Best Archimede Watch – From Affordable to Untouchable

Archimede Watches

Archimede Watches is a German watch brand run by Ickler watch company that will celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2024. The founder of Archimede, Karl Ickler was the head of the manufacturing department for a few foreign watch houses for a long time then. Equipped with the secrets of watchmaking, Karl Ickler took the guts and decided to establish his own watch case factory. Soon, the company started manufacturing high-quality watch cases for an international clientele.  

Archimede Watches - Pilot Collection

Today, Ickler manufactures not only watch cases but even cutting-edge timepieces. Thanks to Ickler, Archimede watch company has positioned themselves as one of the best German watch brands, armed with an extensive watchmaking heritage. 

In case you don’t know yet, an Archimede watch owns the stamp Made in Germany. From the design to manufacturing, Archimede watches are a true reflection of the ultimate precision that the German industry delivers as always. The case and bracelets are all made in Pforzheim, Germany, where it all started. 

However, Archimede watches use third-party mechanical movements like ETA and Selita from Switzerland or the famous Miyota 9015 automatic movement from Citizen. 

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Professional Watchmaking of Archimede Watches

Archimede watches are crafted and done ready for distribution from Ickler, today a German private label watch manufacturer. The third and fourth generation of the Ickler family runs the watch business Karl Ickler initiated in 1924. The company operates under strict regulations set by the German government for the ultimate quality of Made in Germany products. The cases are made from either stainless steel, bronze, or titanium material. The qualified staff uses modern CNC (computerized numeral control) machinery to take precision to the highest scale. 

Professional watchmaking of Archimede watches

However, when it comes to assembling the parts or processing the surfaces, an Archimede watch relies on humans’ manual work.  Which is a good thing, as machinery can never replace the eye of a human for detecting small or major issues. 

As a sign of trust, an Archimede watch comes with a 2-year international warranty and needs to be serviced only after the fourth or the fifth year of usage. Remember to always choose reliable watch repair shops, capable of repairing complicated automatic and mechanical watches. 

Price of an Archimede Watch

Price of an Archimede watch

You can go to the Archimede Watches official website and surf through their vast collection of watches. 

The company is humble with the prices and they manage to deliver affordable watches for watch lovers of all calibers. Expect to pay for an Archimede watch to glow on your wrist from $600 for Archimede 1950 up to $3000 for their Limited-Edition Pilot Chronographs. Archimede is relatively new to the world of watches, but Ickler, the watch company that manufactures these watches, is backed with approximately a century of watchmaking heritage. 

Finding the BEST Archimede Watch

If you are looking for the best Archimede watch, it is going to be easy as each of their timepieces is crafted with maximum effort to deliver durable and precise watches. Some may differ from the others though, as the manufacturer has decided to boast themselves with few timepieces. 

Without further ado, below you will see some of the best Archimede watches you definitely need to catch a glance of. Read on…

Archimede Automatik 1950-1. SI.LS

The lowest priced Archimede watch is model 1950-1. SI.LS from Archimede 1950’s collection. The timepiece features the design of a minimalist watch with a thin and small case. The dial gives you the impression of a watch from the ’50s as it comes in a classic white color with stick indexes and a date window perfectly positioned as usual at 3 o’clock. You can also pick another model from the same collection, with a black dial and experiment with bracelets as well. 

The watch runs in an automatic Japanese Miyota movement, with 24 jewels and 42 hours of power reserve. If you want to catch a glance of the movement, just turn the watch upside down and count the jewels by yourself, courtesy of the transparent mineral crystal case back.  By far, the manufacturer has done a great job with this watch and we think it is worth the price.

Archimede Automatik 1950-1. SI.LS

Price the last time I checked: $ 600

Collection: 1950’s

Movement: 24 Jewels Automatic Japanese Miyota 

Display: Analog

Glass: Domed Plexi Crystal

Water Resistance: 30 meters

Complications/ Features: Date window at 3 o’clock, mineral crystal screw-down case back.

Archimede Klassik 42. SW.LS

Continuing our search for the best Archimede watch with this timepiece from Archimedes’ Klassik collection of watches. If you want it to glow on your wrist the watch can be yours for $770. Black never goes out of fashion and neither does this Archimede timepiece. 

Featuring a black dial with a black leather strap, the watch is a perfect pick for the ones attracted to dark colors. The silvered hands, as well as the date window, positioned at 6 o’clock run precisely thanks to the imported SW 200-1 Swiss-made automatic movement with 25 jewels. The astonishing classic design of the watch goes further with the high-quality stainless-steel Ickler case and a sapphire crystal glass, anti-reflective and scratch resistant as well.

The watch is water-resistant up to 50 meters, suitable for daily life use and showering, but not swimming or diving. 

Archimede Klassik 42. SW.LS

Price the last time I checked: $ 773

Collection: Klassik

Movement: Swiss made automatic movement

Display: Analog

Glass: Sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating

Water Resistance: 50 meters

Complications/ Features: Date window at 6 o’clock, mineral crystal screw-down case back.

1950-3. BL.SC.LHB

As you will understand by yourself by the image displayed below, this classic timepiece features a design from the 1950s. The classic-looking watch is designed with minimalism in mind as it reflects all the qualities of a minimalist timepiece. From the 9.8mm thick case to the simple dial, the 1950-3. BL.SC.LHB from Archimede is a perfect pick for the ones attracted to vintage watches. 

The German watch manufacturer has decided to equip their masterpiece with a Swiss-made automatic movement caliber SW 200-1, visible from the mineral crystal exhibition case back.

Fitted in a high-quality Ickler case as always, the watch provides up to 30 meters of water resistance, suitable for everyday use. 

1950-3. BL.SC.LHB

Price the last time I checked: $ 800

Collection: 1950’s

Movement: Swiss made Automatic movement

Display: Analog

Glass: Domed sapphire crystal

Water Resistance: 30 meters

Complications/ Features: Minimalist design, Luminous hands, and numbers, mineral crystal screw-down case back.

Archimede DeckWatch A

DeckWatch A is the third lowest priced Archimede watch. This timepiece can be yours for a relatively regular price tag of $900. The model we picked from the collection with the same name features a classic design with a white dial and blue spade hands. 

The watch is crafted to details, for example, the A engraved on the crown and a see-through mineral crystal case back that allows you to catch a glance of the Swiss-made automatic movement with 17 jewels. From the anti-reflective and scratch-resistant sapphire crystal glass, you can see the seconds subdial perfectly positioned between 5 and 7 o’clock. 

Archimede DeckWatch A

Price the last time I checked: $ 900

Collection: Deckwatch

Movement: Swiss made hand-wound movement Eta 6498

Display: Analog

Glass: Sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating

Water Resistance: 50 meters

Complications/ Features: Mineral crystal case back, second sub-dial, blue spade hands.

Archimede OutDoor 41. A. LS Titanium

The Outdoor collection of watches from Archimede is immense. Searching for the best timepiece that brings together quality at the lowest cost wasn’t easy as all models are worth having on your collection.  The model we picked, the  OutDoor 41. A. LS TITANIUM is one of the best Archimede OutDoor watches that features a high-quality titanium Ickler case, 5 times stronger and 10 times lighter than stainless steel.

The watch is perfect for outdoor activities as it provides up to 200M of water resistance and comes with luminous watch hands, indexes and numbers as well to always track the time easily.

To add further values to this Archimede watch design, the manufacturers included a date window at 3 o’clock, visible from the scratch-resistant sapphire crystal glass. 

Archimede OutDoor 41. A. LS Titanium

Price the last time I checked: $1128

Collection: Outdoor

Movement: Swiss made automatic movement

Display: Analog

Glass: Sapphire crystal with A/R coating

Water Resistance: 200 meters

Complications/ Features: Antimagnetic titanium case, luminous hands & markers, date window at 3 o’clock.

Pilot Chronograph TRI.H.S from Archimede 

Now, for the crème de la crème of Archimede watches, Archimede Pilot Chronograph comes last to our picks. This is the model that took Archimede from a watch brand flying under the radar, to an international watch manufacturer, honored for ultimate precision and durability. 

The Pilot Chronograph collection is rich in models, designs, and history as well. Archimede boasts themselves with their Pilot watches as the model was their first launch and introduction to the timekeeping realm in 2003.

The timepiece is backed with an automatic Swiss movement caliber ETA 7750 TOP, featuring the special Archimede rotor and a Trikompax module used to create a more spacious feel to the dial. As always, the watch is guarded by a high-quality stainless-steel Ickler case and a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal glass.

The dial is where Archimede manufacturers spent their time the most as it is designed to details. From the luminous hands, numerals, and indexes to three chronograph dials set in a ‘V’ arrangement with a date window in the lower hand. The watch is water resistant up to 100 meters, perfect for long swims.

Pilot Chronograph TRI.H.S from Archimede 

Price the last time I checked: $2900

Collection: Pilot

Movement: Swiss made automatic movement Eta 7750 Elaboré

Display: Analog

Glass: Sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating

Water Resistance: 100 meters

Complications/ Features: Chronograph, Luminous hands & markers, sapphire crystal screw-down case back.

FAQ about the Archimede Watch brand

Where are Archimede watches manufactured?

Every premier quality Archimede watch is manufactured in Pforzheim, Germany. Excluded here are some of their movements which are manufactured in Switzerland or Japan. Other parts of their watches are all made in-house with premium materials like sapphire crystal for the glass, titanium for the cases, leather for the straps, etc. 

How old is the Archimede watch brand?

Established in the early 2000s, Archimede is a relatively young watch brand, however, the Ickler case company, the mother of the Archimede watch brand has been manufacturing high-quality cases ever since 1924. To this day, the century-old watch brand is owned by the third generation of the Ickler family, a rare quality among watch houses all around the globe.

How expensive is an Archimede watch?

Expect to get your Archimede glowing on your wrist for at least 600 dollars. The price segment of an Archimede varies between 600 up to 3000 dollars. A relatively regular price tag for a mechanical watch made in the heart of the German industry and backed with a century-old heritage in watchmaking. 

Who owns Archimede the watch brand?

Ickler GmbH is the sole owner of the Archimede watch brand. The company is managed by the third generation of the Ickler family. It is worth being valued as the brand has remained within the family through the 2 World Wars and the Quartz Crisis as well. 

In Conclusion 

Backed with extensive experience in watchmaking, the know-how heritage of Archimede Watch manufacturer is the essence of their exceptional timepieces. The German watch brand has something to offer to every watch lover as they manage to deliver quality luxury watches at an entry-level price segment. Their watches are a true reflection of watchmaking craftsmanship, courtesy of their century-old journey to the world of watches and the precision of the German production industry.

Probably, an expensive watch for the masses, yet a must-have for every watch aficionado. With a price segment from 600 to 3000 dollars, watch dealers welcome an Archimede watch with a smile on their faces, always.