From $50 to $300 – 11 Best Skagen Denmark Watches

We founded this article to answer the question of many watch lovers all around the globe, wondering if is it worth it to have a Skagen Denmark watch on their wrists. The Danish watch manufacturer is that type of watch brand that flies under the radar and is known to the fullest by few watch aficionados. 

Even though Skagen watches do not have a large customer base, it doesn’t necessarily mean it is not a good watch or vice versa… A watch that is sold to the masses, doesn’t prove that the watch is fully accurate either. To better understand if a watch is worth having or not, you need to see three main qualities.

Skagen Denmark watches designs

Durability. Accuracy. Design.

Is Skagen Denmark watch good?

While taking a survey of Skagen Denmark watch models we found out the brand is rich in designs and features unique patterns, colors, and dials. They are attracted to minimalism as Skagen minimalist watches occupy an important place in their collections of timepieces. 

While surfing the online shop of Skagen Denmark watches, you will soon understand you have to do with an entry-level watch brand. Sorry to disappoint the ones trying to make a profit by selling their Skagen Denmark watch but these timepieces are usually worth from $90 for a minimalist Skagen Denmark watch up to $300 for their newly-released smartwatches. And if you’re lucky to get a discount coupon, a minimalist Skagen Denmark watch can glow on your wrist for less than $60. 

Skagen Denmark watch collections

Skagen Denmark watch collections

Skagen Denmark Watch company has more than 30 years of watchmaking heritage. Initially established in Denmark and now with headquarters in Richardson, Texas, Skagen watches have released several watch collections throughout the years – their stepping stones to the realm of accuracy. From quartz to automatic, the company is open to experiments. With the distinctive Denmark watch design in mind, the watch brand releases new timepieces every year. Below you will see a brief description of each collection from Skagen Watches and their finest timepiece. Enjoy!

11 Best Skagen Watches 

Aaren Transparent Green Skagen Watch

Aaren Transparent Green Skagen Watch

It is probably the best model of the Aaren collection and by casualty, it happens to be the lowest priced Skagen Denmark watch. However, the price has nothing to do with the quality of the watch as it is durable, stylish, and accurate as well. This model we picked from the Aaren collection features a transparent green kiwi color with a polyurethane strap and nylon case. The dial, also green, is home to silver-cut Arabic numerals and stick hour hands. If you turn the watch upside down, you will realize you have a quartz movement displayed in front of you, courtesy of the transparent nylon material. Collection: Aaren

Price the last time I checked: $50.00

Aaren Kulor White Silicone Watch

Aaren Kulor White Silicone Watch

Aaren Kulor collection from Skagen Denmark watch company is a humble collection made of 5 timepieces. Actually, there is only one model with 5 different colors. The model we picked, Aaren Kulor SKW6520 features a milky silvered color with an aluminum case and silicone strap. The watch falls into the category of minimalist watches as it comes with a thin case and a simple dial. Aaren Kulor from Skagen watches runs in quartz, the movement of who is responsible for running hands, and a stopwatch function. Collection: Aaren Kulor

Price the last time I checked: $ 95.00

Skagen Ancher Steel Mesh Watch

Skagen Ancher Steel Mesh watch

Model SKW7601 from Skagen’s Ancher collection is a fashionable timepiece that would look nice on a man’s as well as on a woman’s wrist. While the movement is the usual quartz, it is all about the colors with this model from Skagen watches as to you is represented a timepiece with a gunmetal colored case and a grey dial. A stylish stainless steel mesh strap keeps the whole piece attached to your wrist. Elegant yet a big avant-garde for the ones who are loyal to the classic. Collection: Ancher

Price the last time I checked: $ 122.50

Skagen Denmark Watch Colden

Skagen Denmark Watch Colden

Continuing our search to the best Skagen Denmark Watch with Colden model SKW6610. Same as the timepiece mentioned above, this one is distinguished for its mesh stainless steel strap, this time combined with a more classic case and dial. The watch comes with a blue dial which is home to unique arrow indexes and watches hands as well. No need for a kidney transplant to purchase this quartz watch from Skagen either, as it can be yours for a mere $75. Collection: Colden

Price the last time I checked: $ 75

Fisk Skagen Denmark Watch

Fisk Skagen Denmark Watch

Fisk (in Danish Fish) is designed from Skagen Watches as a timepiece for water-based sports. Excluding diving, the timepiece is suitable for long swims as its case provides up to 100 meters of water resistance. The design of this Skagen Denmark Watch reminds you a bit of the ocean. Its blue silicone strap and the azure details on the dial identify the watch as a water-sports compatible timepiece. The hands as well as the round hour markers are equipped with luminous material, to help you track the time anywhere your adventures might take you. Collection: Fisk

Price the last time I checked: $ 70

Skagen Mother of Pearl 

Skagen Mother of Pearl 

The watches from the Grenen collection feature true uniqueness in the world of watches. Whether the design or the colors of the dials, this might be the collection where Skagen designers expressed their top skills. 

I just purchased my first Skagen Denmark watch a few days ago and it works like a charm. Grenen Steel-Link Mother-Of-Pearl is a great quartz watch that features a royal blue dial with darkened hazy shades. The 38mm timepiece comes with a stainless-steel case and bracelet as well. It is crafted with minimalism in mind and can be understood by the simple dial and the thin watch case.

 Both qualities you will usually find on a minimalist watch. Blunt-style watch hands with luminous material in the middle continue their endless trajectory around silver-cut Arabic numerals. A date window positioned at 6 o’clock finishes the slick design of this minimalist Skagen Denmark watch. The timepiece is water-resistant up to 50 meters/5 ATM, meaning it is suitable for daily life use and showering, but not swimming as the constant water pressure can damage the watch. Collection: Grenen

The watch can be yours for only $93. A 40% off sale is applied if you use BIG DEAL as a promo code. 

Skagen Holst Automatic 

Skagen Holst Automatic 

If you’re not a fan of quartz and want something more classical when it comes to the movement of the watch, the Skagen Holts model SKW6733 is worth having. The timepiece from Skagen falls in the category of skeleton watches as it comes with an open-heart dial, from where you can catch a glance of the automatic movement. The sleek design of the watch is appropriate for both, casual and formal events as well. A combination of Roman numerals and indexes positioned in a blue field is what you’ll find in the dial together with the luminous watch hands. The watch is water-resistant up to 30 meters, meaning it can remain intact from showering, hand washing, and rain. Collection: Holts

Price the last time I checked: $ 205.00

Skagen Henricksen Solar Watch

Skagen Henricksen Solar Watch

Now, this is the type of watch many hardcore watch collectors would love to have on their wrists. Henriksen is a limited-edition watch made with recycled materials and running with the help of a solar panel. I don’t know if it is for better environmental feedback but Skagen achieved to attract some attention with this timepiece. It is limited to only 422 pieces and can be yours for less than $117. If you’re lucky enough to get a promo code, a 40% discount will be added to the checkout.  

The dial, same as the whole piece, reflects a green color with a date window positioned as usual at 3 o’clock and luminous hour markers & round indexes. It can be a great pick as purchasing a limited edition watch is almost the same as investing in cryptocurrencies. You never know when the price will skyrocket, but it will. Collection: Henricksen   

Price the last time I checked: $ 117.00

Melbye Skagen Denmark Titanium Watch

Melbye Skagen Denmark Titanium Watch

As you have understood by the name already, Skagen Melbye is a badass durable watch with a stainless-steel mesh bracelet and a titanium case, 3x stronger than steel and 5x lighter. SKW6007, the model we picked, comes in a grey dial with an orange circle, home to minute markers. A day/date window is perfectly positioned at 3 o’clock, into the minute circle. The watch is a reflection of what Skagen Denmark is capable of doing when it comes to watches, the design. 

If you are involved in daily physical activities, do not take the watch with you as its functionality can be easily corrupted. Besides that, the watch will work perfectly fine and keep ticking for as long as you find yourself doing activities that require minimal effort. Collection: Melbye

Price the last time I checked: $ 165.00

Skagen Denmark Signatur 

Skagen Denmark Signatur

Considered the most sold model from Skagen, Signatur is a great watch to have. As usual, it comes with an affordable price tag, a minimalist design, and a combination of strong colors with distinctive straps or bracelets. The model we picked, Signatur SKW6579, features a black dial, case, and stainless-steel mesh strap. Made with minimalism in mind, in the dial you will find white painted hour markers, and luminous watch hands, the only contrasting elements. As with almost all Skagen watches, this one comes with a quartz movement as well, meaning it runs in batteries that will need to be replaced in a few months. Collection: Signatur

Price the last time I checked: $ 95.00

Skagen Denmark Smartwatches

Skagen Denmark watch company is trying to penetrate the market of smartwatches as well. They have released several Skagen smartwatches lately that feature the ultimate wrist technology. Smartwatches are a bridge that connects the secrets of watchmaking with cutting-edge technology – all on your wrist.

A smartwatch from Skagen is stylish and equipped with a built-in package of sensors and options. From smartphone compatibility to a GPS to health monitoring sensors, the smartwatches from Skagen Denmark watch company are worth having on your wrist. 

When it comes to durability, a Skagen Denmark watch comes with a 2-year international warranty from the manufacturer. Enough to prove the watch is fully functional and worthy to add to your collection. Even though it comes with 2 years of warranty, as the manufacturer suggests, the watch needs to be serviced only after the fourth or fifth year of usage. Excluded here are quartz Skagen watches that will need a battery replacement every once a year. 

Smartwatch HR Skagen – Falster collection

Smartwatch HR Skagen Denmark Watch

From the reviews we read, this watch is highly recommended for the ones looking for a smartwatch to glow on their wrists. The Skagen Falster is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and features an elegant design, suitable for every occasion. The watch provides up to 24 hours of battery life with uninterrupted use and can go more under the leverage of the battery-saving mode.

Skagen Smartwatch Specifications:

Compatibility: Android 6.0 or higher, iOS 12.0 or higher

Connectivity: Bluetooth, GPS, NFC, Wi-Fi

Sensors: Altimeter, Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Compass, Heart Rate Monitoring.

Daily Life Functions: Microphone, Smart notifications, Alarm, Contacts, Translate, Spotify, Stopwatch…

FAQ about Skagen watches

Are Skagen watches expensive?

The company has positioned itself as an entry-level watch brand in the watchmaking industry.  Except to pay for a Skagen Denmark watch from $50 up to $300. 

How old is Skagen Denmark watch brand?

Skagen Watches have been around for more than 30 years now, crafting entry-level timepieces with sleek and minimalist designs. 

Is Skagen Watch brand owned by Fossil?

As of April 2, 2012, the Skagen Denmark Watch brand operates as a subsidiary of Fossil. Besides Skagen, Fossil Group also owns shares of Michael Kors, Tory Burch, DKNY, Emporio Armani, Relic, Misfit, etc. 

Is a Skagen Denmark watch good?

Undoubtedly, Skagen Watches are worth having on your collection of watches. The brand features minimalist timepieces with unique designs and responsive quartz movements. All Skagen Denmark watches come with a 2-year manufacturer warranty but can last for decades if services properly. Moreover, you can have your own Skagen watch for less than $100, an affordable price tag for watch lovers of all calibers.

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