Best Watch Battery (Review & Buying Guide) in 2022

Watch Battery Replacment

If you own a quartz movement type watch, soon or later you will have to think about replacing your batteries. Quartz movement watches are powered by a small watch battery, widely known as button cell battery. Unlike automatic or mechanical movement watches which are powered respectively, by wrist kinetic energy, and wound mainspring mechanism – quartz movement watches need a battery to keep going. With that being said every watch lover who likes to dress his or her wrist with a quartz movement timepiece must also know which is the best watch battery to use when the time comes. In this article, we will break through the best watch battery and everything we know about this particular topic. 

Best watch battery brands 

When it comes to powering your quartz movement watch or other battery-powered devices, you just can’t run out of options. The watch battery marketplace is overwhelmed with products of all calibers and the last thing you want to do is falling prey to a cheap replica. Even though cheap replicas might be relatively cheaper, they just can’t overcome the quality and durability that only the best watch battery brands can offer. Considering this particular reason below you will see the pioneers of the best watch battery industry.


These watch battery companies offer a variety of products for different quartz watch brands. One thing is for sure – quality is guaranteed.

FAQs about the best watch battery

Best watch battery brands

What watch battery do I need? 

To determine the best watch battery type you need, just follow a few simple steps. First, take your watch and gently open the back of it. Opening the casing can be easily done if you have the correct tool which is a jeweler’s screwdriver, but any small pry tool can complete the task. Whether an expensive or not expensive watch, it is recommended to utilize minimum power force to not damage it.

After opening the casing, carefully remove the button cell battery and take notes of the engraved numbers on it. Compare the information you have to a cross-reference chart to determine the best watch battery type that fits your timepiece. If you have lost your watch battery, consulting with a local jeweler would be the best thing to do. As experts in the field, they will support you with the information you need, obviously for a price.

What batteries do watchmakers use the most? 

In some cases, quartz watch manufacturers choose to power their timepieces with their own batteries. They also provide button cell batteries for the watch owners to purchase when the time comes. 

+ Timex BA

+ Seiko SB-AW

+ Citizen 280-39

Some other watch houses use high-quality batteries such as Renata 344 or the equivalent needed version for their timepieces. Swatch Group for example uses Renata batteries for their watch collection. Included but not limited to this collection are ETA, Breguet, Blancpain, Glashütte Original, Omega, Harry Winston, Longines, Hamilton, Rado, and Tissot. If you use one of these timepieces and is a quartz movement, the best watch battery would be Renata.

How long does a watch battery last? 

A watch battery lifetime changes from one brand to another. The minimum watch battery lifetime as recommended from The International Electrotechnical Commission code is 24 months. Some watches require to replace the battery in an earlier phase to avoid leakage of battery acids. Expect digital display watches to have a lower battery life as their advanced features use more energy to keep going.

When does my watch battery need to be replaced?

Aforementioned, the watch battery life varies from one brand to another. As mentioned above, some last for a few months and some can even resist for a few years. The best watch battery can endure approximately 4 – 5 years. Whilst an everlasting watch battery is yet to be discovered, a timepiece owner has to swap the dead battery with a new one manually. You will realize your watch battery needs to be replaced when the watch has stopped working.

Low power, second hand missing a few seconds every once in a while, or even incorrect timekeeping, are some of the indicators that you must replace your watch battery. Many watchmakers recommend not to leave your watch with dead batteries inside for a long time. The liquid battery acids will leak out and cause damages that go beyond a dead battery replacement.

Watch battery replacement – DIY Guide 

There are so many different quartz movements out there and each has its unique way of battery installment. This might be a good reason why you hesitate to replace your watch batteries by yourself. Well, we are here to show step by step the watch battery replacement process that can be applied to all types of quartz movement timepieces.

1-Remove the bracelet deployment pin

To begin with, if the watch has a deploying clasp, the first thing you want to do is to knock the clasp out so it’s easier for you to work on the watch. With the help of a pointy tool, open the whole clasp by sticking the tool into one of the holes. Tilt it and the whole clasp opens. 

2- Open the watch back

In the case back, depending on the model, look for a lip in the lid or a little nib. When found, with the help of a pry tool, gently open the casing. I cannot stress enough how carefully this process has to be done. More force than needed can break the watch or cause damages to the movement. So, using minimum power force is highly recommended.

3-Replace the battery

The case is now open and in front of you is the watch mechanism and the battery. Every other part of the watch, except the battery fuse, is a ‘’danger zone’’. A small interference such as a single touch on the mechanism can cause irreversible damages to the watch. All you need to do is to carefully push the battery fuser until the battery comes out. Replace the dead battery with the new one and put the fuser back in place.

4-Check your work

Before closing the case back check if the watch is ticking. If yes, means it’s working. You now have a green light to put the case back where it was, which frankly, is just a matter of finding how it goes on. With just a bit of light pressure, spin the case back until it finds the raceway and it’s back on.

5-Put the bracelet back in place

Reverse the bracelet process by putting the deployment pin back where it was and you’re done. Your quartz movement timepiece lives to glow on your wrist again.


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