7 Ways to Make an Elopement Magical

Just because you aren’t having a traditional wedding doesn’t mean you can’t have a day you’ll always remember. You don’t have to choose between the simplicity of an elopement and the sentiment of a wedding if you do your planning correctly. Whether you’re set on an elopement or just considering the idea, here’s some inspiration!

Why Elope?


Elopement definitely has its perks. Though, simplicity is its biggest perk. With weddings getting more complicated (and more expensive), why not skip a lot of the hassle and just elope? Not only will you save money, but you’ll also minimize stress.

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In some ways, elopements can be much more meaningful than weddings. This, of course, will depend on who you are. However, there’s definitely something appealing about customizing a more intimate ceremony that leaves behind a lot of the extras. If you just want your parents and a pair of titanium rings to accompany you, elopement makes plenty of sense. 

Why Wouldn’t You Elope? 

If you aren’t set on an elopement, here are a couple of things to consider as you weigh your options. Do you have a specific vision? Traditional gold wedding rings and all? Maybe elopement isn’t for you.

You Want a Big Ceremony

Yeah, this should seem obvious. However, you may not really think about what this means until you’re really deep into the decision-making process. It does mean you won’t get to have everyone you might want there. If you’ve always dreamed of a larger ceremony or a longer guest list, a traditional wedding is going to fit that much better.

If you have a specific vision in general that leans towards the traditional, it might go without saying, but elopements won’t give you that. If you love the idea of standing on an altar and exchanging classic gold wedding rings, you should go a more traditional route instead of sacrificing that dream.

You Don’t Want to Rush

While not entirely the point, one of the big perks of elopement is expediency. If you want to take your time and really enjoy the process, elopement may not be the best choice for you. 

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Ways to Make an Elopement Magical

Do Some Prep Work

Sure, there’s something about spur-of-the-moment that’s romantic. However, if you can hold off a bit, you can do just enough planning to make it magical. Yes, we get it. Planning is one of the reasons you skip a wedding, but a little bit goes a long way here.

Don’t Do It Completely Alone

Yes, elopements mean shorter guest lists. They don’t necessarily mean no guest lists, though. This is a good chance to offer a spot to your closest friends and family members. While you won’t have 200 guests there, you can have your parents and best friends. That’s not such a bad alternative, is it?

Take Your Time with It

As we mentioned earlier, expedience is a perk of elopement. However, there’s a difference between trimming the fat from wedding planning and blazing through the whole thing. While you may not need a year to plan it, consider adding in a little more time to enjoy the process.

Change Up the Outfit 

One of the unique perks of elopement is that you can wear whatever you want. Sure, we’re seeing more people bucking the longstanding wedding trends, but still. If you really want maximum creative freedom with your outfit, elopement is the way to go.

Band or DJ 

This is the eternal debate. What’s the answer to elopement? Probably neither, honestly. However, that doesn’t have to be a big deal. Seriously, you can create the perfect Spotify playlist and have the ultimate elopement day soundtrack. Just because you’re eloping doesn’t mean you have to skip the first dance or all the meaningful moments that are set to music.

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The fewer people you have coming with you, the farther you can go. Just the two of you? Head to the North Pole if you like. Maybe don’t do that, actually. It’s like $40,000 to get on a cruise ship to the North Pole, and it really won’t save you any money.

If you have a non-North Pole destination you’ve always wanted to go to, then go there for your elopement! If you can start your honeymoon right there, then you’ll save yourself on extra travel costs. Win, win.

Get a Photographer

Elopement photographers. They’re a real thing. While lots of traditional wedding photographers would likely photograph your elopement, you can get someone who specializes in elopements if you like. 

One of the best things about a wedding day is the photographer being there. You only have so much room for memories at the moment, so get a photographer to capture all the little things you might not remember years later.

Elopements aren’t just good for avoiding your annoying extended family. That is a bonus, though. If you want to skip all the fuss of a big ceremony and focus on each other, you can create magical memories whether you have a marriage ceremony or elopement.