The Best Chandeliers of 2022

The Best Chandeliers

You can spend a lot of money on a designer, furniture, and a bunch of art pieces but if you don’t have the right lighting in your house. You might be asking yourself how can I upgrade the lighting in my home? That’s why our team has prepared a list of the best chandeliers of 2022. 

To be honest, they’re the most effective way to light up a room and create a remarkable focal point. Chandeliers, on the other hand, don’t have to be the crystal monstrosities seen in films like The Phantom of the Opera. There are types and sizes to fit any home and any space (you can even hang a beautiful one in the bathroom!).

Thanks to the right choice of chandeliers, you change the whole look of a room. It can become more spacious and light or if you like it the other way around you can make it more dark and dim. With a little trick of lighting, it’s possible to create the atmosphere that you love the most for your home. 

How to choose the best chandelier of 2022?

Size. When it comes to choosing a chandelier, size is arguably the most significant consideration, so make sure you take all of the room measurements before you go shopping to ensure you purchase the correct size fixture for your space. And it’s not just about the size of the chandelier; the height at which it hangs is also important. In a dining room, for example, your chandelier should be 36 inches over your table and 72 inches off the ground.

Bulbs. Most chandeliers come without light bulbs, so you’ll have to purchase them individually. Keep in mind that there are various sorts of lightbulbs available, ranging from LEDs to incandescents to smart bulbs and those bulbs come in a range of designs. You wouldn’t want to be faced with a chandelier that doesn’t work with your favorite bulb, whether it’s a candelabra-style CFL or a globular LED light.

Installation. Between the technological knowledge of hardwiring them into your ceiling and structural know-how of how much weight your individual ceiling can bear, chandeliers aren’t the easiest fixtures to install on your own. Consider the simplicity of hanging a chandelier if you plan to do it yourself larger, heavier fixtures are much more difficult to manage. Finally, we recommend hiring a professional to install your chandelier, so keep that in mind while planning your budget.

Luxy Wish Top Choices of Chandeliers

Best Modern: Weesalife Sputnik Modern Chandelier

If you want an attractive contemporary design with roots in classic lighting features, add the Sputnik Chandelier to your modern kitchen. While the geometric design is unmistakably modern, the built-in LED sconces, pivoting arms, and shades truly distinguish this piece. Furthermore, the black hue is extremely adaptable, so it can be used in both a modern farmhouse and a contemporary industrial kitchen.

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Best Budget: HOXIYA Black Farmhouse Chandelier

Chandeliers that are both stylish and affordable are available. This beautiful minimalist chandelier from Amazon has a shiny finish, eight exposed bulbs, and an eye-catching design that makes it appear far more expensive than it is. It’s also quite adaptable, as it can be used on both flat and sloped ceilings and can be dimmed completely with a dimmer switch. You can choose your own bulbs, but for a truly contemporary design, Edison bulbs are a must.

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Best Crystal: Classic Vintage Crystal Candle Chandeliers

If you do decide on a conventional crystal chandelier, keep the following in mind: Keep it on the smaller side to avoid overwhelming but rather accenting a space. That’s why the Louann chandelier from Wayfair gets our selection. It’s exquisite without being ostentatious, and it adds just enough glitz to a room.

Plus, because of its tiny size, it can be used wherever in the house, from the entrance to the dining room to the bedroom. (Wouldn’t it be adorable in a princess-themed kid’s room?) The light fixture includes a dimmer switch, allowing you to control the amount of light it emits.

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Best Overall: Depuley Black Farmhouse Chandeliers

This exquisite chandelier, which combines various different aesthetics, is our top pick for its stylistic versatility. This light fixture has a traditional candelabra-inspired form, but its thin metal arms give it a decidedly modern and industrial air.

Because the chandelier is made of steel with a dark bronze finish, it will go with almost any decor. Because the bulbs are exposed, it produces a good quantity of light—just make sure you choose a bulb form that flatters you, such as flame shapes or globes.

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Best Rustic: Lampundit Orb 6-Light Farmhouse Chandelier

You may always choose for a more rustic light fixture, like Lampundit Farmhouse Chandelier, if modern trends aren’t your thing. It’s made of metal with a worn finish and looks like a wagon wheel, so it’ll lend a rustic, homey touch to any decor. The chandelier, as its name suggests, features six candle-like lights placed on a spherical wood frame that resembles a wagon wheel, giving it the ideal rustic-style focal point for a living room or dining area.

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How to Install Your New Chandelier?

Now that you have bought your new chandelier it’s time for the final phase, the installation. To be honest it is not that hard to install a chandelier and you do not need to hire a professional just for that. Don’t worry, we will tell you everything your need to do step by step. To replace a chandelier, turn off the power, detach the ornate ceiling plate that generally conceals the chandelier wiring, unplug the light fixture from the ceiling wires, and reconnect the new light fixture. Keep in mind that big chandeliers are difficult to transport, and replacing them is usually a two-person process that necessitates the use of a ladder and the installation of an electrical box capable of supporting the additional weight. If you still are not sure, employ a specialist, especially if you’re dealing with a hefty vintage or antique light fixture.