What is Park Lane Jewelry?

What is Park Lane Jewelry?

Arthur and Shirley LeVin founded Park Lane Jewelry in 1955, and Scott Levin is the current CEO. They wanted to make Park Lane Jewelry the leading direct sales jewelry company and an American dream when they first started the company.

They are proud to offer high-quality jewelry with a money-back guarantee. Park Lane Jewelry operates in 13 countries, including Ireland, Canada, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Australia, Italy, Mexico, Germany, Puerto Rico, Scotland, Greece, Switzerland, and, of course, the United States!

Price Plans

This jewelry range in price from $15 to $400 and more per item. Aside from the costs, you choose to include in throwing a party for your friends and family members, there is no cost to hosting a jewelry party.

The cost of becoming a Fashion Director varies depending on the package you select, but it all starts with a $39 down payment.

Refund Policy

Park Lane Jewelry has that kind of policy that allows you to replace items within 120 days of receiving them. Cash refunds are only available within one month of purchase, and original receipts and bonus items must also be returned.

Product Lines

Park Lane’s main product lines are listed below. You already have some pieces, so selling jewelry to customers is a breeze for all distributors. The promotion does not necessitate many product descriptions, and the rule is that you wear Park Lane Jewelry to your home parties to show these products!

  • Earrings
  • Rings
  • Necklaces
  • Men’s: bracelets, rings, necklaces.
  • Bracelets
  • Monthly Specials
  • Watches

Aside from the product lines mentioned above, Park Lane also offers the collections listed below:

  • Fundraiser
  • Host Reserve: The season’s hostess collection
  • Men’s Fashions: Unique Men’s Jewelry
  • Monthly Specials: The month’s offerings
  • Rich Rewards Club
  • Wedding Jewelry Collection

How Does Park Lane Jewelry Works?

In any MLM, there are two methods to make money through the system, and Park Lane ofcorse is no exception.

Sell products to earn retail commissions.

Recruit people to join your downline and meet your sales targets to earn extra bonuses .

Group sales target you, your personally enrolled downlines, and their downlines, despite the fact that you do not make money from recruitment. This is the primary difference between a pyramid scheme and a legitimate MLM.

Ranking of Park Lane Jewelry

Park Lane Jewelry is divided into seven levels. You could begin as a fashion director and work your way up to the position of Sales Vice President. Generally, the higher your ranking, the more requirements you must meet in order to keep your position.

  1. The Fashion Director
  2. The Branch Director
  3.  The Region Manager
  4. The Area Manager
  5. The Division Manager
  6. The Sr. Division Manager
  7. The Sales Vice President

Is it a Scam?

This company is not at all a scam. We cannot conclude that it is a scam because there is no income disclosure on the official website to determine the average annual salary of a fashion director.

Park Lane has a large selection of jewelry and accessories that anyone can sell to earn commissions and bonuses. Keep in mind that your enthusiasm for Park Lane Jewelry will help you overcome any obstacles on your way to have success!

I hope you thoroughly read this article before buying Park Lane Jewelry. To earn money from Park Lane Jewelry, you must consider and account every choice you make. We recommend Park Lane because it’s another online money-making option.

Shopping for Park Lane Jewelry

You must work with a Park Lane representative to purchase the jewelry. The company does not sell to retail establishments or online. The best way to find a local representative who sells the jewelry is to go to the company’s official website. Local representatives can arrange jewelry sales and invite interested customers to jewelry shows and parties in the area.

Attending a Park Lane party or show may make jewelry shopping more enjoyable than regular mall visits. Because people want jewelry shopping to be a fun experience, this jewelry party plan company may do exceptionally well for years to come.

Customer Service Contact Info

The Park Lane Jewelry website allows you to send a message directly to them and receive an email response