Watch Repair Kits – DIY Watch Repair Done Properly

Watch Repair Kits - DIY Watch Repair Done Properly
Watch Repair Kits - DIY Watch Repair Done Properly

A seasoned watch aficionado, collector, or just getting started in watchmaking? Save yourself the struggle and thousands of dollars in the long run by also learning the ABC of watchmaking. A Watch Tool Kit is a perfect tool to liven up your hobby and a stepping stone to becoming a great watch collector. 

All the stage set is to highlight the importance of a Watch Repair Kit and how a $30 toolbox can liven up your watches without having to spend hundreds of dollars on bracelet resizing, crystal removals, and battery replacements. Not to forget about the joy of repairing and maintaining your own watches and understanding your watch at a watchmaking level, a profession that is hundreds of years old. 

Although for novices it is nearly impossible to repair a broken watch, especially when it comes to what beats underneath, a watch repair kit can be very handy with other tasks including here several DIY watch repair, maintenance, and additional services you can do by yourself. That involves watch band replacement or resizing, watch battery replacement, gasket replacement, dial cleaning, crystal replacement, etc – all done with professional watch repair tools like a loupe, screwdrivers, tweezers, the spring bar tool, the watchmaker’s hammer, and more – all included in a professional’s watch repair kit.  

This article is intended for an informed reader who is aware of the key parts of the watch but is insecure about taking care of the watch by itself. 

What is included on a Watch Repair Kit Package – And Is it worth it? 

Well, we can say that a watch repair kit is a must-have for every watch aficionado, dealer, or collector who wants to keep good care of their watches. Although it is always better to be handled by professionals, that’s a no-brainer; easy repairs, however, can be successfully done by yourself. Those easy repairs include anything from watch bracelet resizing, case back opening, replacing the battery of the watch, and also swapping the broken or scratched crystal of your precious timepiece with a new one. 

A watch is made of hundreds of parts, and a watch repair kit can help you a lot. From swapping your watch’s metal bracelet with a leather strap to removing your watch’s broken crystal to working on the movement and everything in between – a complete watch repair kit will save you hundreds and even thousands of dollars in the long run. But, what exactly is included in a watch repair kit? Well, there are several key tools that are included in every watch repair kit. These include a watch press tool, hundreds of spring bars, a dust blower, screwdrivers, cleaning cloths, watch case opener knife, pin punches, link remover,  and more or less depending on the Watch Tool Kit you’re going after. 

Best Watch Repair Kits – Affordable and Functional

Bergeon 7822 – Professional Watch Repair Kit 

With the “Swiss-made” also comes professionalism and effectiveness. That said, the Swiss-based manufactory Bergeon is the leading company in the watchmaker’s tools market. Their watch kits are professional and that is also reflected in the price, which is above the average but well deserved. The Bergeon 7822 Watch Repair Kit is priced at $225 and it includes every necessary tool a watchmaker needs to repair and maintain watches. 

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Bergeon 7822 Watch Repair Kit includes:

  • 2 Tweezers 
  • 2 Screwdrivers
  • Flat Nose Plier
  • Spring Bar Tool
  • Knife and Case Opener
  • Flexible Wrist Measuring Band
  • Mini Case Opener
  • Watchmaker’s Loupe
  • Pin Extractor
  • 2 Flat Spare Blades
  • Microfiber Cloth
  • Small Tube Container
  • Spare Spring Bar Fork 
  • Spare Spring Bar Point

Googujia – Affordable Watch Repair Kit

As already understood, Googujia is a way more affordable alternative when it comes to Watch Repair Kits. The tool kit is not made in Switzerland, however, it is of good quality. It is one of the most affordable watch repair tool kits and it also comes with an 18-month warranty. In the toolset, you will find 178 tools and pieces – all necessary when working with watches. The tool kit comes with a black carrying zipper case, perfect for easy travels. Price the last time I checked: $13.99

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Googujia Watch Repair Kit includes:

  • A Total of 144 Watch Spring Bars
  • 1 Cleaning Cloth
  • 3 Precision Screwdrivers
  • Watch Case Holder (Adjustable)
  • Watch Case Open Tool (Adjustable)
  • 5in1 Precision Screwdriver
  • Dual Head Hammer 
  • 3 Pin Punches
  • Watch Band Holder
  • Watch Band Link Remover
  • Spring Bar Link Pin Remover 

Vastar – Quick Service Watch Repair Tool Kit 

Do you know how much you have to pay for a watch band resizing? Or the cost of swapping your watch’s dead battery with a new one? Prices vary from one jeweler to another, and your watch’s value also affects the price, however, expect to replace or resize your watch band or swap your watch’s battery for at least $20-$30. It is the simplest task for a jeweler or a watch repair shop and you can also do it perfectly by yourself with the help of the Vastar watch repair tool kit. I won’t say the tools are made of the highest quality as they are not. However, inside this starter pack, you will find every watchmaker’s tool to help you repair your watches and entertain while doing it. Price the last time I checked: $21.99

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Vastar Watch Repair Tool Kit includes:

  • Tweezer
  • Pin Punch 
  • 2 Watch Hands Removers
  • Watch Strap Punch
  • Cleaning Brush & Cloth
  • Watch Oil Pen
  • Watch Case Opener
  • Watch Band Link Remover (All-metal)
  • Screwdriver Bits
  • Precision Screwdriver
  • Spring Bar Tool
  • Watch Hammer
  • Watch Case Pry Knife
  • A Total of 108 Spring Bars
  • 6 Watchband Link Remover Spare Pins
  • 2 Spring Bar Tool Spare Tips
  • 20 Watch Band Link Cotter Pin
  • Watch Band & Case Holder
  • 18 Watch Case Opener Spare Pins

EZTool – Watch Repair Kit with Illustrated Guidebook

EZTool takes user experience seriously and they decided to help the new watchmakers with a 40-page illustrated instruction guidebook where you will learn how to properly use watchmaker’s tools and repair watches like a pro. As for the toolset, it is great for any beginner interested in getting the watch repair right the first time. The guidebook will guide you through common watchmaking tasks like watchband resizing, battery replacement, caseback opening, gasket replacement, and much more. Price the last time I checked: $24.87 with a 100 days warranty.

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EZTool Watch Repair Kit includes:

  • 3 Point Jaxa Case Wrench Opener
  • Spring Bar Removal Tool
  • Case Pry
  • Watch Band Holder
  • Case Wrench Teeth
  • Pliers
  • 5 Screwdrivers
  • Hammer
  • 3 Pin Punches
  • Band Holder
  • Tweezers

E·Durable Watch Repair Kit with Carrying Bag 

As the manufacturer affirms, their E·Durable watch repair kit is made to last and the toolset (Premium S2 -made of quality materials) will remain undamaged for years. And it does come with a 1-year warranty for the manufacturer. The watch repair kit has its zipper toolbag with each tool fitting into its respective place. Price the last time I checked: $19.99

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E·Durable Watch Repair Kit includes:

  • Pin Punches x3
  • Screwdriver Heads x5
  • Link Removal Tool
  • Watch Back Pry Opener
  • Watch Case Opener Accessories x18
  • Tweezer
  • Watch Case Holder
  • Cleaning Cloth
  • Spring Bar Pin with Scale
  • Watch Band Strap Link Pin
  • Watch Strap Spring Pins x108
  • Watchband Holder 
  • Watchmaker’s Hammer
  • Watch Removal Pin Punches x3
  • Precise Screwdriver 
  • Spring Bar Pin Punches x2

Ohuhu – Multifunctional Watch Repair Tool Kit

The last but not least, the watch repair kit from Ohuhu, is just another multifunctional toolkit that comes to help watch enthusiasts, collectors, dealers, and novice watchmakers who are just getting started. The toolbox is complete, it is functional, and with proper care, the tools will last for years. Price the last time I checked: $16.99

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Ohuhu Watch Repair Tool Kit includes:

  • Carrying Case
  • Watchmaker’s Hammer
  • Case Opener (Adjustable)
  • Watch Case Opener Knife
  • Tweezer (Stainless Steel)
  • Spring Bar Tool (with 2 Spare Tips)
  • Link Remover (with 8 Spare Pins)
  • Watch Case Holder
  • Watch Back Pry Opener
  • Anti-Magnetic Screwdrivers x3
  • Pin Punches x3
  • Watch Strap Spring Pins x126
  • Watch Band Holder
  • Adjustable Pins x4

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Bonus Section – Required Tools for DIY Watch Repair

Although every of the aforementioned watch repair kits is equipped with the user manual, it is worth highlighting how useful these tools can be and the amount of money you will save. 

DIY Watch Band Replacement, and Resizing

Dollars saved: $30

Difficulty: Easy

Tools you need: Watchmaker’s Hammer and Needle Nose Pliers

DIY Watch Battery Replacement

Dollars saved: $15 up to $50

Difficulty: Easy

Tools you need: Watch Back Remover Tool, Watch Back Pry Opener, Plastic Tweezers

DIY Watch Gasket Replacement

Dollars saved: $15

Difficulty: Intermediate

Tools you need: Watch Back Remover Tool, Loupe, Tweezers, Gaskets, Silicone Sealant

DIY Watch Crystal Replacement

Dollars saved: $30 up to $80

Difficulty: Advanced

Tools you need: Watch Back Remover Tool, Plastic Tweezers, Loupe, and a Watch Case Press.

Watch Crystal Replacement Tool