Is it worth buying a TW Steel watch in 2022?

TW Steel watch Canteen

The 17 years old watch brand was established in 2005 in the Netherlands with headquarters in Amsterdam and watches being manufactured under the Swiss Made protected label. 

Thrilling to have one on your wrist, especially when you learn that a TW Steel watch is Swiss Made. A TW Steel is the type of watch that cannot ever pass unnoticed. They start from 44mm and go up to 50mm. A relatively gigantic case width if compared with the other watches you usually encounter. 

TW Steel watch

Reasons why a TW Steel Watch is Worth Buying

Family Business

Father and son team, Ton and Jordy Cobelens

TW Steel was founded in 2005 in the Netherlands by a father and son team, Ton and Jordy Cobelens. Ton Cobelens, the father, has been working since the 1980s in the watch industry. He has been the Raymond Weil & Maurice LaCroix distributor for the Benelux region and this was all it took for him to later start his own private label watch manufacturing for airline companies. 

Today, Ton Cobelens (the father) is responsible for the visualization and the creative mastermind that stands behind the oversized watches and chronographs. TW Steel is a relatively young watch brand and the father and son team has a lot to accomplish to enter the realm of exceptional timepieces. In my opinion, their best is yet to come.

Quality Materials

Quality materials of TW Steel watches

Quality materials and the Swiss know-how when it comes to watchmaking, are only some of the benefits of being manufactured in Switzerland, the heart of the watch industry. What you will love on your TW Steel watch is the quality of materials and the sustainability these oversized watches have to offer.

From stainless steel to titanium and everything in between, the mastermind who stays behind the manufacturing of TW Steel watches, is made sure their work lasts for as long as the wearer does. 

Another reason to consider buying a TW Steel watch is that the brand uses some of the best watch movements as well. Whether those be quartz or automatic, your TW Steel will work on a Swiss Made Ronda chronograph movement or a Japanese Miyota movement of the highest quality.  

Swiss Made

If you don’t know yet, Swiss Made watches are a strongly protected label from COSC (The Contrôle Officiel Suisse des Chronomètres, the Official Swiss Chronometer Testing Institute). COSC is an Institute, whose main intention is to certify only sustainable, accurate, and precise Swiss watches.

The fact that the TW Steel watch brand is manufactured in Switzerland, makes it undoubtedly a precise and durable watch. To further guarantee the sustainability of their watches, TW Steel provides from 2 up to 5 years of manufacturer’s warranty depending on the collection. 

Reasons why a TW Steel Watch is NOT Worth Buying

Lack of Uniqueness

The designs of TW Steel watches often feature similar looks with other luxury watch brands. Don’t take our words for granted though. All you have to do is go to the TW Steel official website and check for these watches:

  • Maverick MS64 (Sandwich dial homage of one of the models from Panerai)
Panerai Radiomir vs TW Steel watch
  • CEO Tech CE4041 (A Hublot Classic Fusion homage)
Hublot Classic Fusion vs TW Steel CEO Tech CE4041
  • Grandeur TECH TS5 (Similar, not to say identical with the design of the iconic Hublot Classic Fusion)
Granteur TECH TS5 TW Steel watch vs Hublot Classic Fusion

As you can notice by yourself, lack of uniqueness is the main reason a TW Steel is probably still flying under the radar. To not have a distinctive presence in the world of watches is like being compared with a replica. My advice, spend your money elsewhere. 

Unreasonable Prices 

Price segment of TW Steel

Many watch aficionados would say 500 dollars for a watch are a worthy investment in their hobby, especially if you like the watch. But first, you need to find what makes that watch valuable enough to add to your collection. Does it feature a new design? Is the watch brand rich in history? Or do they come with sophisticated complications?

As you will notice by yourself, TW Steel watches might be of the highest quality, but that element you can also find elsewhere for half the price. The brand is new to the world of watches and their past doesn’t feature any “world’s first” or similar events that enrich the name of the brand and make the price of their watches skyrocket.  

Oversized cases

Do you want to know what is the opposite of a minimalist watch? A TW Steel watch. While minimalist watches tend to be simple and feature small cases, TW Steel manufactures the opposite of what a minimalist watch has to offer. encounter. 

Alright, this might not be a bad quality of TW Steel if you like oversized watches. Want to make a statement? Adorn your wrist with a 50mm TW Steel watch and let the world know the character and confidence you have. Seriously, if there is something that attracts you to a 50mm watch look no further as a TW Steel can be a great fit.

For some others, I am pretty sure a TW Steel watch doesn’t match the vision of the perfect watch they have in mind. Especially if you’re into classic-looking timepieces.

Is it worth buying a TW Steel watch?

In conclusion, it is up to you to decide if you want to spend around 500 dollars for an oversized Swiss Made watch that most of the time features similar (not to say identical) designs of other luxury watches. 

Regarding the design of a TW Steel, there is nothing unique to appreciate. However, the watches feature durable materials like sapphire crystal, steel, and titanium, that perfectly fit the looks of these watches.  

Is it enough? Would a watch connoisseur add it to his/her collection of valuable timepieces? Just the idea of chipping 500 dollars into a TW Steel watch when you can get a Timex Chronograph, Seiko Presage, Orient Ray, Citizen Professional Diver, or an Archimede Klassik for the same or less the amount of money doesn’t make you want to. 

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