Gold Calculator Watches Mania – History and Watch Recommendations

Gold Calculator Watches Mania - History and Watch Recommendations
Gold Calculator Watches Mania - History and Watch Recommendations

Everyone likes the gold color right? Frankly, there is no reason why not to. The gold color shows luxury, prestige, and distinction. And when that shining and glimmering color is used to adorn our wrists, it is even better. Today we will take a look at gold calculator watches. As some of you may already know, calculator watches were a real mania in the ’80s. People went crazy after them as for the time, a watch with a digital face along a multiple buttons panel was groundbreaking and equally cool. And it still is! Whether if you’re a collector, watch enthusiast, or someone who wants to treat yourself with class – this article is all about gold calculator watches. Read on…

The World’s First Calculator Watch – A Christmas Tale

After their first commercially digital quartz watch released in 1972 turned out to be a huge success, it was now time for Time Computer Inc. (descendant of Hamilton Watch Co.) to introduce another blockbuster watch. During the Christmas sales in 1975, the world’s first calculator watch was introduced to the US market. The first edition was limited to a few hundred pieces and featured a case made of 18K gold. As expected, the price was high as the watches were available for about $3950. 

By spring of 1976, it was now time for Pulsar to take the next step and introduce their calculator watch to a wider audience. The company released the stainless steel calculator watch and at the time you could purchase yours for about $500. 

The watch was accurate to about a minute a year and thanks to the six-digit display you could take a look at hour, minute, and second. And not to forget about month and day. 

The calculator function could be activated simply by tapping the 0 key which could convert the watch mode from timekeeping to a calculator. Power was provided by four silver oxide batteries and a stylus to press the calculator’s keys came along with the watch. 

The 80s Gold Calculator Watches Mania 

As mentioned above, calculator watches started to show up during the mid-70s and Casio was not the first player. Other prestigious watch brands managed to deliver the same design first, each one in their unique way… 

Pulsar (now discontinued) is accredited with the invention of the world’s first gold calculator watch. It was released in 1975 and at one point this model was even considered a symbol of style and fashion. The original version was released with a solid gold case and retailed for $3950. One year later the company introduced another calculator watch, this time in stainless steel and way more affordable.

Being an in-demand product, other brands started to manufacture their version of calculator watches. HP, Compuchron, Uranus, Seiko, Citizen, and Timex, were some of the tech magnates that released calculator watches on the market from 1976 and beyond. 

Gold Calculator Watches After The 80s

In this section, you will learn more about the brands that are to this day bounded with the gold calculator watches concept. Casio, Nixon, and even Timex are the watch brands that perfectioned the initial design of calculator watches and introduced their own successful models. As expected, the market is ruled by Casio, which to this day has an active production line of calculator watches. 

Casio DBC-611G Databank

This watch features a huge variety of options fitted in a retro design that you will love. It comes with the iconic design introduced by Casio in a gold-colored case. More than just a watch, Casio DBC-611G Databank provides a 1/100 second stopwatch, dual time option, a currency conversion option, an hourly time signal, an Auto LED light for enhanced readability in dark places, and more. 


Stainless Steel Band & Resin case and bezel

5 Alarms & 1/100-second stopwatch

Auto LED light & Auto Calendar

World Time, Countdown Timer

25 pages of Telememo & 8-Digit Calculator

Japanese Quartz Movement with 3 years of battery life

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Nixon Re-Run A158-502-00

Although this retro timepiece from Nixon is not a calculator watch, it delivers the same vibe a genuine gold calculator watch would bring to your wrist. The appealing design brings an aesthetic throwback to a time when digital watches were the peak of technology. Nixon Re-Run A158-502-00 retails for $125.00 and you can get yours from the Nixon official store from the link below.


Digital Calendar and Dual Time

Alarm and Countdown Timer

Stainless Steel Bracelet

30 meters of water resistance

Night Light Function

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Timex T80 X Pac-Man 

Yes, we know! This one is also a little “off-piste” as it does not actually offer a calculator function. However, designed as a novelty watch, this vintage-inspired timepiece from Timex will transport you way back to the 1980s when digital watches and Pac-Man were popular. You will find Pac-Man motives on the screen along with a gold-toned stainless steel bracelet. What’s more, the watch plays the iconic melody of Pac-Man and has a retro flair to spare. 


INDIGLO Night-Light

Digital Chronograph with 1/100 Seconds

Daily Alarm, Stopwatch

Month, Day, and Date Display

Water resistance up to 30 meters

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CA-506G-9AVT Casio Gold Calculator Watch 

CA-506G-9AVT is another gold calculator watch from Casio similar to the previous version. Inspired by the 1990s, the watch is fully stocked with a wide range of options and features that make it the perfect accessory for any lifestyle. It is equipped with an 8-digit calculator that can add, multiply, divide and subtract. Although the watch doesn’t support the databank function, it still makes a stunning timepiece for the old era enthusiasts. 


Water-resistant for daily use only

5 alarms and hourly time signal

Auto LED light and Dual Time

Month, Day, and Date Display

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Seiko C153-5007 Calculator Watch

Next on the line comes a vintage model from Seiko. Seiko model C153-5007 is a gold calculator watch first released in 1978. It comes with a gold-toned stainless steel case and a two-toned bracelet. The watch can display seconds, minutes, hours (AM\PM), weekdays, and the day of the month. The eight-digit calculator provides basic calculating operations, square root, and percentage. 


Stainless Steel Case and Bracelet

8 Digits Calculator

Time, Seconds, Weekdays, Month

Night Light Function

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Vintage Citizen Calculator Watch

Released in the late 70s, this model from the Japanese watch brand is the master of “nerd watches”. As you can see by yourself, there are 41 buttons on the bezel that are used for calculating options. Simply mindblowing! The watch’s original price at the time was around $100. However, if you want to get your hands on one of these today, you will have to pay way more as only 200 pieces were manufactured only. 


Time and Date

Night Light Function

Gold-toned stainless steel case and bracelet

Basic scientific calculator

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FAQ about Gold Calculator Watches?

Who invented the first calculator watch?

The world’s first calculator watch was invented by Pulsar (at that time a division of Hamilton Watch Company) and it was released on the US market in 1975 just before Xmas time. Only 100 pieces were manufactured with the first 18k gold edition. A few months later the company introduced the stainless steel version offered for $550.

Where to find solid gold calculator watches?

Calculator watches are most likely manufactured in stainless steel, resin, or rubber. Hard to admit, but when it comes to solid gold calculator watches, they belong to museums or private collections. 

Which is the best calculator watch?

In terms of functionality, the very rare model from Citizen mentioned above is a scientific calculator watch that ensures supreme functionality. However, it is difficult to believe that anyone in the 21st century will do complex mathematics on it so a more updated and user-friendly model from Casio is recommended.

What to look for in a calculator watch?

Frankly, go for the design. If you’re not an engineer or math teacher, you will most likely never need a calculator watch on your wrist. Watch enthusiasts keep buying them for their visually appealing design and this is what you should opt for. 

In Final Words

With the technological advancements, gold calculator watches can today be described as retro timepieces that give an almost nerdy feel. One thing is for sure! They will definitely grab attention and start a conversation. If you too want to dress your wrist with style and make a statement, calculator watches are always a smart choice. That, for as long as you know how to use them! Believe me! These watches can be a pain in the rear if you want to set up an alarm or make a small calculation. Eventually, you will get used to and love having one of them adorning your wrist!

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