Best Police Watches (Review and Buying Guide) in 2022

Police Watches Terminator The Genisys

Police is a fashion brand that manufactures accessories and mostly watches. The history of Police watches began in 1978 when the Italian De Rigo brothers founded Charme Lunettes, a factory dedicated to delivering prescription eye sunglasses. Later, the De Rigo brothers entered the fashion sunglasses industry, inspired by the American on-the-road lifestyle. 

After dominating the European market of sunglasses for 15 years, the De Rigo brothers finally decided to enter the world of watches, introducing their first timepiece in 2003. The first Police watch presented a brash and unique design, without losing its main function – timekeeping. Police Watches got to millions of people’s wrists, featuring a wide range of styles and unique designs. For sure, not as iconic as their compatriot watch brand, Pagani, still Police watches managed to deliver a new flavor in the world of watches. 

Police Watches Brand Ambassadors throughout the years

Their expansion to the watch industry started by teaming up with world-known celebrities like Bruce Willis, David Beckham, Antonio Banderas, Neymar Jr., and more. 

It was up to Bruce Willis to introduce Police Watches to the world back in the 2000s when the initial sunglasses manufacturer now was trying to penetrate the watch industry. At the time, Bruce Willis was starring in The Six Sense blockbuster movie. He was the brand’s ambassador until 2002 when George Clooney steeped in as the brand’s new lobbyist. In the following years, other celebrities loved by the public were chosen to run the head of Police Watches advertising campaign. 

Police watches Justice League

Police Watches also were the official watch brand to wear the wrists of the main characters in Terminator The Salvation and Terminator The Genysis as well. With badass durable watches featuring skeleton dials and engraved skulls in the watch face, it is no surprise for Police watches to be adorning the wrist of Arnold Schwarzenegger and his movie companion futuristic characters.

Police Watches Terminator Brand Ambassador

This is still a watch blog; however, we can not pass without mentioning their crazy marketing campaign back in 2012. An innovative idea that included every Police Watch buyer into an open lottery with prices including the chance of scuba diving in the Maldives, partying in Rio, and flying a fighter jet in Russia. Applause for the marketing department!

Police Watches Movements and Materials

Leaving the facade aside, a true watch connoisseur will skip the design and the brand’s ambassadors to focus more on the movements as well as materials used to craft the watch. A good watch is that type that besides that unique and good-looking design, also provides durability, and of course accuracy.  

In this case, Police watches are fashion watches, just like Armani, Guess, Daniel Wellington, etc. They are made for the look, and not for the substance.

Police watches are manufactured in China, typical of fashion watches, with movements quartz or mechanical incorporated from Japan. For a price range between 100 to 250 dollars, you can get one with a durable mineral crystal, a chronograph, an industry leather strap, and a stainless-steel case. Most of the models are backed with 2 years of warranty, an assurance from the manufacturer for the sustainability of Police watches. 

Best Police Watches to add to your collection 

  • Marsden Watch from Police
  • Neist Skull Dial Police Watch
  • Hamnoy by Police Watches
  • Adder Dual Dial Police Watch
  • Patriot Police Men’s Watch

Marsden Police Watch

Movement – Quartz

Water Resistance – 50 meters

Features – Analog and digital display, compass, brown leather strap.

Price the last time I checked – $215.0

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If you find analog digital watches as attractive (they certainly are) then this is the watch for you. It features an analog digital display, in a labyrinth pattern black-and-white dial. The watch features a modern style and its urban appeal is visible throughout the watch. And if by any chance you find yourself lost into the wild, no worries as Marsden features a compass, to help you always find your True North. 

Neist Skull Dial Police Watch

Neist Watch By Police For Men

Movement – Quartz

Water Resistance – 50 meters

Features – Colored skull on metallic black dial

Price the last time I checked – $170.00

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Even though it is not convenient to express our personal opinions directly, to me this is the best watch one can find on the Police watches website. The timepiece features an all-in-black design, with a vibrant and colorful skull positioned in the right of the dial. The skull itself features a colorful pattern that goes perfectly with the metallic black color of the dial. Add here some hour markers, also black, and that’s it with the design of Neist. 

Hamnoy by Police Watches

Hamnoy Watch By Police For Men

Movement – Quartz

Water Resistance – 50 meters

Features – Dual Time mode, Date indicator, Dual Time mode, 

Price the last time I checked – $280.00

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While catching a glimpse at the watch, you will soon understand that the dial is where the manufacturer spent their time the most. This timepiece from Police Watches features a complicated dial, with multiple pieces standing in perfect harmony with each other. It might be a bit difficult to get used to it in the beginning, but the soon you understand the functions, the better. 

Adder Dual Dial Police Watch

Adder Watch By Police For Men

Movement – Quartz

Water Resistance – 50 meters

Features – Day, date, 24-hour indicators, Stainless-steel PDV coated case

Price the last time I checked – $205.00

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A distinctive design can be seen on every Police watch, and Adder makes no exception. If you want to make a statement, this is the watch for you. It comes in a 56mm case diameter (without the crown) and in the blue dial, you will see multiple sub dials, used for the day, date, and 24-hour indicators. As with all Police Watches, this one comes with two years of warranty too. The watch is water-resistant up to 50 meters, courtesy of the mineral glass, and the stainless-steel PDV coated case. 

Patriot Police Men’s Watch

Patriot Police Men’s Watch

Movement – Quartz 

Water Resistance – 50 meters 

Features – Faceted Dauphine hands, Minimalist design, Silicon band

Price the last time I checked – $95.00 

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If you’re looking for something more classical, that has nothing to do with skulls and exaggerated dials, this is the Police watch you need. Patriot features a minimalist design, with a white dial set in a stainless-steel case. It brings all the characteristics of a minimalist watch to your wrist, including here a simple dial and the thin case. The 44mm watch is water resistant up to 50 meters, however, we would not recommend taking it for a swim. It comes with a comfortable silicone band, making it a perfect choice if you’re more into stylish watches. 

Final Words

Police watches come with futuristic distinctive designs that make sure to draw attention to your wrist. Considering that they are designed as dress watches, expect no durability or sustainability of any kind. Overall, what is offered for the price tag is well worth it and can be the next best watch to add to your collection. To sum up, Police watches are not designed to be a poor man’s Rolex, neither do they feature uniqueness in mechanisms and materials. However, some of their models are worth adding to your collection, and wear them with pride on every occasion.