Mathey Tissot Watches Review & History Facts

Mathey Tissot watches review

Mathey Tissot is a Swiss-based watch brand that enjoys more than a century of watchmaking heritage. The watch company was founded in 1886 in Les Ponts de Martel, Switzerland by Edmond Mathey-Tissot. As with almost every century-old watchmaker, Mathey Tissot started as a humble watchmaking and repair shop.

Les Ponts de Martel - Switzerland

Les Ponts de Martel – Switzerland

Their journey to the world of watches started to gain momentum in 1890, during the  Boer War between England and South Africa. The manufacturer based in Les Ponts de Martel – Switzerland was required to produce 2500 repeater watches for British officers, all with gold and some in sterling silver cases. It was this order, relatively large for the time, that put the Mathey Tissot watch brand on the map of Swiss watch manufacturers for good. More about Mathey Tissot watches history below…

Mathey Tissot Watch Brand Passport

The year of foundation: 1886

Where was it founded: Les Ponts de Martel – Switzerland

Brand founder: Edmond Mathey-Tissot

Watch type: Dress Watches

Price range: From $300 up to $2000

Movements: Ronda, Sellita SW 200, Peseux P293

…History of Mathey Tissot Watch Brand during World Wars

There is a common belief among the watch connoisseurs community that states that the Swiss watch industry would not be where it is today if it wouldn’t have been for the World Wars. As with every Swiss watchmaker at the time, Mathey Tissot continued to expand their customer base and efforts to the betterment of watchmaking thanks to the need for tool watches during World War 1 and World War 2.

Throughout the years Mathey Tissot has been supplying:

  • US Army Corps of Engineers -Precision Chronographs – World War 1
  • US Expeditionary Forces – Award watches – World War 1
  • The British Navy and the US armed forces – Field Watches – World War 2
History of Mathey Tissot Watch Brand

Mathey-Tissot Grand Prix 1945

With the end of World War 2, Mathey Tissot was no longer associated with any military crew around the planet. Today, the brand does not currently supply any armed forces with watches anymore, even though they are open for business. In case you didn’t know yet, Mathey Tissot also functions as a private label watch manufacturer. The company has no MOQ either, as they are flexible to fit the client’s requirements. 

Edmond Mathey Tissot Achievements

  • 1893 – Improved Repeat watch
  • 1901 – Repetition minutes mechanism
  • 1903 – Speed regulator for repeating watches
  • 1904 – Repeating clock
  • 1908 – Ring & alarm mechanism with 8 days of power reserve
  • 1912 – Chronograph with hours counter

Fun Fact 

Cartier,  Zenith,  Vacheron & Constantin,  Movado,  IWC,  Ulysse Nardin, Girard Perregaux,  Concord,  Le Coultre,  Longines,  Heuer,  Breguet, Piaget,  Tissot,  Alpina,  Bulova,  Moser, Louis Audemars & Cie,  Orion –  were all prestigious customers of the once grandiose Mathey Tissot watch brand. 

Edmond Mathey-Tissot (1852-1929)

Edmond Mathey-Tissot (1852-1929)

Mathey Tissot Watch Brand Review

Mathey Tissot Watch Movements

Sadly, Mathey Tissot is no longer manufacturing their own in-house movements, therefore the brand is indisputably forced to incorporate movements from elsewhere. Thankfully for Mathey Tissot, they have pretty good taste when it comes to picking movements. Their watches use either quartz movements from Ronda or mechanical movements from ETA, Valjoux, or Sellita.

Mathey Tissot Watch Movements

And all of them are Swiss-Made. So rest assured as when purchasing a Mathey Tissot watch, you are paying for the precision and the sustainability of Swiss know-how when it comes to watchmaking. These movements have a historical value and for that particular reason, Mathey Tissot is that type of watch you want to pass down to your children, your children to their children, and so on!

Mathey Tissot Materials & Craftsmanship

The materials being used on Matthey Tissot watches are of the highest quality. Sure, a model made of high-tech watch ceramic or titanium is yet to be seen on Mathey Tissot watches, however, it is understandable for the price range. Instead, the Swiss-based watch brand uses Stainless Steel 316L with PVD coating for their cases, genuine leather of high quality for the straps, and sapphire crystal for the watch glass.

It is the least we could expect from a Swiss watch manufacturer. And not to forget about assembling. Mathey Tissot watches are all assembled in Chisasso, Switzerland. In terms of durability, all watches from Mathey Tissot come with 2 years of international warranty. If properly maintained, the watches can last for decades. 

Mathey Tissot Designs & Functionality 

Mathey Tissot has positioned itself in the affordable luxury dress watches category. The brand is no longer manufacturing tool watches of any kind, focusing more on the overall aesthetics part of watchmaking.

Mathey Tissot Watch Materials

The majority of the watches you will find for sale on Mathey Tissot’s official website are either minimalist watches, chronographs, or Rolex-inspired watches. Some of them feature a date display window, and some more expensive models come with a moonphase display. It is worth having one for as long as you are mainly focused on the design of the watch. Not to forget about exceptional Swiss-made movements and the watchmaking heritage factor.

Mathey Tissot Price-Quality Ratio

No Haute Horlogerie here. Just above the average Swiss watchmaking trying to keep up with the good work. And for a Swiss-made automatic dress watch with a price tag of $800 it is kinda acceptable. To some, it is a salty price. To others, it is a necessary expense. As far as we are concerned, Mathey Tissot watches keep time accurately and are made of quality materials. The movements are some of the best in the watchmaking industry and the designs are not so bad either. As always, it is up to you to make a decision.

Mathey Tissot Watches Resale Value

In terms of resale value, different watch shops and watch dealers will pay different prices. The value of a Mathey Tissot watch does not increase with the passing of years as it happens with Rolex, Patek Phillipe, Audemars Piguet, or other reputable watch brands. However, its value doesn’t drastically drop either. Therefore, it can be considered a nice investment for as long as your main usage is adoring your wrist with it. 

American actor Robert DeNiro wearing a yellow gold vintage Mathey-Tissot watch

American actor Robert DeNiro wearing a yellow gold vintage Mathey-Tissot watch (On the set of Martin Scorsese’s The Irishman)

Best Mathey Tissot watches to Consider Buying 

Edmond Moon H1886RAI

Edmond Moon H1886RAI Mathey-Tissot watch

If you are looking for a great dress watch under 300 dollars, this affordable luxury watch from Mathey Tissot can not pass unnoticed.  Edmond Moon H1886RAI features a classic design with a 42mm stainless steel 316L case and a genuine black leather strap. From the sapphire coated glass you can catch a glance of the white dial with wave motives. The hour hands rotate around Roman numbers and the outer rim which is used for minute markers. The sub dials will keep you updated with their day, date, and month display function. A moonphase display window is perfectly positioned at 6 o’clock, to give the wearer an extraterrestrial feel.

The watch provides functionality and its design makes it a great piece of jewelry to adorn your wrist with. The quartz movement is Swiss made from Ronda.

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Mathey Tissot GMT Automatic Watch

Mathey Tissot also thinks about tool watches. Except for their beautifully designed dress watches, the Swiss manufacturers thrive to deliver some functional watches too. GMT Automatic, for example, is a badass-looking watch that is water-resistant up to 100 meters.

Mathey Tissot GMT Automatic Watch

It can be a great watch to wear on your wrist when going swimming or for other water-based sports. As it wasn’t enough, the watch also features a GMT function. Meaning it can be really useful for those heavy travelers between two time zones. Thanks to this function, you can track your local time as well as another time zone, in one watch. Further features include a scratch-resistant stainless steel 316L, a sapphire coated crystal glass, and a Swiss made Peseux automatic movement.

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Eric Giroud Automatic EG1886ATM

Eric Giroud Automatic EG1886ATM is another Mathey Tissot dress watch that will astonish you with its sleek design made with classicism in mind. The watch features a 42mm stainless steel grade 316L case which houses a sunburst black and brown dial. From the scratch-resistant sapphire crystal glass, you can catch a glance at the luminous hands and the silver-cut hour markers.

Eric Giroud Automatic EG1886ATM

A date window is perfectly positioned at 3 o’clock and a genuine black leather strap keeps the timepiece attached to your wrist. The Swiss made automatic movement is from Sellita and it provides up to 36 hours of power reserve.

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Type 23 Chrono Automatic

Type 23 Chrono Automatic Mathey Tissot watch

This is one of the most expensive watches Mathey Tissot has in their collection. And you start wondering why is this watch so important that is worth spending almost $2000 for it. To begin with, at first sight, you will notice a well-built chronograph dial with two sundials used to display elapsed minutes and seconds. The outer rim is filled with markers used for the tachymeter function and the stationary bezel serves as a minute counter. The watch is equipped with a day-date window display, perfectly positioned at 3 o’clock. The case is made of stainless steel 316L and the glass is an anti-reflective sapphire crystal. The automatic Swiss made movement Peseux P350 provides up to 38 hours of power reserve and you can catch a glance of it from the exhibition case back.

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In Final Words

Mathey Tissot watches are those affordable luxury watches that can adorn your wrist without having to break the bank. The brand is rich in history and the watches reflect the true Swiss watchmaking craftsmanship. The prices are reasonable considering you are buying a 100% Swiss-made watch with a nice selection of materials. In terms of durability, Mathey Tissot watches are not meant to be used for robust activities. If you enjoy wearing a watch during your daily routine, and it is filled with volcanic motion, better go for a Casio G-Shock.