Who stays behind the Snoopy Watch Mania?

    Snoopy watch mania

    The watch aficionado community experienced a massive distribution of Snoopy watches that took place from 2019 till 2020. The Snoopy watch mania started as an attribute from different watch houses all around the globe, celebrating the 70th anniversary of Peanuts, the iconic comic strip blockbuster.

    Various watch houses, from The Land of The Rising Sun to Switzerland started manufacturing their Snoopy watch model. Simply put, a Snoopy watch is a timepiece that features the iconic cartoon character Snoopy dog from Peanuts adorning the dial of the watch. Timex, Invicta, Fossil, Bamford, and surprisingly Omega were only some of the watch manufacturing tycoons that chose to create a Snoopy watch as the next best thing in the world of watches.

    Cartoon watches are not for kids anymore

    I believe we can all agree when I say that cartoon watches are not just for kids anymore. Sure, they do feature a childish cartoon character in the watch dial, however, when you see watch brands like Rolex and Omega using these beloved characters for their watch dials, it is not a question of age anymore. 

    Tracking the Snoopy watch mania will send us back almost a century. In 1933, the first Mickey Mouse watch was released from Ingersoll-Waterbury (today Timex). It was the first of its kind, and with Mickey’s hands rotating and used to tell the time, everyone seemed to love the timepiece. Mickey Mouse watches became popular, and they not only were the Ingersoll-Waterbury first million-dollar line but also saved Disney Studio from bankruptcy. Swatch, Invicta, Citizen, and even Rolex had a line of Mickey Mouse watches. 

    Mickey Mouse watches

    Similar maneuvers have been around for a while now. Mentioning here Citizen using almost every popular fictional and cartoon character from Disney, Star Wars, and Marvel as well. 

    Continuing with novelty watches from Invicta Character Collection. The Invicta Popeye stainless-steel chronographs and their Garfield models were the most eye-catching ones. 

    Not to forget about Seiko’s anime collaborations that brought to the world of watches several timepieces inspired by motives from Naruto, One Piece, and Haikyuu. 

    Citizen fictional and cartoon character watches

    In search of the best Snoopy watch – From Affordable to Untouchable

    Limited editions, sold-out watches, four-figure Snoopy watches, beautiful chronographs with Snoopy or Charlie Brown adorning the dials, and of course, honorable mentions, as well as some affordable Snoopy watches so everyone can have one in their collection. Check them below…

    • Marlin Automatic x Peanuts 70th Anniversary from Timex
    • Bamford London GMT Classic – 70th Anniversary Snoopy
    • Timex Weekender Peanuts Collection
    • Seiko Automatic Diver Snoopy Astronaut Watch

    Marlin Automatic x Peanuts 70th Anniversary from Timex

    Marlin Automatic x Peanuts 70th Anniversary from Timex

    A 40mm minimalist watch with Typing Snoopy positioned in a silver-tone dial is what Timex created to celebrate the Peanuts 70th Anniversary. The watch features a 21-jewel mechanical automatic wind movement that provides up to 40 hours of power reserve and can also be would using the crown. From the domed acrylic crystal, you can catch a glance of the simple-looking dial, where a sketch of Snoopy is positioned between 5 and 7 o’clock. Additional features include an exhibition case back, and a black leather strap. Price the last time I checked: 259 dollars

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    Bamford London GMT Classic – 70th Anniversary Snoopy

    Bamford London GMT Classic – 70th Anniversary Snoopy

    For the ones who did not know, Bamford London is a London-based watch company that is dedicated to delivering customized watches with uniqueness in mind. Their 70th Anniversary Snoopy Watch was released in a limited edition line of only 70 watches, which unfortunately were all sold out within weeks. However, it worth to be mentioned that their version of the Snoopy watch was a big deal for a while, following the reputation of other customized watches from the Bamford Watch Department. 

    The watch itself features Snoopy’s arms keeping track of the time instead of default watch hands. A Swiss made Sellita movement with 42 hours of power reserve and 25 jewels are responsible for accurate timekeeping, a date display, and a GMT function. Price the last time I checked: 1720 dollars

    Check full specifications


    You are all wondering how is it possible that Snoopy ended up in a watch of this caliber. The answer is easy. You just have to be familiar with few facts. First, Omega Speedmaster Silver Snoopy Award is a watch that honors Omega’s contributions to space exploration and not Peanut. Snoopy has also been NASA’s mascot in the 60s-70s, the time when Omega received the Silver Snoopy Award from NASA astronauts. 50 years later, Omega released their Silver Snoopy Award watch, to remind the world once again that it was the function of an Omega Speedmaster chronograph that helped Apollo 13 land safe back to Earth when their spaceship deviated from the trajectory.  


    After some history lessons, no one asked for, let’s take a look at the watch. The Swiss-made timepiece ended up in this article as it features Astronaut Snoopy in one of the sub dials as well as in the case back. The watch is powered by OMEGA Co-Axial Master Chronometer Calibre 3861, responsible for the function of timekeeping, and the chronograph too. The movement is manual winding and comes with 50 hours of power reserve. 

    In the silver dial, you will find blue PVD angle-shaped hour markers and hands as well as a laser engraved Snoopy medallion perfectly positioned at 9 o’clock. Same as with Rolex, if you want the Omega, you will have to register on a waiting list and hope for your turn to come. Price the last time I checked: Approx. 10.000 dollars

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    Timex Weekender Peanuts Collection

    Timex Weekender Snoopy Watch Peanuts Collection

    An earlier collaboration of Timex and Peanuts brought to the world of watches a childish-looking timepiece that featured not only Snoopy but also Charlie Brown and other beloved characters from Peanuts. In the first watch, you can see Charlie Brown keeping track of time for you, using his arms, one for the hour hand, and the other for the minute hand. The 38mm watch is powered with a quartz movement and is water resistant up to 30 meters. Price the last time I checked: 65 dollars

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    Seiko Automatic Diver Snoopy Astronaut Watch

    Seiko Snoopy Astronaut Watch Diver Automatic

    Another great Snoopy watch comes this time from Seiko, the Japanese watch manufacturer. What you will see in the dial is Snoopy with a briefcase going to work (between 3 and 4 o’clock), and his spaceship waiting for him (between 8 and 9 o’clock). Hence this is still a diver watch, the hands and hour markers are made of luminous material. The ceramic rotating bezel does the simple function of reading the elapsed time underwater. The model is discontinued by Seiko a long time ago, and the watch you are seeing below is pre-owned. 

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