Naviforce Watch (Review & Buying Guide) in 2021

Naviforce is a new watch brand founded in 2012 in China by Mr. Yang – a young watch enthusiast from China who wanted to share his passion for watches and the military with the rest of the world. Eventually, Naviforce watch born.

The brand is young and I personally think their best is yet to come. However, the team of designers and craftsmen who stay behind Naviforce watch, have done an excellent job so far, introducing to the world of watches endless models at a price range from $30 up to $100. Insanely affordable, and worthwhile. This is how we can describe Naviforce watches so far. For more in-depth specifications about the Naviforce watch brand, read on…

Naviforce Watch Brand Passport:

Year of Foundation: 2012

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Where was it founded: China 

Founder: Mr. Yang? (Unspecified)

Type: Tactical and Sports Watches

Price Range: From $30 up to $100

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Movements: Japanese Quartz

So far so good! Naviforce watches reflect the features of what would sound like an entry-level good-quality watch. But has Naviforce what it takes to compete with the worldwide watch industry? Can Naviforce watches endure daily wear? Is a Naviforce watch worth buying? Check the Naviforce watch review below…

Naviforce Watches Review 

Naviforce Watch Water Resistance

Naviforce Watch Water Resistance

The watches from Naviforce come with a default 30 meters or 50 meters water resistance rating. Courtesy of good assembling and quality materials used for the case and the glass. While these ratings are prone to a commercial worldwide marketing maneuver, 50 meters of water resistance should not be taken for granted, unless the manufacturer recommends to.

Naviforce watches feature the basic water resistance level, which will keep your watch safe from splashes, hand washing, and also keep ticking after being exposed to heavy rain. For diving, swimming, or other water-based sports, do not even think about wearing your Naviforce and expect it to work properly after. That is not going to happen!

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Naviforce Watch Movements

While surfing Naviforce watch specs online the only movement that seems to be used by the manufacturer is a type of in-house customized Japanese quartz movement. Rumors from watch forums online state that Naviforce also uses low-cost mass-produced Chinese movements.

However, whether be the Japanese movement or the low-cost Chinese movement, Naviforce watches manage to keep accurate time with -3/+3/sec per day. It is pretty remarkable as with this accuracy range, you will not be frustrated by the need to reset your time using the crown that often. A feature that can be spotted on reputable watch brands of almost the same price range like Timex, for example. 

Naviforce Watch Materials and Craftsmanship

Naviforce Watches Materials

While the quality can never be taken for granted on low-priced watches, there is a necessity to determine the boundaries of spending. Straightforward, Naviforce was not made to be a poor man’s Rolex. No Haute Horologie here. But still, the price-quality ratio is groundbreaking. Starting with the stainless-steel cases, to genuine leather straps, and not to forget about the scratch-resistant Hardles crystal or mineral crystal used for the watch glass.

Even Swatch, operating under the umbrella of Swatch Group, sometimes finds it suitable to use cheap Plexiglass for their watches. Thankfully for Naviforce, they don’t have such poor taste when it comes to choosing materials. To sum up, Naviforce has to increase the efforts to really penetrate the watch marketplace with new concepts and sustainability. 

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Naviforce Watch Designs and Functionality 

Naviforce Watches Designs

Naviforce was initially established as a tactical watch brand that would serve for sports use, or at least try to develop similar homages to tool watches or field watches. To this day, the brand has not deviated from the trajectory. They are still manufacturing tactical watches with functionality in mind. The majority of Naviforce watches are straightforward, easy to use, and presentable enough to wear with pride. And when you find out you can get yours for a mere $50, it gets easier to make a decision. See, the beauty of Naviforce watches relies upon their simplicity. They are not trying to sell themselves for something they are not. And considering that the brand has been around for less than a decade, I strongly believe we will see Naviforce more often on watch blogs like this one, around the internet, in a near future.

Advanced Features of Naviforce Watches

Naviforce Analog Digital watch NF-9134

In case you don’t know yet, besides their analog watches, Naviforce also features a vast catalog of analog-digital watches. So you can get the best of both worlds on your wrist. Sure, built with functionality in mind, Naviforce analog digital watches are more practical and bring many options to the table.

Timekeeping, Day, Date, 12-24-hour format, Dual Time, Luminous Hands, Chronograph, Alarm, Compass bezel – All features accessible by four push-in buttons and the crown. Add here a genuine leather strap with stitches, an accurate Japanese quartz movement and you got the most affordable hybrid watch one can have. All features packed in a 45mm case looking sportier than ever. Price the last time I checked? $30. Talking about Naviforce Analog-Digital watch model NF-9134. 

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Best Naviforce Watch – 9138S Military Style

Best Naviforce Watch - 9138S Military Style

To create a better understanding of what all of these Naviforce watch specifications and features really mean, take a look at this other analog digital model from Naviforce.

The watch delivers the best of both worlds. Analog hands filled with a luminous coating are perfectly combined with a black dial separated in several digital LED screens.

The stainless steel watch delivers a time & date setting, a digital chronograph function, and a backlight feature. Moreover, you can enjoy an hourly chime and an alarm switcher mode. All the features are easily accessible by four push-in buttons. The watch is the perfect combination of fashion and sport, and you can choose yours in the colors you prefer below.

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In Conclusion

If you made it this far, you are looking for an honest opinion. In my consideration, Naviforce watches manage to deliver some valuable features that can not pass unnoticed. It is all about marketing these days, but this is not the case with Naviforce watches. Instead of paying unreasonably for brand ambassadors and swollen watch reviews, Naviforce is trying to develop its core qualities.

Sure, something more sustainable can be found elsewhere, but you will have to pay a bit more. See, I strongly believe a Naviforce watch is the most affordable option you can get for the quality being offered. And if by any chance you are a fan of badass durable watches, Naviforce is worth considering.