5 Best Rated Deck Stains

Best Rated Deck Stains
Best Rated Deck Stains

Before you go on and buy any deck stain that you can get your hands on, take a minute and read and learn which are the 10 best-rated deck stains. Staining a deck or fence is a simple, do-it-yourself activity. That isn’t to say you shouldn’t do it if it isn’t absolutely required. You’ll need a long-lasting stain if you don’t want to redo the task every year.

On a deck, the best stains should last three to five years, and even longer if used on siding or fences that aren’t exposed to as much damage. The sun and waterfall harshly on a deck, snow accumulates, and even filth and mildew spores build on the flat surface.  On a vertical surface, all of those concerns are minimized.

Types of Stains

Solid. Solid stains, like conventional paint, mask the grain of the hardwood, and the best of them should last four to five years on a deck, making them the most durable of the three types of stains. Solid stains, on the other hand, have a disadvantage in that they may form a film, which, like paint, can tear, chip, and break after numerous coats. 

Semi-transparent. These types of stains color the wood while allowing the grain to come through, making them a wonderful option that you would like to show off, such as western red cedar. However, even the greatest semi-transparent stains in our tests aren’t as long-lasting as the best solid stains, and our data suggest that this type of stain will stay for a long time about two to three years on a deck.

Clear sealer. Water repellents are present, however, there is little or no pigment in this sort of stain. They’re perfect for highlighting the natural beauty of the wood grain. However, without something to reflect UV rays, the wood will eventually turn gray; think of an aged cedar-shingled house. Restaining is usually required once a year.

Cuprinol 5092620 2.5L Anti-Slip Decking Stain

Cuprinol Anti Slip Decking Stain has a deep semi-transparent color and a robust, long-lasting finish. It has a special dual composition that includes transparent anti-slip particles that keep decks safer than untreated wood, as well as an algicide to preserve the outer layer from green algae and mold, and mildew growth.

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Everbuild EVBWSAP25L Quick Drying Wood Stain

EverBuild Quick Drying Wood Stain is a high-quality, low-solvent interior and outdoor wood stain that brings out the inherent beauty of the wood while also providing long-term protection. Everbuild Wood Stain’s weatherproof protection also provides a crack and peel resistant finish as well as exceptional UV light resistance.

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Ronseal HWFSRT50 Hardwood Furniture Stain Rich Teak

If you are thinking of buying a wood stain for all kinds of different purposes then the stain from Ronseal is the one. This wood stain is water-based and can be used for decks, racks, and hardwood garden furniture. On top of that, it offers a guarantee of 3-year color protection. 

Don’t worry if you do not have any sort of experience, because it’s super easy to apply and it can turn quickly into a nice DIY project on a weekend. Give life to your deck and outdoor furniture and protect them from sun and water damage. 

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Everbuild Quick Drying Wood Stain

Everbuild Quick Drying Wood Stain offers high quality with a low solvent that enhances wood appearance and quality. Ideal for smooth interior wood furniture, window frames, doors, but also for different outdoor furniture too.

Everbuild now offers a maintenance clear coat, a light wood stain maintenance coat that protects and enriches wood without coloring or darkening. It offers protection for up to five years and is touch dry in 30 minutes, much like the colored wood stains. 

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Rustins ESEB500 500ml Satin Outdoor Wood Stain

The Rustin’s Satin Outdoor wood stain is one of the most durable you can get on the market. Its quick-drying abilities will make your deck ready to use in a matter of minutes. Will give all your external wood long-lasting protection. In just 4 hours you can apply the second layer in order to finish things up. Whatever the color of your deck is you can find a similar one because Rustin’s wood stain is available in seven attractive wood shades. 

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