Your watch says more about your status than you think

Living in the era of technology has changed a lot of things. And the primary function of a watch, which is telling the time, is not as important anymore. At least, not as much as it has used to be in the past. So why do people keep wearing watches when you can easily read the time on your smartphone, TV, or PC?

It has to do more about wearing a watch as jewelry. And in this case, it is true that your watch says more about your status than you think.
For example, if you are wearing a replica, that is a fact that shows to a watch connoisseur that you know nothing about watches.

Or, if you show up wearing a sports costume with a dress watch on your wrist, you are again making a small but significant mistake. See, drees watches are classified as watches that can be worn with formal wear. A sports watch like a Garmin Instinct or Casio Pathfinder would be more suitable in that case.

If you’re going to adorn your wrist with a watch, better do it with style and class. First, you can start by learning the fundamental types of watches and where and with what to wear them. Check them below…

Dress Watches

Dress watches

Simply put, dress watches are those timepieces designed to adorn your wrist while you are wearing a suit or other formal attire, though they can also be worn with semi-formal attire or business casual outfits. Dress watches feature a simple and classic design, and most of the time, they can be purchased for less than 500 dollars.

Sports Watches

Sports Watches

Sports watches or athletic watches are those highly functional, durable, and ofter water-resistant timepieces that most of the time feature a badass design.
These watches bring many options to the table for the wearer like GPS, Compass, Luminous dial, Heart Rate Monitoring, countless sensors, and more. They can be worn while doing physical activities because their robust assemble will endure shocks, hits, water, dust, and mud. Smartwatches and digital watches are part of this category.

Diver Watches

Diver Watches

Judging by the name, you have already understood the main function of diver watches. Originally created as a concept by Rolex in 1953 when they introduced the Submariner – world’s first diver watch with 100 meters of water resistance, diver watches are created as a timekeeping tool for professional divers. Many years have passed ever since and diver watches can now endure depths up to 2000 meters. The design of these timepieces is a combination of a sporty look with a bit of classic in it so it can be worn with a sports outfit as well as with formal attire.

Field Watches

Field Watches

Born out of utility, field watches feature a military heritage. They tend to be small watches, with a case diameter going from 37 up to 40mm, therefore, they can be the perfect watch for someone with a small wrist. The overall aesthetics of a field watch features a highly legible dial, with a 12-and-24-hour format, and luminous hour markers & hands. These timepieces can be combined with a casual as well as semi-formal outfit.

How does your watch says more about your status than you think?

If you are wondering how your watch says more about your status than you think, just image the world of watches as a game. Judging by the watch you have on your wrist, you get to enter the game as a character. Check the characters to find out their superpowers, weaknesses, properties and see which character you belong to.

The Normal Guy

You know a thing or two about watches. You can spot the difference between a quartz and a mechanical movement watch. Watches are not your area of expertise, however, you like wearing them and know everything about the model you have on your wrist. According to you, spending more than 500 dollars on a watch is not what a wise person would do.

The Dealer

Watch Dealers - How your watch says more about your status than you think

The dealer prefers not to buy directly from the official watch store as he knows the same pre-owned watch can be found elsewhere for less. You are on the game just for the money. You like playing the dealer as you know the lucrative watch business can be well rewarding if you do your homework. You can make the difference between a replica and a genuine watch, and for that, you are my favorite character.

The Guy with the Money

Bill Gates wearing a Casio Duro MDV106-1AV Diver watch

An expensive watch on someone’s wrist reflects how wealthy that person is. However, even billionaires choose sometimes to adorn their wrists with entry-level watches, but only a few of them. In the images below you can see Bill Gates, the tech tycoon, wearing a $50 Casio Duro MDV106-1AV Diver watch.

Bill is smart and he understands that no luxury watch is worth spending unreasonably, no matter the gems or the century-old history that stays behind the brand. See, if you are on a mission to burn your money as fast as you possibly can, just go shopping for a Richard Mille, Rolex, Audemar, and other watch brands of the same caliber. A luxury watch will let people around you know that you have the Benjamins, but not knowing to spend them wisely. Anyways, your money your choice!

The Guy with the Brains

For you, it is true that your watch says more about your status than you think. You are capable of making the right choice when it comes to picking a watch. You like smartwatches, digital watches, or at least a watch that can actually be useful. You are right about your choice and you do not need someone to tell you that. A watch that can track your physical activity, provide you weather information, give you directions, or bring other options on the table besides timekeeping – this is the type of watch you’re up to.

The Guy who Dies First

Remember that this is still a game and the character does not really die or anything happens to him. He simply doesn’t even know that pocket watches do exist or tell another brand name besides Rolex. Watches for you are a waste of money as you know that you can tell the time from your smartphone. You probably own a replica or an entry-level watch. Don’t lose hope though! Your character will upgrade its properties as soon as you learn a thing or two about watches.

Final words

Errors in style can be easily avoided if you have a good collection of watches from who you can pick. Sometimes finding the best combination of watch and wear can be a bit frustrating, especially if your collection of watches is made of only one or two watches.
Your watch says nothing about your personality.

Just try to avoid errors in combining your watch with your outfits and you should be okay. However, if worn correctly, watches can be used to make a statement and attract attention same as a new haircut, or your outfit does.
Also, remember to pick your watch in proportion with the size of your wrist. If you have a small and thin wrist, a small watch (38mm to 41mm case size) would fit perfectly.