How to promote your Valentine’s day sale in 2022

How to promote your Valentine’s day sale in 2022

This February 14th, shoot more Cupid’s Arrows than ever before, right from your local business. Grab some popcorn and buckle up as you discover the best marketing tips for driving sales on Valentine’s Day.

The feel of hustle mixed with pride, that every business owner experiences, is priceless. Working towards something that is built and run by you, is one of life’s greatest joys. And thankfully, the calendar is filled with festive seasons and holidays that, with assurance, will drive more sales. If you too are looking for creative ways to promote your business on Valentine’s Day, you’ve landed on the right page.

Let’s get right to the point and go over some helpful promoting tips you should consider adding to your Valentine’s Day marketing approach this year. 

Start first, finish last! 

Start your promotion well in advance. From early birds to last-minute shoppers, you want to accommodate all your potential customers. Needless to say, starting your Valentine’s Day campaign early, will help your target audience be more attentive towards your products or services. 

You might as well want to deliver a big incentive so your clients opt for your business this February 14th. For, example, offering an early bird discount fitted in a captivating call-to-action, can be quite appealing and rewarding.

Keep your campaign running throughout the buying period, by constantly posting on social media, and asking happy customers to share your business with their followers. 

Throw a party

A little party never hurt anybody! This Valentine’s Day, keep the positive energy going by offering your customers good music and entertainment. It doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll have to bring in a DJ or hire a local band, although you can. 

Some good music tailored to your client’s demographic, a refreshment counter, and a self-service snack table, can all create the vibe your potential customers are looking to find this Valentine’s Day. 

The music you select will be determined by the type of clients you have. To promote the special offline, I would also consider putting up Valentine’s Day posters in key locations near your store. 

Promote your sale on social media 

That’s a no-brainer! But how can your posts and stories be spotted among many others this Valentine’s Day? If you ask us, it is all about good quality content, relevant captions, and a persuasive call to action. 

Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and any other social media platform you’re in, are great sources to generate more leads and sales. To go the extra mile, you can take advantage of user-generated content, instantly reply to your customer’s feedback, and also run laser-targeted advertising campaigns. 

But you might already be using all of these tips on your Valentine’s Day online marketing campaign. Rightly so, one might ask: What is the secret ingredient to a winning recipe? Visuals, of course! More about it below…

Take visuals to the next level

Same as leveraging social media platforms to boost sales, sharing the right visuals are equally important. Stunning designs tailored to your buyer persona and the industry you’re in can further strengthen the connection your business has with your community. 

If you’re like me, a designer wannabe, you know how time consuming and almost impossible it can sometimes be to come up with a well-designed post. Whether it be for Instagram or Facebook, post or story, image or gif – something will always come up in the way. For me at least! 

To save time and post in a professional manner, I would suggest using free graphic design platforms, whose thousands of templates include anything from Valentine’s Day flyers to social media graphics.

Make offline marketing a priority 

This February 14th, take your offline marketing to a whole new level. Let your potential clients know of you and your business, by grabbing their attention with stunning Valentine’s Day posters and flyers. 

Select designs that evoke interest and make your clients take action. Keep an eye on colors and shapes, consider font size and style, and also remember to keep it simple and short wording. Following these simple tips will make your posters and fliers more identifiable and your call to action more prominent. 

Paste posters on key locations throughout the neighborhood and distribute fliers to pedestrians. Always does the trick!

Deliver some appreciation to your customer’s inbox

Valentine’s Day can be a “perfect excuse” to show up in your customer’s inboxes. Share with them a product update, a discount offer, or simply wish them a happy Valentine among their significant others. 

Rather than pushing your clients to buy gifts for their loved ones, you can simply show your gratitude by attaching a Valentine’s Day card, which will definitely put a smile on their faces. 

Want your recipients to take action? I would recommend a simple, well-fitted promotion. Distribute freebies to shoppers who make a purchase at your shop. Or just add an extra perk or two to purchase for free. 

Post a DIY craft tutorial

For sure it will put your hands and imagination to work, but a DIY tutorial can also be a rewarding marketing stunt your business is looking for. If art, design, flowers, and decorations are what your audience expects, you should probably deliver. 

Video may assist to engage your audience and convey the personality of your company. Consider doing a Facebook Live or Instagram Live session.

The Internet is filled with DIY craft tutorial ideas and what I can think of at this time are heart-shaped vases, heart bookmarks, photo keychains, handmade friendship bracelets, origami flower bouquets, bears, hearts, roses, chocolate boxes, you know the deal.

Run Couples-Themed Promotions

Regardless of the industry you’ve positioned yourself in, there are a plethora of ways to promote your Valentine’s Day sale this 2022. With little imagination, you can turn a usual product or service, into a special and exciting go-to for couples. 

This might entail offering special couples workshops, adding heart-shaped products to the menu, or providing discounts. You could also provide a bonus with every order or run mini deals for the entire month of February.

Valentine’s Day is all about sharing and celebrating love in all of its forms. You as a business can pick up the vibe, and remember to have fun while doing so!