Seiko vs Citizen – A battle of time

Seiko vs Citizen

Now when it comes to Seiko vs Citizen or Citizen vs Seiko it is a matter of choice as both Japanese watch brands are synonyms of accuracy, perfection, and unique designs. If you like it and you can afford it, don’t ask for the brand, just put it on your wrist and let it glow there for the rest of your days. 

The Citizen vs Seiko battle doesn’t look to come to an end as both brands are highly preferred by the world’s watch lovers. Featuring new wrist technologies from the days of their humble beginnings, both Japanese watch brands have something to offer to everyone.

Considering that both watch houses deliver good quality watches and both are the pioneers of many watch technologies and they come at affordable prices, it is up to you to do your pick. No straight answer here.

But we can broaden our search and compare their properties and see how the giants of the Land of the Rising Sun keep astonishing us with exceptional timepieces.

Seiko’s Heritage

Approximately 100 years ago, the young Kintaro Hattori opened a small watch shop and repair in central Tokyo, that with the passing of time became the giant Japanese watch manufacturer we all know as Seiko. A long time passed ever since and Seiko continued their work and watchmaking craftsmanship to bring to the world of watches some everlasting timepieces.

Seiko is accountable for many world’s first watch inventions where some of which shaped the watchmaking culture for good. 

In case you don’t know, Seiko is the mastermind that stands behind the quartz watch, the multi-function digital watch, first TV watch, voice recording watch, and many more wrist technologies. 

Citizen’s Heritage

If you want to know who is the world’s biggest watch manufacturer, the answer is Citizen. Citizen watch manufacturer has surpassed their Japanese and Swiss-made watch manufacturers to become the most sold watch brand in the last 30 years. Well, things weren’t always going well for Citizen. The brand is almost 100 years old and like all new brands, they faced difficulties in their humble beginnings. 

Citizen went fly mode in the watch business when they were introduced to the Japanese watch lovers, the first Pocket watch made in Japan. The watch was named Citizen and so did the company after the huge success of the pocket watch release. In 2018, Citizen, the giant watchmaker, celebrated 100 years filled with innovations. During this tenure, Citizen brought to the world of watches the Eco-Drive movement, Super Titanium watches, Satellite wave GPS technology, and more.

Seiko vs Citizen – Common Elements

  • Seiko and Citizen are both Japanese watch houses.
  • They both have more than 100 years in the watchmaking business.
  • Whether Seiko vs Citizen, affordable prices are common.
  • Accuracy and durability are seen in all Seiko’s and Citizen’s models.

Seiko vs Citizen – Differences

  • Citizen is highly-focused on solar-powered watches from the very first moment they introduced the Eco-Drive technology in 1976. On the other hand, being the inventor of the world’s first quartz watch means a lot to Seiko, as they find manufacturing quartz movement watches as their strongest point.
  • While Seiko is dedicated to delivering the best of mechanical and classic watches, Citizen is moving ahead by applying advanced wrist technologies to their models like GPS, Titanium Cases, and Radio-Controlled timekeeping.

Seiko Astron – World’s first quartz watch

The year 1969 marks a revolutionary turn point for the world of watches. In this year, Seiko invented and manufactured right away the world’s first quartz watch. Other watch manufacturers, whether from Japan, Switzerland, or United Kingdom, followed the same rhythm to open the way to a new era, guided from quartz. Being 100x times more precise and accurate than mechanical watches, quartz movements became the world’s most wanted for a long time. 

The Astron 35SQ, released on December 25, 1969, with Caliber 35SQ was the first of many Seiko’s attempts that resulted as highly accurate. Ever since Seiko kept improving their top-selling quartz movement watches to astonish watch lovers all around the globe.

Eco Drive watches from Citizen – Capturing light

In 1976, Citizen came up with an incredible invention, the light-powered watch. While attempts were made earlier from other inventors and some of them successful, this just pushed Citizen more to manufacturing sun-powered wristwatches for the mass. The technology was named Eco-Drive, and boy was it successful!

Eco-Drive watches were sold worldwide for watch lovers of all calibers and this made Citizen capable enough to play with the ‘big boys’ of the watchmaking business. The Eco-Drive panel movement is able to capture light not just from the sun but any light source you can possibly name and use it to run the hands and functions of Citizen watches.

FAQ about Seiko vs Citizen

Q. Seiko vs Citizen – who’s best?

Just make your choice. Whether Citizen vs Seiko, quality is guaranteed.

Q. How long do Seiko batteries last?

Around 1 year. Quartz movement watches need batteries to run. If the watch hand misses a tick once in a while or it has stopped moving, you should probably get new batteries.

Q. Do I need to change batteries for Citizen watches?

Citizen discontinued manufacturing 100% quartz watches when they introduced the Eco-Drive technology. With the new feature, watches run on light, any light. If you own a Citizen, which most likely is from the Eco Drive watch collection, you will never need new batteries.

Q. Which is Seiko’s lowest priced watch?

Seiko SNK807 Men’s Watch Automatic. Available to purchase on Amazon from authorized sellers for $129.

Q. Which is the most expensive Seiko watch?

Grand Seiko, a handmade luxury timepiece filled with durable materials like platinum and titanium. The last time I checked the watch cost was $72,200

Q. Which is Citizen’s lowest priced watch?

Citizen Corso AW1236-03A & Citizen Drive BM6980-08E. The last time I checked, both watches came in a price tag of $156.

Q. Which is the most expensive Citizen watch?

Eco-Drive ONE is Citizen’s most expensive watch. The price to purchase this timepiece is $6,400.

Q. How old is Citizen?

Citizen, the biggest Japanese watch brand, is 102 years old. They celebrated their 100th anniversary by releasing the F990 Satellite Wave timepiece.

Q. How old is Seiko?

As mentioned above, Seiko, the Japanese watch brand is approximately 139 years old. First initiated as a small watch shop and repair, the brand was established as Seikosha, later to be renamed Seiko.