Watch Review: The new Casio A100WEPC Watch in Collaboration with PAC-MAN

Watch Review: The new Casio A100WEPC in collaboration with PAC-MAN
Watch Review: The new Casio A100WEPC in collaboration with PAC-MAN

They both come from the 1980s and their masterpieces that first saw light in the Land of The Rising Sun were spread all around the planet. The mainstream blockbuster maze game Pac-Man and the giant watchmaking pioneer Casio decided to go into a strong collaboration and amaze us with the new Casio Pac-Man watch ref. A100WEPC. The watch features a retro stylish design that brings a flavor of those “ good ol days” from the 80s. 

I can only imagine how exciting and almost addictive it would have been for the younger generation to enter a bar and play the game at a time when tag and hide-and-seek were the only other options. It did, in fact, become mainstream in every bar in the US, and touched almost every country on the planet. The number of other arcade games that have done just that: Zero! The new Casio Pac-Man watch is fun, futuristic and at the same time vintage, and also expresses your joyful personality. 

Interesting Fact about Pac-Man

The article is all about the new Casio A100WEPC but we couldn’t leave out the interesting story that relies on the name of Pac-Man. Surprisingly, the notorious arcade game was initially named and released as Puck-Man. It was later changed by the company, mostly forced for international sales, as a preventive measure against defacement of the machines by changing the P to an F. And here you have the best conversation starter watch you will find on the market. 

Reviewing the New Casio A100WEPC Pac-Man Watch

Overall Aesthetics

This is the part where Casio spent time the most. I mean, throughout the years we have seen many novelty watches paying tribute to iconic pop culture characters. Mentioning here the Citizen and Marvel Collaboration, Timex x Peanuts, Disney’s Mickey Mouse Watch, and Undone Popeye and Friends limited edition collection. Now all of these are great watches as with the new trend coming up, novelty watches are not just for kids anymore. 

Our new Casio A100WEPC is not built that differently. And the greatest advantage is that it is a digital watch. Allowing it to be more futuristic while preserving the roots from the past. It is great for everyone looking to dress with style and it is quite functional as well.

With the new A100WEPC, Casio is also paying tribute to its F-100 model, also legendary in the 1980s. Equipped with a stopwatch, calendar features, and a daily alarm, the watch was pretty advanced for the time. The new Casio A100WEPC Pac-Man reprises the same design, originally released in 1978. Included is the unique front layout with four buttons. The watch dial comes with pixelated and colorful Pac-Man characters. Laser engraving on the black ion-plated metal band lays out the game maze. It will most definitely drive some attention to your wrist and can serve as a perfect conversation starter. 

Features & Functionality 

Underneath that square LCD display ticks a Japanese quartz movement with an accuracy rate of ±30 seconds per month. Its battery has a lifespan of approx. three years although we suggest changing it earlier to avoid damages on the movement. The digital vintage-inspired watch is packed with a dozen of functions: 

Starting with a daily alarm to an auto calendar (28 days for February). Continuing with a  12-24 hour format and of course the regular timekeeping function (Hour, Minute, Second, PM, Date, Day, Month). The watch wouldn’t be complete without its hourly time signal (no worries, you can also turn it off) and the LED Backlight. To complete, the new Casio Pac-Man watch comes with a digital chronograph, with 1/10-second and a measuring capacity of 59’59.9”.

Measuring at 32.7mm by 40.7mm, the gold tone resin case of the Casio A100WEPC delivers the compact feel of early digital watches on the wrist. With pushers on the top and without the conventional crown, the watch is remarkably smooth and clean, giving it a unique eye-catching wrist presence. Its total weight is 53 grams and at this point, you will almost forget you are wearing it. 

Resistance & Materials

We know! It is almost idiotic to talk about the durability of the new Casio A100WEPC as, frankly, there is none. The watch is not built with durability in mind. In this case, Casio has left the properties of G-Shock home and has decided to come up with a fragile dress novelty watch that is all about the looks. However, it is rated as 30 meters water resistant, meaning the watch is suitable for everyday wear. You can wash your hands with it, but better take it off your wrist when showering or swimming. As for the materials, the case, bezel, and glass are made of resin. The case back is made of stainless steel and that beautiful band is also made of stainless steel but this one is black ion-plated to eventually make it resistant against scratches. 

The New PAC-Man Watches Mania

Pac-Man has a special place in pop culture and gaming history. It was the first video game character to achieve mainstream popularity in the 1980s and its notoriety has not vanished to this day. Recently, that comes partially from the successful collaborations of Pac-Man with respected watch brands all around the globe. This has contributed to keeping Pac-Man somehow still famous. As for watch brands, in a highly saturated industry, the need for something new and refreshing is vital to keeping the attention coming. As you already understood, the new Casio A100WEPC Pac-Man is not the only watch where you will find the ghost-chasing hero.

Other Collaborations of Pac-Man With Watch Brands 

Timex T80 x Pac-Man Watch 

A successful attempt to revive the Eighties. The new Timex Pac-Man T80 watch was released in 2020 and marked the 40-anniversary of Pac-Man and Timex’s first digital watch as well. At the time Pac-Man was released, Timex was enjoying the success of their digital watches – a turning point in timekeeping and the future of wristwatch design. In terms of functionality, the watch features all the functions you would expect from a Timex T80 (alarm, month, day, date display, stopwatch) It belongs to a limited edition and comes in different colors – gold, black, and silver. 

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Timex Weekender Pac-Man

The US-based watch brand exploited the collaboration in maximum and introduced another timepiece with the Pac-Man graphs. They turned their iconic classic watch into a Weekender Pac-Man. The novelty watch comes in a 38mm Brass & LLB case and a genuine leather strap keeps the whole thing attached to your wrist. It features a black dial with details from the game and Pac-Man at the second hand chomping his way around the dial. Further features include the Timex Indiglo night light, luminous hands, and white Arabic numerals.

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RJ Pac-Man Level II

RJ Romain Jerome (established in 2004) is a relatively new watch brand whose timepieces celebrate “legends and icons” of contemporary life (cars, art, music, video games). The RJ Pac-Man Level II watch was released in 2015 to celebrate the 35th birthday of Pac-Man. As a luxury watch it is, the RJ Pac-Man Level II comes in a grade 5 titanium case with a sapphire crystal and a black 3D dial. Underneath, ticks a self-winding movement, caliber RJ001-A. The Romain Jerome Pac-Man comes in 5 different models with 20 pieces per model. 

You’d have to have some deep pockets to get your hands on this one, considering the price range. The watch’s retail price starts from $15000.

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Price and Availability

The new Casio Pac-Man watch ref. A100WEPC has been available through Casio retailers since August 12, 2021, and has an MSRP of $99.95. The supremely iconic design justifies the price as at this price range, you could allow yourself an entry-level G-Shock which is superior in terms of functionality and durability. However, the new Casio Pac-Man model belongs to a limited edition as the watch will be soon discontinued. It is this reason that makes it so sought-after from the watch lovers community as a novelty watch it is. Aside from the Pac-Man edition, the A100 series include a silver edition A100WE-1A ($54.95); a gold-toned edition A100WEG-9AVT ($74.95); and the grey/gunmetal edition A100WEGG-1AVT ($74.95)!

In Final Words

The new Casio A100WEPC is a fun and decent tribute for one of the greatest video gaming icons. Its gold tone-plated case brings to life memories for the 80s with a playful reinterpretation that everyone will love. It yells for attention and can be worn with casual as well as formal attire. Thanks to the watch’s bright dramatic colorway and the Pac-Man motifs, you can now keep track of time and put a smile on your face every time you look down on the watch.