Best Watches for Nurses (Review & Buying Guide) in 2022

Watch for Nurses
Watch for Nurses

Best watch for nurses, more than just a tool!

The last time I checked, a nurse’s job did not show up in the easy jobs list. Being a nurse means working in a fast-paced environment with multiple daily tasks sparing no effort when it comes to the patient’s health. A few seconds can literally mean life or death, which is why keeping track of time should never be overlooked. The best watch for nurses is a necessity, a tool that helps them complete their daily tasks. Along with basic medical gadgets such as a stethoscope, thermometer, and blood pressure cuffs, a nurse’s toolbox would not be fulfilled without the best watch for nurses.


Should nurses wear a watch?

As frontliners of health care, nurses must be equipped with the best watch out there. Truly, I cannot stress enough how important it is to have a high-quality watch on your wrist. Every day is a battle to fight – life vs death, and nurses are in front of the battleground taking care of patients.  

-Keeping track of time:

The best watch for nurses is one that helps them with their daily schedule and the completion of multiple tasks in a timely manner. A good watch should always be on a nurse’s wrist to support them with time tracking.

-Scheduling / Administering Medication:

Nurses are responsible for a few medical documents, such as assessments and tests. Evaluation of these records leads them to a medication schedule for the patient’s health improvement. The best watch for nurses comes into play to make sure that medications are always given to patients at the exact correct time.

-Recording Vitals:

If you are in the healthcare field, giving close attention to patients, you will need a medical watch to complete a few essential tasks. Calculating body temperature, breathing rate, and counting pulse to determine a patient’s condition are some of the most important duties for a nurse. Best watch for nurses plays a vital role in supporting a nurse or anyone who has similar crucial tasks in their daily schedule.

What makes the best watch for nurses ?

  • Adjustability
  • Efficiency
  • Readability
  • Performance
  • Style

The best watch for nurses is a watch that can provide efficiency, readability, and performance. The proper timepiece must complete its duty as a time measurer without harming or disturbing you and your wrist during a normal workday. Keep in mind these features when looking for a watch to fill your requirements as a professional of healthcare. You can choose from an endless variety of watches the one who fits you and your personality.

“Constant attention by a good nurse may be just as important as a major operation by a   surgeon.”

Types of watches you can use as a nurse

The Best Watch for Nurses

Fob watches

Fob watches also known as pin watches, can be a great choice for health carers. Just pin them to the chest of your shirt and when you need to check the time it’s just a matter of looking down. They hang upside down, so when you glance down at them, you can see the dial with the 12 at the top of your vision. Below are mentioned two of the best pin watches for nurses and health professionals.

Dakota Clip Watch

Dakota Clip Watch is a reliable and durable timepiece made of an alloy that can be clipped on to a nurse’s belt loop. An added feature to this watch is a LED flashlight with red light for preserving night vision. Price tag – $42.50 

Why we like it:

  1. Unique design
  2. Glows in the dark
  3. Up to 30-meter water resistance


This clip-on quartz watch can be attached to a belt loop, uniform, or backpack, so you can get it anywhere and anytime conveniently. The backpack fob belt watch is made of zinc alloy and glass, durable, and can serve for a long time. Price tag – $18.99

Why we like it:

  1. Waterproof
  2. Glows in the dark
  3. Durable skeleton

Wrist Watches

Many professionals of health care choose wristwatches to keep track of time while working. A classic yet comfortable and reliable alternative for many. The best wristwatch for nurses has to pass a few requirements before you use it as your timekeeping gadget. First, it must be waterproof. Nurses wash their hands often, and a water-resistant wristwatch is a necessity to get you throughout the day. A luminous dial is important too. It can glow in the dark, so it helps to keep track of time anywhere and anytime. For this design, we have chosen Timex Weekender and Speidel Scrub Watch as the best watch for nurses and all health carers.

Timex Weekender

Timex Weekender lightweight design assures all health carers a great user-friendly experience. The glass is scratch-resistant, and the manufacturer guarantees water resistance for daily use only. Price tag -$34.30

Why we like it:

  1. Lightweight wristwatch
  2. Second-hand
  3. Up to 10 years of battery life

Speidel Scrub Watch

This timepiece is specially designed for everyone who works in the field of health care. It’s classic and easy to read design is made of a white dial with 12- & 24-Hour luminous markers. Featuring a red second-hand to read pulse accurately, this wristwatch is a definition of the best watch for nurses. Price tag – $49.95

Why we like it:

  1. Highly visible hands
  2. Luminous markers
  3. Water-resistant up to 30m

Smart Watches

If sophisticated is what you are looking for, you might want to consider smartwatches as the best watch for nurses. Among their main role as timekeeping devices, smartwatches bring many more options to the table to help nurses and all professionals of healthcare. Here are some of the many features that only smartwatches can provide to health carers. GPS, Sensors, Alarms, Calendar, Reminders, Contacts, all in one place, your wrist. A good choice when you think about it. Below you will see LuxyWish picks as the best watch for nurses for this design.

Apple Watch Series 4

Apple Watch Series 4 features many new options for health carers. Among build-in software such as GPS, Wireless, and heart sensors, this smartwatch can download healthcare-related apps that a nurse can use on a daily basis. It is swim-proof and can be on your wrist with a relatively salty price of $319.99.

Why we like it:

  1. Countless options to help health carers
  2. Clear vision + Large display

Samsung Gear S2 Smartwatch

Another smartwatch coming in need of all health carers is Samsung Gear S2. This beautifully designed smartwatch allows you to customize the look of the watch face as you see fit. It is water-resistant for daily use only and features a full package of options such as Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, Alarm app, Calendar sync, and many more. Price tag -$189.00

Why we like it:

  1. Customizable watch face
  2. Durable
  3. Elegant design


The world of watches is quite large and has something to offer to everyone. We here at LuxyWish are dedicated to learning and finding new information to bring to the readers the best of the best. We take time on analyzing product reviews and customer feedback to recommend to our watch lovers only high-quality timepieces. If you have any questions just let us know in the comment section below.