MWC Watches (Review & Buying Guide) in 2022

MWC Automatic Submariner Watches

MWC (Military Watch Company), is a Swiss watch manufacturer that is focused on delivering durable timepieces that will keep ticking no matter how bad the situation or the work environment is.

The brand was founded in Zurich, in 1974 by Mr. Wolfgang Obrigheimer, a young watchmaker at the time, who managed to manufacture his own branded movements under the name of MWC.

MWC Watches started their journey by introducing to the world of timekeeping some hand-wound mechanical watches and later progressing to the more accurate quartz movements.

Today, MWC Watches flies under the radar for the masses, however, as stated on their website, they have earned a strong reputation among different departments of military, police forces, aviation, and marines all around the globe. Their watches are also open to being purchased for the public with a price range from 100 up to 700 dollars.

Best MWC Watches To Add To Your Collection

MWC MKIII Automatic

This vintage-inspired MWC watch takes its inspiration from the legendary field watches made in the 1950s. It comes with a classically styled case that measures 38mm (40mm with the crown). The watch itself is powered by the reliable Japanese movement from Seiko caliber NH35, which boasts an astonishing 41 hours of power reserve. The dial model replicates MWC’s 1979 watch, featuring the “Military Watch Co.” trademark.

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MWC Navigator GMT

And if you are looking for a robust and simple watch that can handle heavy-duty, the MWC Navigator is up to the challenge. It comes with a GMT function, allowing the wearer to keep track of two time zones at once. The watch is the perfect alternative not only for the heavy traveler but also for anyone looking for a reliable Swiss-made watch. The MWC Navigator is built in compliance with U.S MIL-PRF-46374G specifications. It is powered by a reliable Swiss made Ronda quartz movement with 10 years of battery life, and comes with a 30 ATM (1000ft/300m) water resistance rating. 

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Two things we like about the MWC brand can be found in this model. Affordability mixed with quality always generates a good output. In this case, MWC G10 LM is one of the most affordable MWC watches and it is decent enough to be considered a genuine military watch. The watch comes with a 50 meters water resistance rating, is powered by a reliable quartz movement, and its simple design makes it suitable for everyday wear. 

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MWC Submariner 300M Diver’s Watch

The Submariner 300M model pays justice to its brand. MWC (Military Watch Company) stays true to its name and delivers a military-standard watch with a groundbreaking price-quality ratio. To begin with, the watch is water resistant up to 300 meters (1000ft), making it suitable for swimming, diving, and other water-based activities. It is powered by the Swiss made quartz Ronda movement ref. 715li which comes with a whopping 10 years of battery life. 

As with every MWC watch, this model comes with its now signature Tritium GLTS self lume. As you will see by yourself, the Tritium vials can illuminate up to 100 times more than any other watch dial, making this way, readability easy in every light condition. Other features include a ceramic bezel and a date window perfectly positioned between 4 and 5 o’clock.

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MWC 24 Jewel 300m Automatic Military Divers Watch

Product Specs

  • 300m / 1000ft Water Resistant
  • Thickness 15mm
  • Weight 170g
  • Illumination: Super Luminova
  • Stainless Steel Bracelet

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Facts you need to know about MWC Watches

Private Label Watch Manufacturer

MWC Watches also operates as a private label watch manufacturer. They are mostly focused on obtaining contracts that pave the way to equipping the wrists of soldiers, marines, pilots, and combat and defense forces all around the globe. 

The brand prefers to keep their most valuable clients private, even though it can be a great marketing solution for them. However, rumors and comments coming from watch aficionado communities indicate that MWC Watches is having difficulties in penetrating the military watches marketplace. 

A total contrast with what is stated on their official website. 

In principle, what should be most concerning to the ones willing to purchase an MWC Watch is the quality. Countless reviews online state that the watches are of good quality, yet something more durable can be found elsewhere for the same price tag. 

What movements do MWC Watches use?

MWC is not capable of manufacturing its own watch movements therefore the Swiss watch manufacturer is obligated to incorporate the mechanisms from other watch houses. The movements they use are either from Switzerland, or Japan. The vast catalog of MWC Watches is powered by two main movements, quartz movement from Ronda (Switzerland) or NH35A a mechanical movement from Seiko (Japan).

Their Limited Edition Diver watch – MWC Depthmaster for example, runs in a 24 jewel automatic movement with a hacking function from Seiko. The caliber NH35A provides up to 41 hours of power reserve and is considered to be one of the most commonly used automatic movements for the watch industry. Its accuracy range is -20 / +40 sec/day, more than the recommended minimum of -4 / +6 sec/day as is set as mandatory from the COSC for Swiss made watches. 

caliber NH35A

On the other hand, their MWC Submarine features a battery-powered movement with a hacking function and approximately 45 months of power reserve. The Swiss made Ronda GMT 515.24H analog quartz movement is responsible for a GMT function, three hands that track the time, and date of the month display. The accuracy range of this movement is -10 / +20 sec/month. Simply undefeated.  The watch is built to endure depths as it provides up to 500 meters of water resistance, and features a helium escape valve for the watch to remain undamaged from water pressure. 

Ronda GMT 515.24H

Build for Water, Air, and Land

MWC watches Build for Water, Air, and Land

The military-focused watch brand has manufactured a collection of watches suitable for water, air, and land. Their finest models are designed to adapt to ocean depths, sky heights, and lands harsh conditions. It is worth to be mentioned that some of the best MWC diver watches are water-resistant up to 1000 meters. Some of them feature all the characteristics of a diver’s watch, including here the luminous dial, a helium escape valve, durable straps, and a rotating bezel.  

Their pilots’ chronograph watches are designed to serve as a military aircrew timekeeping tool, featuring here the large dial, a chronograph, and a 24-hour military time subsidiary dial.

MWC Watches Materials

When purchasing a watch, the quality of materials is what sells the product. In this case, MWC Watches seem to have experience with quality materials as they tend to use over-the-average components for their most valued timepieces. 

Sapphire crystal

Sapphire crystal MWC Watch

Sapphire crystal, for example, is the main glass that is used by the manufacturer to seal their dials. Sapphire is the most preferred choice for all the industry of watches as it is scratch-resistant and anti-reflective. Mineral crystal and hardened glass are also used for the manufacturing of MWC Watches.

316L PVD Stainless Steel Cases 

316L PVD Stainless Steel watch Cases

This type of stainless steel is of high quality. The chemical processes and materials produce a case that does not deteriorate with the passing of time and is almost indestructible. The military-grade stainless steel 316L is PVD plated, to significantly increase the lifespan of case color.   


MWC automatic diver watch with ceramic bezel

Often used by MWC as a more durable alternative for their bezels. The ceramic bezel was first introduced by Rolex for their GMT-Master II and later adopted by the whole watchmaking industry. Ceramic is more durable and has a cleaner look with its eye-catching distinctive shine. However, stainless steel is the predominant material on MWC.  


Tritium GTLS MWC watches luminous material

Considered an important factor to guarantee legibility at any moment of the day or night. Considering that the watch is specially designed as a military timekeeping tool, the watch lume is significant for the wearer to keep track of the time. MWC watch manufacturer uses a special luminous material on a few of their best models named Tritium GTLS. It is a chemical component 100 times brighter than conventional painted dials and has a lifespan of approximately 10 years. 

FAQ About MWC Watches

Are MWC Watches Good?

MWC (Military Watch Company) has established itself as a reputable brand in the horological domain of military-inspired timepieces. If you are looking for a good watch that is suitable for everyday carry, MWC watches are up to the challenge. 

Does MWC Watches Manufacture Its Own Movements?

Like many microbrand watches, MWC too relies on outsourcing its mechanisms. The Swiss-based military watch company uses either Swiss made quartz movements from Ronda or the Japanese automatic movement cal. NH35A made by Seiko. These movements are both great choices in terms of accuracy and reliability. 

How Much Does An MWC Watch Cost?

Depending on the model, expect to pay from $100 up to $500 for an MWC watch. The lowest priced MWC watch model is the MWC G10 LM (featured above), on which you can get to adorn your wrist for slightly more than $100. The most expensive MWC watch is the MWC “Depthmaster” priced at $665. Quite a bargain for the value it has to offer. 

In Conclusion – Is an MWC Watch worth the price?

MWC Watches feature a military-oriented design that guarantees functionality and legibility. Their finest models are made of quality materials and reliable movements. An MWC Watch can be purchased for an average price of 300 dollars, and many watch connoisseurs would say that a better watch with more functions and features can be found elsewhere. However, we personally think MVC Watches are worth having on your wrist, for as long as you keep good care of it.