautiful platinum necklace to the table. The UK-Based jeweler is world-renowned for their classic minimalist designs that also happen to come at affordable prices. If something unique and crafted out of preciousness is what you’re after, this gleamy platinum pendant is worth catching a glimpse of. It measures 1.8 grams (0.065 ounces) in weight and is made of 95% pure platinum metal. 

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Best Platinum Bracelets & Bangles 

Tiffany Platinum Bracelet with Brilliant Diamond

Adorn your wrist with an astonishing Tiffany platinum bracelet whose round brilliant diamond evokes a feeling of sensuality around the wrist. The iconic US-based jeweler Tiffany & Co. is attributed with the creation of many timeless designs, including here diamond engagement rings, designer jewelry, pearls, and more gleamy magical stones and metals. The bracelet you’re seeing is 6.25″ long, its diamond comes with a carat weight of .17, has a D-J color, and an outstanding IF-SI1 clarity. 

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Daesar Women’s Platinum Bracelet

Make your significant other a gift she will always remember and wear with pride. The Daesar women’s platinum bracelet, although relatively expensive, is a symbol of love and care. It makes the perfect gift for your life partner to enjoy and reminisce moments shared together. Measuring 16.5 cm (6.5 inches) in length and made out of 950 platinum metal, Daesar brings to you an eternal symbol of love. 

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Tiffany’s Platinum Bracelet with Sapphire Crystal

Color by the Yard is another beautifully made platinum bangle that comes again from Tiffany’s. The jewelry is made in collaboration with Elsa Perreti, an Italian visionary designer whose inspiration is captured in Tiffany’s gleamy jewels. 

The Tiffany bracelet we picked comes in pure platinum with a blue sapphire crystal. Its total carat weight is 0.11 and measures 7″ (17.78cm) in length. 

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Benefits of Platinum Jewelry 


Platinum jewelry, whether be engagement rings, earrings, bracelets, or necklaces, offer a supreme resistance to everyday wear, thanks to the metal’s dense nature. Platinum’s durability will most likely last you a lifetime, making your jewelry a precious family heirloom filled with emotions and nostalgia. 


Platinum is one of the rarest precious metals on earth surpassing gold and silver. It is mined in very few locations around the planet, mainly in South Africa. If you want to have a better understanding of platinum’s rarity, just know that its early production in 2009 was 7% of that of gold.  Scarcity and exclusivity come with a price, therefore expect to pay 25 up to 3 % more than the same setting in gold. 


And if you’re an allergy sufferer, look no further as platinum is the jewelry for you. The precious metal contains no nickel and the skin reacts positively during wear. Is this one of the reasons that platinum is preferred by many jewelers for engagement rings and other jewelry. It is so pure (mixed with other alloys to a certain low degree that is immeasurable) that even the most sensitive skin reacts positively. 

Natural Patina

Platinum ages beautifully and creates a satiny finish on its surface that is known as patina. The natural patina of platinum is considered a badge of honor for jewelry collectors and designers alike as it represents the metal’s authenticity and its precious nature. 


As aforementioned, platinum is denser than gold or silver, courtesy of platinum’s chemical structure. Its density permits jewelry to be heavier, making it perfect for the ones seeking something substantial to adorn their wrists, neck, or fingers. 

A Word about Platinum Jewelry Drawbacks

There is no convincing reason to not opt for platinum jewelry, however, there are certain factors that might not appeal to everyone. First, you should know that platinum is expensive. Its cost is around $1,250 per ounce (28.35 grams) which is similar to the price of gold, but significantly higher than silver. 

Another platinum downside is lengthy and costly repairs. Platinum has a high melting point (1769°F) which is higher than gold or silver. Any repairs like making a setting or band/chain will be more expensive as jewels set into platinum (if there are any), will take longer to be removed and placed back. 

Repolishing Platinum VS. Repolishing Gold

The good thing is that when compared to gold, platinum retains its form and outstanding shine. If you want to polish it, feel free to do so. Unlike gold, which loses small particles and shreds after every polishing process, platinum doesn’t have such weaknesses. Instead, the metal can be polished back to a high shine while preserving a smooth finish. 

Homemade Platinum Jewelry Maintenance, Cleaning, and Care

  1. The least abrasive way is to mix a few drops of gentle dish liquid with plain seltzer. Seltzer (carbonated water), is able to loosen debris and dirt from jewelry better than plain water and is just as gentle. 
  2. Let your precious platinum jewelry be soaked in this solution for one minute and swish it a few times for good measure.
  3. Gently brush away any leftover debris and dirt with a soft toothbrush and dry using a natural, lint-free cloth (not paper towels).

There are plenty of products and techniques that can help you properly maintain your platinum jewelry from those daily doses of soap, hand creams, and the time element. First, you should know that it is best to clean your jewelry regularly. Although platinum is an incredibly durable metal, it would be better to care for and clean, to protect the setting and make your jewelry gleam as new.