Best Citizen Automatic Watches (Review & Buying Guide) in 2022

citizen automatic watches

Best Citizen Automatic Watches

  1. Citizen Grand Classic Automatic
  2. Citizen Automatic watch Octavia
  3. Chandler Citizen Automatic Watch
  4. Promaster Navihawk A-T

Citizen Automatic watch Grand Classic 

Focused on details, the Citizen Grand Classic Automatic watch is rich in design and style. This Citizen automatic watch design is a combination of a black dial with silver-cut engraved hour markers. The sword-cut style hands are luminous powered to enable timekeeping even in the dark. A pentagon-shaped date window positioned at three o’clock can be admired from the scratch-resistant sapphire crystal glass. From the transparent exhibition case back, you can notice the exclusive Citizen caliber 9010 movement.

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Citizen Automatic watch Octavia

Delivering the real craftsmanship of Japanese watchmaking culture, as all Citizen automatic watches – Octavia is one hell of a piece. A sophisticated yet classic and stylish watch that every watch lover would like to have on their collection. Octavia features an exhibition case back to admire the complicated automatic watch movement with 42 hours of power reserve. As noticed in many Citizen Automatic watches, Octavia comes in a black dial with engraved silver-cut hour markers and dials, all luminous powered.

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Chandler Citizen Automatic Watch

Automatically adjusted for the correct timekeeping and date until the year 2100, this is how precise Citizen’s Chandler Automatic movement is. Featuring a 1/20 second chronograph to measure up to 60 minutes, this timepiece comes in a white dial with silver-cut hour markers and luminous hands. Astonishing, classic, and everlasting punctuality is what you get for less than 500 dollars. A relatively small amount for a timepiece of this caliber. 

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Promaster Navihawk A-T 

Citizen has surpassed themselves with Promaster Navihawk A-T as the design of the watch is truly hypnotizing. The watch dial is so messy, you’ll get lost in it. Besides the analog dial, the watch features a digital screen with alarms, a radio signal receiver, UTC displays, and a digital backlight. Superior accuracy is guaranteed as the watch is used from the U.S. Blue Angels Navy itself.

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Best Citizen Solar Powered Watches

  • Citizen Eco-Drive Titanium Collection
  • Citizen Axiom Eco-Drive
  • Citizen Brycen Eco-Drive
  • Citizen Promaster Diver Men’s watch

Citizen Eco Drive Titanium Watch Collection

Titanium is a lightweight strong material, resistant to saltwater, sunlight, and even body chemistry. The corrosion-resistant material was combined with Citizen’s X-8 Chronometer in 1970, to launch an everlasting timepiece that amazed watch lovers around the globe. A long time passed ever since and many Citizen’s models followed the same rhythm to build the Citizen’s Super Titanium collection. Citizen Eco Drive Titanium is one of the timepieces the giant Japanese watch manufacturer boasts themselves.

Frankly, I don’t see why not? Combining solar power technology with one of the strongest materials on earth – the Citizen Eco Drive Titanium model is a true watchmaking craftsmanship reflection. Citizen Eco Drive Titanium is lightweight, as titanium has the ability to be 40% lighter and 5 times stronger than stainless steel. 

For the properties it has to offer, Citizen Eco Drive Titanium price is so underrated. You can purchase one and let it glow on your wrist for life for $500 give or take. If suddenly, you are searching for the best titanium watch under 500 dollars, Citizen Eco Drive Titanium Collection is the place where to look for it.

Besides its titanium armor-like design, the watch has more to offer. As with all Citizen Eco Drive timepieces, the titanium model is Light Powered too. They use the most technical, yet simple power generating system in the watchmaking industry – A solar panel that draws energy not only from the Sun but every light source you can name.

Check the Citizen Eco Drive Titanium full specifications below…

Citizen Eco Drive Titanium specifications:

  • Scratch-resistant sapphire crystal glass.
  • Water-resistant up to 100 meters (333ft \ 10bar) Suitable for Snorkeling, Showering, and Swimming too.
  • Silver-tone, Super-Titanium case + Rotating One-Way bezel.
  • Date window at 3 o’clock.
  • Silver cut hour markers with luminous hands.
  • Solar power panel.

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Citizen Promaster Diver Men’s watch

Considered as one of the best watches for divers, Citizen’s whole Promaster Sea collection is a true piece of art. Thanks to Citizen’s advanced technology, the watch is powered by solar or any light source and you will never need a battery for it. The giant Japanese watch brand – Citizen, describes the watch as capable of intact the water to depths up to 1000 meters

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Citizen Axiom Eco-Drive

The first thing you notice when you see the watch is its one-field black dial. It is simple yet attractive to the ones who are addicted to classic watches. Featuring the Eco-Drive technology, Axiom needs no battery as it runs in light, whether solar or whatsoever. A small white date window is positioned at three o’clock to contrast with the watch’s black dial.

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Citizen Brycen Eco-Drive

The newly designed Citizen Eco-Drive timepiece – Brycen is in a whole new level of watchmaking. What you will first notice is a complicated yet simple black dial, filled with white hands, hour markers, and giant minute Arabic numbers. Stylish design and Eco-Drive technology are what you get from Citizen Brycen’s timepiece. It also provides a 1\5 second Chronograph which measures up to 60 minutes and a 12\24-hour time/date.

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Where to find a Citizen Quartz Watch?

Seriously, have you ever encountered a Citizen Quartz watch during your search for exceptional timepieces? I bet you haven’t. It is easier to see Bigfoot passing by the street than catching a glance of a Citizen quartz watch – that’s how rare they are. After inventing the Eco-Drive technology in 1976, the Citizen Solar powered watches invaded the watch global marketplace.

Ever since the giant Japanese watch house started manufacturing almost all their watches with the Eco-Drive panel and the Citizen quartz watch era was left in the shadows. All forgotten and discontinued to open the way to a brighter future of timekeeping. Vintage Citizen watch collections are the ones who keep a piece of Citizen’s history for all vintage watch aficionados.

The craftsmanship of Citizen watch movements

When it comes to choosing the best Citizen watch movement, it is a matter of choice as all three below-mentioned movements deliver the crème de la crème of the Japanese watchmaking craftsmanship and Citizen’s century-old watchmaking culture in particular. A watch’s movement is the brain and the heart of a timepiece.

They are the ones who keep the watch hands moving and showing the time always in an accurate manner. In case you don’t know, Citizen’s watchmaking history has passed through three types of movements. Citizen Automatic watches, Citizen mechanical watches, and Citizen quartz movement type of watches. Each of them has its own functionality pattern, dedicated to submit the best experience to the lucky ones who have a Citizen timepiece glowing in their wrists.

Citizen Quartz Watch Movement – Miyota

Quartz movement was first created by Seiko, the Japanese watch brand in the ’70s. Like all quartz watches, a Citizen quartz watch runs on a battery that sends an electrical current to a small piece of quartz rock, causing the crystal to vibrate and the hands to move. A Citizen quartz watch is very accurate and all you need to do is swap the dead battery with a new one every few years.

If you’ll ever have the chance to have a Citizen quartz watch on your wrist you will notice they are still highly accurate and durable. After the solar-powered mania took place, Citizen quartz watches became difficult to find. Vintage models are worth thousands.

Citizen Mechanical Watches movement

Citizen mechanical watches are more sophisticated and they deliver the true craftsmanship of a watchmaking process. Countless pieces and parts of the mechanical movement Miyota are orchestrated to run in harmony with the energy transfer from the complicated wound mainspring – achieve remarkably to make the hands and complications of Citizen timepieces move.

Citizen Automatic Watches Movement

Many times referred to as self-winding timepieces, Citizen automatic watches are very similar to their mechanical movement watch models. The only difference is that Citizen automatic watches use the kinetic energy of the wearer’s wrist motion and after being processed to the mainspring the energy makes the watch tick. The Miyota 82XX movement can be found in Citizen’s automatic divers collection timepieces and all modern Citizen automatic watches.