Lum-Tec Watches Review & Buying Guide in 2022

Lum Tec watch brand was established in 2008 by Mr. Chris Weingand. With a background in design, young Weingand decided to start his own watch brand, something that for many remains just a dream. With the help of his father, Chris Weingand opened Lum Tec watches in Mentor, Ohio – hereupon, a new watch brand was born. The name, Lum-Tec, derives from the brand’s proprietary luminescence technology used on their dials. It is thanks to Lum Tec’s MDV technology, the brands’ achievement, that allows Lum Tec watches to have maximum luminescence, even at depths of 600 meters.

Courtesy of the bright and vivid 8-layer Super-LumiNova material (more about Lum-Tec luminescence below). Lum Tec manufactures anything from simple minimalist watches to function-wise professional watches. The brand is young and its best is yet to come, however, in a short time, Lum Tec watches has managed to find its path on the horological map. The brand incorporates the movements for their watches from Japan or Switzerland. Find everything you need to know about Lum Tec watches below, while we also review some of their watches.

Complete Review of Lum Tec Watches – 2021


The US-based watch brand incorporates their movements from Switzerland or Japan – the two countries that have the industry with the technical know-how when it comes to reliable watch movements. Expect your Lum-Tec watch to be powered either by Swiss quartz movements from Ronda, or Japanese automatic movements with winding and hacking functions from Miyota. 


The lum-Tec watch brand is a bit of a rarity, considering that all of their watches are assembled in the US, at their facilities in Ohio. With that comes a higher level of workmanship, partially enabled by the brand’s experience working as a private label watch manufacturer. Lum-Tec watches are assembled by hand, and they come with a 1 or 2-year international warranty. 


When movements come from Switzerland or Japan, and the assembling is handled in the US, this is a recipe for accurate watches. To prove that, the brand runs a quality control process that also involves the accuracy of their watches. For example, the Lum-Tec M-88 from M-Series is powered by the Swiss Ronda 515 movement and has an accuracy rate of -10/+20 sec a month. It has a battery life of 45 months and can operate smoothly under extreme temperatures. 


More points go for Lum-Tec watches as we move forward with the review. The brand uses top-quality materials for its watches. Including here cases made of 316L surgical grade stainless steel, AR-coated sapphire crystal, in-house improved luminous material, titanium, and quality leather straps. It is a manufacturer’s choice, as at this price range, not every watch brand can provide such materials. 


Rest assured as these badass durable watches are made to last. Lum-Tec watches come with a 1 or 2-year warranty but their lifespan can exceed decades. Watches are made of quality materials and assembled in the US by trained watchmakers. As if it wasn’t enough, the brand provides free lifetime timing adjustments, pressure testing, seal cleaning, and battery replacement, free of charge. That is something only liable watch brands do. 

Water Resistance

If you’re looking to explore Australia’s Great Barrier Reef as long as it is still there, feel free to take your Lum-Tec diving watch with you. (other great diving watches at this price range). As for diving watches from Lum-Tec, these tool watches are made to accompany the free-spirited diver and help him/her with the necessary calculations like decompression stops and surface time.  The Lum-Tec line of dive watches, the 300M Series, come with the diver’s bezel, 300 meters (1000ft) of water resistance, and their famous luminous material. 


The pioneering luminous technology is what makes Lum-Tec watches unique and appreciated. The US-based watch brand incorporates Switzerland’s finest luminous material, Super-LumiNova, and takes its brightness to the next level. The process involves 6-8 special layers of Super-LumiNova applied over a chemical white base, increasing the luminescent light charge significantly.  

Design & Comfort

At first sight, a Lum-Tec watch will likely feel and look like a combination of a Damasko DC 80 with a Panerai. Especially at night, when the incredible luminous paint starts doing its magic. From their line of technical field watches to their 300M dive watches Series, the design of Lum-Tec watches is vivid, unique, and vintage-inspired. And thanks to a fine selection of materials and the time spent to design a Lum-Tec watch, comfort is guaranteed. 

Best Lum Tec Watches, 4Real

Bull42 A25

If you’re a fan of steel sports watches, look no further as the Lum-Tec Bull42 A25 has all it takes. It comes in a square-shaped case with a disc-shaped stationary bezel on the top. Underneath the watch beats a Japanese quartz movement from Seiko, caliber SII VK67 aka Meca-Quartz. The movement is a hybrid mechanical quartz, with the quartz technology used for the main functions of the watch, and another mechanical mechanism used for the chronograph. The watch is limited to 500 pieces worldwide and it comes with a 2-year warranty. 

Available for purchase from Lum-Tec

Combat B50 Lum-Tec Field Watch

Combat B50 is the perfect example that highlights the brand’s orientation towards technical field watches. It is built with durability in mind, and that can be seen in the materials that were used to create this watch. Combat B50 comes with a 43mm 316L Surgical grade stainless steel case, and as if it wasn’t enough, it is hard coated with a military-grade titanium carbide gunmetal. While these might seem like hieroglyphics to you, to a professional whose watch is a tool more than a piece of jewelry, it makes more than sense. 

Available for purchase from Amazon

M88 Lum-Tec Dive Watch

Hand-assembled in Ohio, equipped with the ultimate luminous technology, and powered by the Swiss quartz movement, Ronda calibre 515 – this is the stage set for the Lum-Tec M88. The watch comes with 300 meters of water resistance, it is equipped with a 120 click uni-directional luminous bezel, and also comes with a 2 years warranty. So divers, there you have one of the best dive watches under $500. Further features include a curved sapphire crystal and an anti-shock movement mounting system.

Available for purchase from Amazon

Vortex D1 Lum-Tec Solar Powered Watch

“Hey, what about a solar powered watch? Would that be enough to satisfy our customer base needs? Well, let’s find out…”This is probably what might have been the initial thoughts that were followed by the development of Lum-Tec Vortex D1. It only takes 5 hours of sunlight for the watch to provide a 6 months of power reserve, courtesy of the Japanese Seiko movement caliber VS42A. As if it wasn’t enough, the watch has a 200 meters water resistance rating and it also comes with a distinctive Internal rotating 120 click luminous diver bezel operated via the crown at 2:00.

V8 Lum-Tec with Octagonal Case

It is noticeable that Lum-Tec is moving in the right direction on the horological map. As a young microbrand watch, Lum-Tec has managed to deliver 10 collections of watches, out of which, their V Series happen to be our favorite. The watch we picked, simply named V8, comes with a distinctive octangular 44mm case. The fine finishing and a black croc style leather strap make the perfect combo for an everyday watch that can accompany you everywhere your adventures might take you. Ohio’s finest has equipped V8 with all the guns on their arsenal: starting from the Lum-Tec MDV luminous technology, to the double side anti-reflective sapphire crystal, and a big date function positioned at 12 o’clock. The watch belongs to a special limited edition of 50 pieces worldwide and by the time you would have read this article, it would probably be gone. 

Available for purchase from Amazon

Lum-Tec C6 Automatic Watch

And if by chance a quartz watch is not your cup of tea, Lum-Tec has thought about that as well. The C6 Automatic is powered by an automatic Japanese movement from Seiko, caliber SII NH35. As many Lum-Tec watches, the C6 Automatic is also equipped with an anti-shock movement mounting system. All of these fitted in a 38mm case which for many men’s wrists will be size-depriving. However, if you’re a fan of small case watches and want something reliable and equally elegant to adorn your wrist with, the C6 Automatic is worth taking a look at. 

Available for purchase from Amazon

FAQ About Lum Tec Watches

Where are Lum Tec Watches Made?

As stated on the brand’s official website, Lum Tec watches are made in their manufacturing site in Ohio, US. The family-run, US-based watch brand Lum-Tec (under the umbrella of the parent company Wiegand Custom Watch, LLC) handles the production of Lum-Tec watches. From design to assembling, Lum-Tec watches are proudly made in Ohio, US. 

What Movements do Lum Tec Watches Use? 

Lum Tec watches use movements from Switzerland or Japan. Their watches are powered by reliable and accurate calibers from Swiss Ronda or Japanese Miyota movements. Certainly, the brand is incapable of manufacturing their movements on their own, however, this is far from being considered a downside as even Rolex, Audemars Piguet, Patek Philippe, and Omega, have at least once in their history outsourced movements.

Do Lum Tec Watches Hold Value?

It depends on who is asking. Few watches in the world are capable of holding their value and Lum-Tec certainly is not one of them. The price range of a Lum-Tec watch is $500 and expect its value to drop by at least 20% on the gray market. However, there is no reason why you would sell your Lum-Tec watch, as these well-made timepieces are created to be appreciated for decades. If you’re looking to make a profit out of flipping Lum-Tec watches, better consider the aforementioned models we already reviewed. 

Are Lum Tec Watches Good? 

Lum-Tec watches are sold at the $500 US price range. It is a reasonable price considering the amount of work that is put on these watches. Lum-Tec watches are powered by reliable Swiss or Japanese movements, the hands are perfectly aligned with the hour markers, the materials are of good quality, and their luminescence is bright and long-lasting. 

Still here? Go and get yourself a Lum-Tec watch!