Online Jewelry Stores: How to Find the One for You

You would be surprised to learn that there are around 200 million websites currently active in the world. And a part of them yearly contributes in keeping jewelry and other accessories at the forefront of online sales. In fact, in 2018 alone, jewelry, bags, watches, and other accessories held a 30% share of global internet purchases. 

The figures haven’t changed much since. So we can say that people love buying jewelry online. And the more there is demand, the better the conditions will be. 

But with all these online shopping alternatives, where is the best place to find the next pieces to add to your collection? Does every online jewelry store provide the same quality and customer care? Of course not. This is why we decided to do a deep scan before compiling the best online jewelry shops. From vintage jewelry to designer pieces to engagement rings, we got you covered throughout. Below you will find a list of sites that hold a curated inventory of jewelries on their cloud based stores. Check them out…

Best Sites for Buying Vintage Jewelry Online

Vintage jewelry not only allows you to accessorize without hitting the bank, but also expand your jewelry collection beyond the current trends. If you are interested in finding vintage jewelry online, there are a number of qualitative online spaces that provide that shopping option. Check them below…

Ruby Lane

One of the first sites that comes to mind when antique jewelry is mentioned, is Ruby Lane. Shopping for antique and vintage jewelry on Ruby Lane is always a pleasurable experience. There you will find anything from cufflinks and pins, rings, earrings, handcrafted jewelry, bracelets – all belonging to the century we left behind. 

Adored Vintage

Adored Vintage is a lesser known online shopping alternative for the ones amazed after vintage jewelry. There you will find, among others, vintage jewelry pieces that will allow you to accessorize and complement your outfit without having to hit the bank. 

DSF Antique Jewelry New York

Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior, Van Cleef & Arpels, you name the vintage jewelry designer piece you’re after and DSF Antique Jewelry New York will provide. Surf through their immense collection of carefully selected designer pieces and find the next vintage jewelry piece to add to your collection. 

Best Sites for Buying from Independent Jewelers Online

In a world filled with luxury conglomerates, corporations, and industrial jewelry making, the real jewelry making craftsmanship is oftentime left aside while maximising profit becomes the only focus. This is why independent jewelry makers are so sought after.

They are valued for their craftsmanship, the preservation of traditional jewelry making, and the unique and meaningful pieces they are able to come up with. Check below some of the sites that support independent jewelry makers and their artwork. 


Although Bonanza is not as notorious as Etsy and Amazon Handmade, it still is great for jewelry makers who want to find a new audience for their pieces. There you will find a vast catalog of jewelry, in addition to their other categories, including here handbags, pottery, glass, antiques and crafts. 

Shop from Independent Jewelers on Bonanza


If you are a collector of handmade jewelry or a maker of crafts and art, you know Etsy is a great platform for both. The site is focused on providing the customers with the best quality materials and products that they find interesting. There you will find anything from handmade items to personalized jewelry – all listed with relatively affordable price tags.

Shop from Independent Jewelers on Etsy

Amazon Handmade

Amazon’s Handmade category has a clear vision – To gather the Artisan Community under one roof. It has so far become one of the best destinations for independent jewelers to expose their artworks online, and the handmade jewelry aficionado who loves to accessorize with uniqueness. 

Shop from Independent Jewelers on Amazon

Best Sites for Buying Designer Jewelry Online

Cut out the middleman and go straight to trend makers. Whether it be an engagement ring, a new pair of earrings for yourself, or if you are looking for a gift idea, you can never miss with the world-leading jewelry brands. That, of course, if the price tags are not a concern. 

Tiffany & Co.

The luxurious jewelry brand headquartered in New York City, is one of America’s most coveted Jewelry Mansions. Tiffany’s has been accessorizing the world with invaluable pieces for nearly two centuries, even before Coca-Cola appeared in the grocery shelves. As a trend maker, Tiffany & Co. is attributed with bringing to life the diamond engagement ring fashion. 


Japan’s representative jeweler, Mikimoto, offers a wide range of fine jewelry with timeless designs that have been refined for over a century. Since its foundation in 1893, the Mikimoto jewelry brand has been positioned as a pioneer in the high jewelry making industry. Mikimoto’s highest achievement is undoubtedly the cultured pearl. Surf through their collections to find some of the world’s most marvelous pieces.


Since its foundation in 1847 in Paris by the jeweler Louis-François Cartier, the brand’s pieces have served as adornments for kings, princes, aristocrats, and royal family members all around the world. Not only did Louis crafted exceptional jewelry, but he also came up with new inventions in the horological field. Cartier Tank watch for example, is the brand’s flagship watch model, and its design draws inspiration from a WW1 tank combat-vehicle, hence the name. 

Harry Winston 

The US-based luxury jewelry manufacturer, Harry Winston, also called the “King of Diamonds”, is widely regarded as one of the world’s most prestigious jewelers. The brand was acquired by the Swiss Swatch Group, however, the founder’s vision for delivering bedazzling gems and exquisite jewelry is seen in every piece they sell. 

Best Sites for Buying Watches Online 

If you are a watch enthusiast, you should already know about these sites we are about to mention. They provide a great shopping alternative for the watch aficionados or complete novices who want to put a timepiece on their wrist. Not only can you purchase, but also sell your watches, whether those be pre-owned or unboxed. 


Imagine eBay, but for watches – this is how Chrono24 can be easily described. There you can find watches of any price range, as well as sell the ones you no longer like. Chrono24 will keep a broker’s fee (6%) for the items you sell, but the secure transactions, online exposure, and customer care make it a worthwhile alternative. 


Aside from affordable and luxury watches, JomaShop also offers on display a large inventory of designer accessories, including here handbags, sunglasses, shoes, and any product related to beauty and apparel. It is indeed, one of the largest sites, and also one of the best for buying watches online. 

Crown and Caliber

Crown & Caliber is the best solution for buying and selling new or pre-owned luxury watches. It is one of the world’s largest online watches marketplaces and rest assured as it is secure and pays special attention to customer care. If you are looking for the next watch to add to your collection or find a well-crafted timepiece for a special occasion, you know where to take a look. 

Best Online Jewelry Auction Sites

These are some of the best online sites that organize auctions where pieces being sold for ridiculous prices is a common thing. From fine vintage designer jewelry, to pop art pieces, to incredibly rare gemstones, these reputable online auction sites are the perfect choice if you are looking for rare items. 


Christie’s is a British auction company founded by James Christie in 1766. Its main offices are located on King Street in St James’s, London, and Rockefeller Center in New York City. The reputable auction house lists some of the world’s most coveted pieces, decorative objects, fine art, and certainly watches and jewelry. 


Much like Christie’s, in Sotheby’s inventory dwells a wide range of carefully selected artworks. You will find anything from Arts & Antiques to Modern & Contemporary Art, to Luxury Pieces of Jewelry. The Auction House has 80 locations in 40 countries, but maintains a significant presence in the UK and US. 

Kaplan Auktioner

If you are looking for a smaller broker of fine jewelry and collectibles, Kaplan Auktioner is up to the challenge. The Swedish-based Auction House and Jewelry Shop organizes many online events where you can purchase new or pre-loved, unique, and designer pieces of jewelry collected from all over the world. 

Safety Notices for Shopping Jewelry Online

Is it important before hitting the Buy Now button to take a few quick but reasonable steps that in a way or another can create a comprehensive appraisal of the website you have visited. For sites that you have just visited, but want that jewelry piece so bad, make sure to do your due diligence and proceed with caution. What to look for when shopping jewelry online? 

SSL Certificate 

An SSL Certificate is approved to websites that comply with regulations that reduce the risk of confidential information being manipulated or stolen. It encrypts communications between you – the user, and the service provider – to ensure a secure online shopping experience. 

Website Design & Grammatical Errors/Typos

If you followed a link that transferred you to a shady website, would you buy jewelry from it? A website that has a poor architecture, much like Craigslist, does not translate as professional, let alone credible enough to buy jewelry from. However, this might not always be a considerable tell-tale as many local jewelers or new independent jewelers haven’t gotten the budget or technical skills to create a decent website. 

Contact Details/ Company Address 

An online brand or business should have their contact details (phone number, email address, or both) and an exact location for their brick-and-mortar shop. The latter may not always be possible as many businesses have turned full-online, cutting down operational costs of a brick-and-mortar shop. However, if both of these elements are missing in a site you are willing to buy, you will have to proceed with caution. 

Company/Brand Reviews

Not only do online reviews tell us how good or bad a doctor, restaurant, or hotel is, but also the quality of products and services of online jewelry shops. Do your due diligence to ensure you are buying from sources you can trust.