Best Private Label Watch Manufacturers (Review & Buying Guide) in 2022

Private Label Watch Manufacturers

Watch function transformation

In the past, watches were used to do a more practical function than these days. We can see time anywhere. On our PC, Cellphone, Car watch, TV, etc. Modern mechanical watches from private label watch manufacturers often display the day, date, month, and year. On the other hand, electronic quartz watches include more time-related features, such as alarm functions, timers, and chronographs. Furthermore, smartwatch manufacturers are bringing the ultimate technology to your wrist. They include features like GPS, calculators, Bluetooth, and even heart-rate monitoring.

These features often are brought to the customer by the private label watch manufacturers. They are the true masterminds staying behind the pieces you are wearing or willing to own. Watch manufacturers have been around for a long time now. They know what the customer is looking to find in a watch and they make sure to give it to them, with a price, sometimes lower than you would think.

So, you are looking for a watch label that shows time always right but also fits your client’s expectations and makes their wrists look good.

 A good watch can go down for a lot of generations. It can be passed down to your child, and your child can pass it down to his son or daughter and for a lot of people this is the emotional connection that you have to have when buying a watch.

Finding a good private label watch manufacturer nowadays is not that easy as it looks. The market is overcrowded with companies of all magnitudes. Starting from the simplest workshops to end up with the most experienced and knowledgeable fabrics, making the right decision can give you some hard time. 

Made in China

Private label watch manufacturers are glowing in China. This is because they have reduced the cost of watch manufacturing. The cheap cost of labor and materials is a key role in leading the business of watch manufacturing in China. If you are looking to enter the watch business, we present you with some of the best and cheapest private label watch manufacturers in China.

Shenzhen Aiers Watch

AIERS watch company has entered the certified private label watch manufacturers list since 2005. Their watch factory started as a manufacturer and exporter which made cases and parts for Swiss brands. The company is now home to 200 employees who will design, research, and manufacture watches of all types as per clients’ requests. They are specialized in high-quality watches made of steel, bronze, titanium, carbon, fiber, sapphire, and 18k gold.

Window’s Clock & Watch 

Window’s Clock & Watch company located in Shenzhen City is a leading professional OEM & ODM watch manufacturer. Their 28 years journey in the watch business includes many long-term partnerships with famous brands such as Swatch, DW, Hello Kitty, Image, etc. Owning a 2500 square meters factory, their production capacity can go up to 300,000 watches per month.

Chrono China

With approximately 10 years of experience in watch manufacturing, Chrono China is in its first steps in the worldwide game of watches. They are specialized in Chronograph timepieces but not only. This company also manufactures customized watches and watch parts at affordable prices. The company gives a 1-year warranty for manufacturing faults and guarantees up to 60 months of battery life for their timepieces.

Meigeer Watch

Meigeer Watch company is a private label watch manufacturer based in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China. They supply customized watches for clients in more than 50 countries worldwide. The fabric covers all chains of production starting from styles to prototypes, quality control, packaging to end up with shipping agreements. Meigeer Watch company is home to more than 300 skilled employees. Every month, the fabric can produce more than 100,000 timepieces. They also provide a 2-year warranty for all products.

Ops Watch 

Ops Watch Company is a custom watch manufacturer & supplier in China with 11 years of experience in OEM and OMD watches. They produce custom-made watches for clients from 34 countries and are the partner of some globally famous branded companies.

Ops is also available for manufacturing private label watches and creating your watch brand with a Minimum Order Quantity of 300 units. Every watch is passed by the quality control department before delivery, and the company provides a 1-year warranty. The production capacity is 100,000 pcs.

Bolong Watches

Bolong Group is a professional watch manufacturer company focused on steel watch OEM & ODM services. With a capacity of 500,000 Pieces/month, Bolong Group can make customized watches according to your design. With a minimum order quantity of 300 pieces, Bolong Watches can build your private label watch from the scratch. 


3watches Co., Ltd is a professional watch manufacturer in China, with 14 years of experience in OEM & ODM.

Equipped with a 2000 square meters workshop their monthly capacity is 500,000 units, with over 50 percent delivered to North America and Europe. Their specialists can help you design and create your own private label watch. You will always have the chance to negotiate the number of units, logo, price, color, design, and shipping terms. The company offers a 1-year warranty for customized watches.

Swiss Made

When it comes to watches, Switzerland knows what is doing. Despite the high cost of watch manufacture, Swiss-based companies will offer you a more masterly experience. We have sourced and found a few private label watch manufacturers that will meet your expectations in terms of cost and professionalism.

Roventa SA

Founded in 1959 in Bienne, Switzerland Roventa SA is one heavyweight Private label watch manufacturer. All their products are certified and fully meet the Swiss Made regulation.

The company takes care of all chains of production starting from design, prototyping, sourcing, quality control, and manufacture. It is in your hand to select the watch movement. Whether mechanical or quartz movement, the final product will be a Swiss Made watch with Tourbillon or Chronograph function. Roventa SA has access to a wide range of materials (steel, titanium, ceramic, bronze, and carbon fiber) or precious metals (silver, gold, or platinum)


A simple name for one of the biggest watch manufacturers in Switzerland. The Watchmakers company offers OEM & ODM services to its customers all over the world. Within 300 days your prototype watch can be ready to glow on people’s wrists. The company covers all chains of production and guarantees professionalism. Owning a High-Tech watch fabric Watchmakers have a max capacity of 5 million watches per year.


Founded in 1992, ITS TIME is an independent company within the watch industry, guaranteeing complete discretion and helping you to make the most of your name.

ITS TIME LTD is a private label watch manufacturer in Switzerland, manufacturing high-quality watches worldwide. In this capacity, they produce watches for traditional watch brands, prestigious jewelers, renowned fashion and international brands, and designer labels.

Located in Grenchen, the heart of the Swiss Watch Industry this private label watch manufacturer brings to the customers a wide range of watch movements and quality materials.


This Private label watch manufacturer located in Biel-Bienne, Switzerland, will offer you a Swiss Made watch brand all with an exceptional price-performance ratio. With 17 years of experience in the watch manufacturing business, Trend Creation is yet considered a new company among other Heavyweight Swiss brands. Because they are relatively small, Trend Creation can keep costs down and at the same time, they are highly adaptable to clients’ quantity and quality needs.

Private label watch manufacturers in other countries

If you are looking for private label watch manufacturers in other countries, do not waste effort. India has not yet penetrated the private label watch manufacturing business and other countries such US or UK are cost-deprived. The price of materials and labor power in these countries is what is forcing them to go out of the private label watch manufacturing business.

To sum up, finding reliable Suppliers, Manufacturers, Factories, Wholesalers & Exporters on the wide market of watches is not easy. Numerous providers are operating in this field and sometimes you might get confused. All you have to do is to know where to look for and what to avoid. We hope we have simplified your search by introducing you to some of the finest watch manufacturers not only in China and Switzerland but worldwide.     

Roventa SA is one heavyweight Private label watch manufacturer. The company takes care of all chains of production starting from design, prototyping, sourcing, quality control and manufacturing. 


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