Tree of Life Necklace Meaning Across Cultures

Tree of Life Necklace Meaning Across Cultures
Tree of Life Necklace Meaning Across Cultures

The tree of life symbol dates back to 7000 B.C and it was found in Turkey.  It is also known as the World Tree, Cosmic Tree or the Holy Tree, it symbolizes many things, including protection, strength, wisdom, immortality, redemption, abundance and fertility. The tree of life also illustrates the interconnectedness of life, with the spirit world and the Universe. Today, its symbol has become very popular in jewelry and there are a wide variety of meanings of this tree across many cultures.

Tree of Life Jewelry – What Does This Symbol Mean Across Cultures

According to the Irish Druids, the tree of life had the power to reveal messages from the gods. They believed that all the living things were spiritual, mystical beings, and trees were a source of power and wisdom. The oak tree was thought to symbolize the center of the universe. Branches and roots stretching between the sky and earth were believed to bring blessings from the gods.

For the Celtis, the tree of life was a symbol of a person’s quest for spiritual fulfillment. They believed that the tree was a doorway between the spirit world and the human world. It allowed the gods to communicate with people on earth. The modern Celtic tree of life pendants are the most popular types of jewelry and feature detailed engravings of leaves reaching skyward and roots buried in the earth.

In China, the tree of life bores a fruit only once every 3000 years and it was believed that whoever ate the fruit would become immortal. The jewelry designs reflect the Chinese interpretation of the tree of life and often depict an abundant fruit tree honoring the peaches of immortality.

The Egyptians believed that the tree of life was connected to the god Osiris and that was a symbol of death and abundance. According to them, the branches represented heaven, the tree the center of the universe, and the roots reaching down into the underworld.

In Buddhism, the tree of life is known also as the Bodhi tree, the tree of enlightenment. They believed that Buddha sat under the tree for many days, without eating, moving, just meditating until he arose as an enlightened being. After that Buddha spent the rest of his life traveling and teaching the path of awakening he had discovered. Now the tree of life is symbolic of life and the path to truth and enlightenment. 

In Islam, the tree of life or the tree of immortality is referenced in the Quran as the tree containing the eternal life of Adam and Eve were not supposed to eat from. In the similar way it is referenced also in the Bible.

In African cultures, the tree of life is known as the baobab tree or bottle tree. The reason why it is called this way is because the baobab tree produces fruit and stores water up to 4500 liters even in dry and harsh climates. During desperate times it is often seen as a life-saver. The jewelry designs include engraved images of baobab trees.

In Christianity, trees represent eternal life. They believe that trees represent the love that one has for God and the infinite wisdom. The tree of life jewelry ranges from engravings of a tree with roots to foliaged trees with fruits reaching toward heaven with the roots ground into the earth.

Why You Should Wear the Tree of Life

If you are looking for some nice jewelry for your personal collection, then you should check the tree of life jewelry. The tree of life necklace‘s enduring popularity is a testament to the beautiful tree of life symbol. The reasons why you should buy a tree of life necklace as your next jewelry purchase are:

They have a wonderful design that goes well with any style

The tree of life’s most common symbolic meaning is that of eternal life, the endurance of humanity, and everlasting love. Its symbol is beautiful and suits any style, whether you are looking for a necklace to wear on an evening to an event or something to wear while doing your personal errands.

They are high quality and affordable

You don’t need to spend much money on jewelry in order to get something high quality. The tree of life necklace combines high quality with an affordable price. Since these types of necklaces are so affordable, you can afford to try different color options and styles.

They make perfect gifts for your loved ones

Finding the perfect gift for your family or friends isn’t always easy. Your loved ones who enjoy jewelry would appreciate a tree of life necklace as a gift, due to its symbolic nature.

Will help you find strength and stability

The tree of life necklace will help you find strength and stability, also it will keep you encouraged and inspired. If you are seeking to strengthen your connection with God, the tree of life necklace will help you experience that as well with its symbolism representing the love of God.

Popularity of Tree of Life Necklaces

Today the tree of life symbol has been incorporated into tapestries, tattoos, and jewelry pieces.  The most popular form of tree of life jewelry is necklaces and pendants. The designs range from painted tree sketches on resin and engravings of trees on metal to the sculpted metal tree and gemstone arrangements. You may find the tree of life symbol also on earrings, rings, and bracelets. Now that you understand the many meanings and the history that the tree of life represents, do you want to invest in jewelry pieces?