7 Best Minimalist watches under 500 dollars

Exceptional minimalist watches under 500 dollars

If you had to pick a watch to wear every day, for the rest of your days, would you rather choose a watch that yells luxury, weirdness, toughness, or have a simple and kind, easy-to-read timepiece? I would go for the second choice every time. As a matter of fact, I am a bit of a fan of minimalist watches. There is something unexplainable with minimalist watches that we all appreciate, probably the design is where you can be focused the most. A minimalist watch has nothing to hide as its designs unveil true simplicity to the wearer. 

The purpose of a watch is time telling, and watch manufacturers of minimalist watches take that fact as a priority. Besides being that type of watch you would never want to take away from your wrist, a minimalist watch is usually inexpensive too. There are many watch brands that manage to deliver exceptional minimalist watches under 500 dollars. Another reason why these typical timepieces deserve to be on every watch lovers’ wrist. 

Definition of a minimalist watch

A minimalist watch features a smaller face and is usually slimmer than the most typical watches. Classic designs with clean watch dials and bracelets are common in minimalist watches.

Without further ado, below you will see some of the best minimalist watches for men to add to your collection. Enjoy!

Top 7 minimalist watches under 500 dollars

  • Minimalist Chronograph 1815 by About Vintage
  • Nordgreen Native Minimalist Danish Watch 
  • Skagen Signatur Collection
  • Paulin – Commuter Automatic Mechanical Watch
  • Komono Harlow Croco Forest
  • MAP 40.1

Minimalist Chronograph 1815 – About Vintage

Minimalist Chronograph 1815 - About Vintage

Continuing our journey to the world of minimalist watches with this unique timepiece from About Vintage. Chronograph 1815 features a royal dark blue dial, with a date window positioned at 3 o’clock, and small Arabic numbers in white-silver color. The name of the watch, Chronograph 1815, is not for nothing. The designer and founder of About Watches picked the name for Chronograph 1815 for their collection of watches, as the year 1815 marks the time when the chronograph was first invented. The watch is water-resistant up to 50 meters, perfect for daily life use and showering, but not swimming or diving. Price the last time I checked: $335



Minimalism is timeless, and so are the designs of watches. If an analog minimalist watch is not what you are looking for, you should probably consider something new to glow on your wrist. What about a digital minimalist watch? Does digital meet your philosophy of timekeeping? 

A minimalist watch with a digital display was the idea of VOID Watches, a Swedish watch house established in 2008. Judging by the name, VOID V01MKII-SI/LB might sound a bit complicated, but the watch is simple in design and movement as well. The stainless-steel box is cut in half, with a sapphire crystal digital screen displaying a 12-hour format time, and date. The watch is water-resistant up to 50 meters and comes with 2 years of warranty from the Swedish manufacturer. Price the last time I checked: $265

Nordgreen Native Minimalist Danish Watch 

Nordgreen Native Minimalist Danish Watch 

While the watch marketplace is run by Switzerland and Japan, Denmark watch manufacturers are trying not to fly under the radar anymore. The Danish watchmaking culture is focused on delivering the most precise watches at the lowest cost.  Nordgreen for example is a Danish watch manufacturer that is home to some of the best watch designers like Jakob Wagner is. Surfing through the Nordgreen official website, you will soon understand the brand is addicted to minimalist watches. 

The model we picked, is probably their best work so far. Nordgreen Native is a true reflection of what a minimalist watch should look like. Polymerize an easy-to-read dial with a slim case and voilà, there you have a beautiful minimalist watch. Price the last time I checked: $171

Skagen Signatur Collection

Skagen Signatur Collection

Skagen is another Danish watch manufacturer, this one with more experience in the watch industry and a wider customer base than Nordgreen. The Scandinavian countries are doing their best to penetrate the watch marketplace by developing new designs combined with high-quality movements. 

The Signatur Collection from Skagen offers to watch lovers all around the globe a new watch design, with minimalism in mind. Qualities of minimalist watches like the simple dial and a slim case are reflected on every watch from Skagen Signatur Collection. Price the last time I checked: $95

Paulin – Commuter Automatic Minimalist Watch

Paulin – Commuter Automatic Minimalist Watch

Paulin Watches is a Scottish watch manufacturer founded in 2013 by Elizabeth, Charlotte, and Eleanor Paulin. The Paulin sisters are dedicated to growing their brand by offering quality, affordable, and sustainable watches.

Commuter Automatic from Paulin, is the brand’s first mechanical watch – an improved and updated version of their best-selling watch, the Commuter. The model we picked from the collection with the same name features a classic as usual design, with a stainless-steel dial and a radial circle in the center. Distinctive Arabic numerals and skeletonized watch hands can be admired from the flat sapphire coated glass.  Price the last time I checked: $395.00

Komono Harlow Croco Forest

Komono Harlow Croco Forest

Designed in Antwerp and manufactured in China, Komono fashion items deliver stylish designs, whether be for sunglasses, watches, optical, or goggles. The company has been around for a long time now, trying to find its way to the lucrative market of watches. 

Harlow Croco Forest features a sleek design with a slim case and clean dial – qualities you find on almost every minimalist watch. Stick hour markers and even thinner watch hands are positioned in a milky white dial, visible from the scratch-resistant mineral crystal glass. 

The watch comes with a Japanese quartz movement guarded by a stainless-steel case back that guarantees up to 30 meters of water resistance. Price the last time I checked: $108.00

MAP 40.1

MAP 40.1

MAP is a young watch company based in London that is mostly focused on delivering simple yet precise timepieces for watch lovers of all calibers. The brand is new to the world of watches but while catching a glance at MAP 40.1, we thought this timepiece is worth being shout-out to minimalist watches collections like this one.

The model we picked comes in a white dial, with black minute markers and watch hands. A 40mm Matt silver-toned stainless-steel case and the mineral crystal glass are responsible for the watch’s water endurance up to 50 meters. It can be worn from the office to a party without worrying if your outfit matches the watch design. Price the last time I checked: $261

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