Best Wheel Rim Watches And Other Car-Inspired Timepieces

Best Wheel Rim Watches And Other Car-Inspired Timepieces
Best Wheel Rim Watches And Other Car-Inspired Timepieces

Watchmaking and vehicle manufacturing have many similarities. From the pursuit of technological advancement to the quest for handmade precision, there is no wonder why cars and watches go together like fine wine and cheese. Looking for ways to extend your love and passion for cars? From statement watches like wheel rim watches to more uncomplicated car-inspired timepieces, below you will find my favorite alternatives that are sure to catch an enthusiast’s eye. The last alternatives might cost as much as a nice mansion in the Italian riviera. Check them out… 

iCyber Rim Watch 

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The overall aesthetics of car wheel watches make them a perfect addition to the gear collection of every car fanatic. Heck, you don’t even need to be that much of a car enthusiast to wear one of these watches. 

As you will see by yourself, this watch is everything but minimalist. Its signature racing car rim design, inspired by high-end sports cars, will certainly make an aesthetic appeal to you. It can be a thoughtful gift for men who love cars, and I assure you they will treasure it forever. The watch comes in two color variants, black and red and black and yellow, with the second being my favorite. 

Yong Gang Wheel Rim Watch Model 1

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A car-inspired watch is always a perfect display of the beauty of machinery. The best thing is you can enjoy wearing your watch while also sharing your passion for cars with the rest of the world. Indeed, our outfits, watches, and jewelry, are all accessories we use to express ourselves, look unique, and add a flavor of our daily life into it. This car wheel watch is no different. It makes a perfect addition to your outfit, and will definitely start a conversation. And you don’t necessarily have to be a “petrolhead” to love it. Call it as you wish, novelty or fashion watch, all these designs have one thing in common: they’re inspired by car wheel discs, the futuristic ones.

Yong Gang Wheel Rim Watch Model 2

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You think you’ve seen it all until this option comes to the table. The microbrand Yong Gang brings a motor racing inspired watch that features a daring rotatable dial. This model encapsulates a car’s wheel rim hub as well as offers a new and exciting way to keep track of time. And the best thing is you can choose from four different color variants. Other features include 30 meters of water resistance, a reliable Japanese quartz movement, and sapphire crystal glass. 

Ferrari Speedracer Chronograph Watch

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Ferrari Speedracer is made by Scuderia Ferrari to pay tribute to the iconic Italian hyper-car that for over 80 years has been synonymous with uncompromising performance and a passion for speed. The Ferrari-inspired design is not the only stand-out feature of Speedracer Chronograph. The watch also incorporates quality materials like tough and solid stainless steel for the case, scratch-resistant mineral crystal for the glass, and high-quality leather for the strap. 

Mazzucato Reversible RIM Watch 

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Simone Mazzucato, the creator of the brand that bears his name, brings RIM (Reverse Industrial Movement). The high-octane watch draws inspiration from the world of motor racing, where every piece is refined down to the smallest detail, and every component is engineered for high-level performance. The watch’s stand-out feature, its unique reversible mechanism, allows the wearer to fully invert the case in both directions. This simple but distinguishing maneuver transforms RIM into a sporty chronograph watch, decent for the motor racing world. 

Bremont MK1 Jaguar Watch

The partnership of Bremont with Jaguar, which are both UK-based companies, is quite fitting. Bremond provides a wide range of Jaguar inspired watches, but MK1 differentiates from the rest for its simplicity and minimalism. This model is inspired by Jaguar’s lightweight E-Type coupes from 1963. A “red-line” quadrant between 3 and 4 o’clock represents the engine’s redline, and the hands are fashioned similarly to the needles seen on the dials. This watch is stylish, smart, and British, and it appears like a Jaguar for someone’s wrist.

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Jacob & Co. Bugatti Chiron Tourbillon

Jacob & Co is a Swiss manufacturer of exceptional timepieces known for their ridiculous price tags and intricate workmanship. Bugatti, on the other hand, doesn’t need that much of an introduction. Both companies entered into a partnership in 2019 to come up with a watch from Jacob & Co. that celebrates Bugatti Chiron, the car’s high performance, and its distinctive character. 

The Bugatti Chiron Tourbillon was eventually born. A watch that encapsulates Chiron’s engine, with 16 pistons pumping up and down. In addition, a universal gas pump symbol positioned at 9 o’clock, serves as the power reserve indication. To further correlate the watch with the hypercar, three futuristic crowns and pushers are set in the lower end, powering the pistons’ animation as well as setting the time. 

The watch is made of 578 components and counts several patents that were obtained during the development process. Expect to pay a premium for this showpiece, as Chiron owners did for the $3 million supercar that inspired it. Last year’s Bugatti Chiron Tourbillon cost $280,000 and was limited to only 250 units. The price for this year’s model is a whopping $560,000. 

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Shopping Guide to Car Inspired Watches

You don’t necessarily need to be a professional in the field of watches to shop for good deals. Simply follow my recommendations and honest advice to always adorn your wrist with a good watch that is both, well-built and accurate. 

Overall Aesthetics

You don’t necessarily have to be a car enthusiast to find the design of car wheel watches appealing. Their distinguishing aesthetic, accompanied by moving car discs inside the watch’s dial, will certainly start a conversation. Therefore, car wheel watches make the perfect addition to any outfit, serving not only as statement occasional pieces but also for everyday wear. 


To me, durability in a watch is of utmost importance, second only to accuracy. It must be durable enough to resist any drops and shocks, perform well under extreme temperatures, and its accuracy should not be compromised with the passing of time. Many commodities wear and tear with the passing of time, but that should not be the case with these car wheel watches. Regardless of the price you purchase a watch, it is always good to treasure it forever and make it a family heirloom. 


From silver to platinum and everything in between, the world of watches has incorporated many man-known materials to create cases, bracelets, glasses, and other compartments of a watch. Out of them, stainless steel is the most suitable for the case. It is durable, the skin reacts well, and it has an appealing aesthetic that can last forever. As for the watch’s glass, we have excluded the models made of cheap materials, featuring only car wheel watches that incorporate either sapphire, mineral, or hardlex crystal on their models. As for the bracelet, judging by the sporty nature of car wheel watches, a rubber strap is always a perfect addition, for as long as it is made of good material.

Water Resistance

What would a watch be without being able to resist water? Short-lived, I tell you. Simply think about all the contact you have with water on a daily basis. Washing hands, getting caught in a rain outside, or taking a shower without removing your watch, are all daily activities that involve water, one of the watch’s biggest enemies. In order to find a good car wheel watch, regardless of the price, it is important for it to be at least 30 meters water-resistant. That doesn’t include swimming let then diving or other water-based sports. However, its case construct is suitable for everyday wear, keeping water far from the wheels. 


Rest assured as all of the above mentioned watches come with quartz movements that are well-known for their accuracy. A good accurate watch comes as an escape from the digitalized world we live in, helping us keep track of time the old fashioned way, while also accessorizing ourselves in the most fashionable manner. A quartz movement watch, different from automatic movement watches, doesn’t need to be worn daily to keep ticking. For this reason, in addition to quartz crystal’s ability to avoid friction, battery-operated watches do not lose accuracy over time. 


When looking to buy a new watch, like the car-themed watches featured in this article, the design must work at the improvement of legibility. With that said, opt for a watch whose motifs and adornments in the dial, do not compromise the readability of the watch hands. To increase legibility in a watch, many manufacturers either develop contrast designs (silver-toned hands set in a black dial) or add a layer of luminous material to the watch’s hands and indices. The latter is important to easily keep track of time at every light condition.