Best Automatic Watches under 500 dollars

Some of the Best automatic watches under 500 dollars

If you are searching for the best automatic watches under 500 dollars, look no further as we have picked nothing but the best of the watchmaking craftsmanship. And all of these timepieces for less than 500 dollars. Automatic watches are those types of timepieces that can be passed down for generations, from you to your children, and your children to their children, and so on. Well, if you are looking for the best automatic watches under 500 dollars to add to your collection, our picks can be really useful. 

The addiction watch lovers have with automatic watches is not for no reason. The first chronographs came to life around 500 years ago, and ever since, great masterminds have inherited the watchmaking spirit to continue to amaze us with exceptional automatic timepieces. 

Rolex Automatic Movement

Unlike quartz watches, an automatic watch needs no batteries as it is powered from the wearer’s wrist kinetic energy. Using complicated movements to keep the watch ticking no matter what, automatic watches tend to be more expensive when compared to quartz watches. Don’t lose hope though, as luxury watch brands like Seiko, Citizen, Tissot, Hamilton, ext., manage to deliver some of the best automatic watches under 500 dollars. Quality is guaranteed. 

From the innovative Japanese watch brands to Switzerland – the heart of the watchmaking industry, the below-mentioned automatic watches under 500 dollars deliver nothing but cutting-edge timepieces. 

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LuxyWish 7 Best automatic watches under 500 dollars collection

  • Timex Navi XL Automatic Watch 
  • Citizen Promaster Dive Automatic
  • Seiko Presage SRPB41 
  • Hamilton Khaki Field King Auto
  • Tissot Everytime Swissmatic
  • Tissot Automatics III
  • Orient Helios Automatic watch

Timex Navi XL Automatic Watch 

Timex Navi XL Automatic Watch 

Starting our collection of the best automatic watches under 500 dollars with Navi XL from Timex. The watch is equipped with an automatic movement, meaning it will keep ticking for as long as you keep moving. It comes with an additional 40 hours of power reserve, and you can always provide energy for the movement by rotating the crown until you feel resistance.

The watch comes in a military dial, with 24-hour format white Arabic numbers and a combination of round and rectangular luminous hour markers. What you will love in this timepiece the most is the rotating bezel and the exhibition case back that allow you to catch a glance of the movement. 

The watch is water-resistant up to 100 meters, making it perfect for daily use, showering, and swimming. 

Price the last time I checked: $314.37

Citizen Promaster Dive Automatic

Citizen Promaster Diver Automatic

Released on Citizen’s official website and shops all around the world, for the first time in October 2017, Promaster Diver from Citizen is an automatic watch that many divers choose to dress their wrists with. The watch provides up to 200 meters of water-resistance, making it an excellent choice for Scuba Diving or other water-based sports and activities. 

This timepiece, as many models from Citizen, features the Eco-Drive technology. If you are new to the world of watches, the Eco-Drive technology from Citizen is a mechanism that makes the movement of the watch run in light. Not just sunlight but any light source you can possibly name. 

The watch comes in a strong-looking design, with a stainless-steel case, bracelet, and rotating bezel. From the scratch-resistant mineral crystal, you can see the azure blue dial, which is home to silver-cut luminous hour markers, watch hands, and a date window as well.

Price the last time I checked: $316.00

Seiko Presage SRPB41 

Seiko Presage SRPB41 

In case you don’t know yet, Seiko is “responsible” for causing the quartz crisis in 1969 when they invented Astron – the world’s first quartz watch. 

People went crazy after Astron as it was more precise and affordable than the majority of mechanical and automatic watches, and this was reflected in a drastic decline of sales to the rest of the watchmaking industry. 

After some history lessons that no one asked for, let’s stick with the topic. Best automatic watches under 500 dollars.

Even though Seiko boosts themselves with quartz movement, they still find it as “good for business” to deliver some fine quality automatic watches. 

Seiko Presage, model SRPB41 we picked from their “Cocktail Time collection” for example, is a 23-jewel automatic watch with a manual winding option that can provide up to 41 hours of power reserve. 

The watch features a box-shaped Hardlex crystal with an anti-reflective coating on the inner surface. The captivating textured sunburst color of the dial and the exhibition case back, make this watch one of the best automatic watches under 500 dollars. 

Price the last time I checked: $ 450

Hamilton Khaki Field King Auto

Hamilton Khaki Field King Auto

Another stylish and yes, automatic watch is Khaki Field King Auto from Hamilton. Khaki Field King Auto underlines the military heritage this watch has, with a military time featured prominently on the dial.

The watch comes in a brown leather strap and stainless-steel case and crown. It features a date window at 12 o’clock, just below the longways weekday display window. The white Arabic numbers can be seen from the anti-reflective scratch-resistant sapphire crystal glass during the day and night as the watch hands feature luminous coating. 

The automatic movement of the watch provides up to 80 hours of power reserve and is water-resistant up to 50 meters. 

Price the last time I checked: Around $ 500

Tissot Everytime Swissmatic

Tissot Everytime Swissmatic

With a price tag of approximately 490 dollars, you can purchase the Everytime Swissmatic from Tissot. Included in the price is a flavor of the Swiss know-how watchmaking heritage fitted in an exceptional classic design.

T1094071603200 model we picked for our best automatic watches under 500 dollars collection, features a minimalistic watch dial with Arabic hour markers and a date window at 3 o’clock. The watch hands can be seen from the scratch-resistant sapphire crystal glass.

As all Tissot watches, the Everytime Swissmatic can resist pressure, impacts, as well as the penetration of dust and liquids. The Swissmatic 72 movement which Tissot likes to brag themselves with, provides up to 72 hours of power reserve. 

Price the last time I checked: $ 490

Tissot Automatics III

Tissot Automatics III

Just like the above-mentioned model from Tissot, Automatics III also features an automatic Swiss movement but this one comes with 25 jewels and can provide only 38 hours of power reserve. Enough time as a timepiece like this can not be taken off from the wrist for a second. 

T065.430.16.051.00 model from Tissot might probably be one of the best automatic watches under 500 dollars. The timepiece comes in a black dial with silver-cut hour markers and a day/date window perfectly positioned at 3 o’clock. 

The watch is packed with a sapphire crystal glass, the second strongest material on earth after diamond, loved by watch manufacturers for its scratch-resistant prowess. As all Tissot watches, Automatics III has passed several tests, including the water-resistance check and impacts or pressure. 

Price the last time I checked: Around 500 dollars

Orient Helios Automatic Watch

ORIENT Helios RA-AG0027Y10A - One of the best automatic watches under 500 dollars

An absolute eye-catcher is what you get when you mix a dramatic grade colored dial with an exquisite open-heart. Looks like your search for the best automatic watches under 500 dollars has come to an end as Orient Helios is the finest automatic watch you will ever encounter. 

The hand-winding automatic movement of this timepiece can provide up to 40 hours of power reserve and can remain intact to water damage up to 30-meter depths. 

You know Orient is focused on details as you can admire from the mineral crystal glass, the dauphine hands rotating around dagger markers which come with a thin line of luminous material. 

Orient keeps no secrets when it comes to their F6724 Caliber Automatic movement as you can catch a glance of it from the exhibition case back, and from the exquisite open-heart on the dial as well. 

Price the last time I checked: $240

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