What Is a Cathedral Setting?

What Is a Cathedral Setting
What Is a Cathedral Setting

Cathedral setting is a ring setting that holds the stone of a ring high on its band. They are the more fascinating and confusing types of ring settings. The cathedral setting tends to emphasize the center gemstone or diamond and give an overall, sophisticated, elegant and stylish look to your ring. The term “cathedral” refers to how the band is designed to look like a cathedral arch. Many people think that cathedral setting rings are high-profile style, but that isn’t necessarily true.

The cathedral setting will always be classic, elegant and timeless. Cathedral rings allow for extra detailing in the metal, be it leafy design or personal engraving. They are durable and secure enough to hold a diamond safely. And also are a cost-saving style as there is little need to buy additional diamonds or features. Cathedral ring settings command attention and will turn heads everywhere you go. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of Cathedral Ring Settings

Advantages of the cathedral ring settings are:

  • Compared to the typical 4/6 prong ring the arch provides more protection to the center stone.
  • The underside of the ring can incorporate surprise features, arches can accentuate the perceived carat size of a small ring, making it seem larger.
  • The center stone is set higher and the elevated position emphasizes the gemstone’s size.

At the same time, cathedral settings have a few disadvantages:

  • Can be difficult to clean open arches as the dirt and oil builds up in small crevices over time. That happens when you wear the ring frequently.
  • Usually, cathedral settings tend to sit higher and may cause it to snag into furniture, clothing, clothes, or other objects.
  • When paired with a large gem or multi stone ring, arches can be disproportionate or ostentatious.

Types of Cathedral Ring Settings

Cathedral ring settings come in a variety of styles, all are beautiful and unique. Some of them hold the diamond up high, while others feature a diamond that is a bit lower. You can choose the one that matches your style.

The different types of cathedral ring settings include:

Classic Cathedral Setting

Many people prefer the clean silhouette of a solitaire cathedral setting. This type of ring has a plain band and it highlights the sweeping arches and the center stone. Depending on preferences and also on the stone shape the band may be wide or thin.

Poise Basket Cathedral Settings

The basket style cathedral setting highlights the gemstone and the space below it by elevating the gem above the setting. It is called a poise basket because the center stone sits in a basket. The baskets usually are ornate and offer a unique take on the typical cathedral style.

Cathedral Pavé Setting

This simple design features a center stone with a band full of pavé diamonds to the band of a cathedral setting. Adding these gemstone points up more the sparkle of the center stone and also provides detail without busy filigree.

Twisted Cathedral Settings

The band of the cathedral ring settings is twisted and it looks beautiful with pavé diamonds. This kind of design adds negative space to your piece for an extra layer of intrigue.

Channel Cathedral Setting

A channel set band offers more protection for your center stone and it gives it a modern touch to the cathedral style. Pave stones can be placed in the wide setting and work well with the smooth prongs that make up the cathedral style.

Halo Cathedral Setting

This type of setting has the stone encircled by a ring of round pavé or micro-pavé diamonds. The halo of diamonds highlights the center stone, making it appear larger and brighter. For a more unique effect you must try a colored halo.

Vintage Cathedral Setting

Vintage Cathedral Setting design incorporates milgrain, filigree, and other elements to produce a complex, dramatic piece. For sure vintage styles are to be eye-catching, so be ready for people to compliment you.

Sleek Cathedral Setting

This type of setting is simple, contemporary and with all the focus on the center stone. The sleek cathedral setting is very modern and to the point.

Best Places To Buy Cathedral Diamond Rings Online?

You can find cathedral ring settings at any jewelry store. However, in case you are looking for a beautiful, unique cathedral ring setting, you might have trouble finding it locally.  Here are some online fine jewelry retailers where you can find the cathedral ring setting that will stand out above the rest.

James Allen

One of the best places you can get your cathedral diamond rings is James Allen. There you will find so many different cathedral ring settings. With the 360 degree viewing technology, you can easily identify inclusions and diamond characteristics. Also if you would like to see the grading report for a specific diamond they will show it to you. James Allen has a 24/7 customer service team that will offer you unbiased and unclouded information not connected to daily sales goals. They also offer you a lifetime warranty, which includes any maintenance your ring might need, and one free ring resizing. 

Blue Nile

Blue Nile is one of the top well-known online jewelry stores and they carry different setting styles, a wide selection of loose diamonds, and other gemstone jewelry. They also have a 360 degree viewing technology but differ from James Allen they don’t have this view available for every diamond. Most of their rings come in yellow gold and rose gold, which can be difficult to find in a mortar store. Blue Nile has many gorgeous and different cathedral rings, so you will most definitely find a couple to put on your wish list.

The main disadvantage about the Blue Nile is their: lifetime warranty. The warranty states that if your ring has continuous issues that they find are a result of a flawed ring design, they will cover it and get you a new one. But in case that your ring needs its shank reshaped or needs its routine maintenance done, you will have to find a jeweler to do any repairs.

Clean Origin

Clean Origin specializes in carrying high quality loose lab created settings and diamonds. Lab diamonds have become increasingly popular and don’t hold value since they are easier to make in weeks rather than billions of years in the ground. Like Blue Nile, Clean Origin offers a manufacturer warranty that does not cover any routine maintenance. They have an unprecedented return policy of 100 days, so you can take time to decide if it is the ring for you without pressure to return in a haste. If you want to stand out from the crowd and also save some cash while doing it, you should definitely check out this online store.