Stuhrling Watches (Review & Buying Guide) in 2022

Stuhrling Watches Review

Stuhrling watches feature unique and creative designs. You can tell when catching a glance of their Tourbillon collection of watches, or their iconic Stuhrling Legacy timepieces, a collection of skeleton automatic watches that can never pass unnoticed. 

The vast catalog of Stuhrling watches has something to offer to everyone. From minimalist designs to outdoor watches, a Stuhrling can be found for every occasion. When it comes to the movements they use, the brand features the best of both worlds. Whether be a complicated Swiss made automatic movement or a simple battery-operated quartz movement, the watches are fitted with the best mechanisms that perfectly mark the best and the most unbelievable price-quality ratio in the marketplace of watches. 

Stuhrling watches – What you need to know prior to purchasing yours

Stuhrling watches are Affordable (Price range $100 to $1750)

To back the above statement, all it takes for me is to remind you fellow watch lovers that you can purchase your own Stuhrling Tourbillon watch for $1.500 give or take. Just a fraction of what you would pay for most other watches with a tourbillon complication. Just the idea of a relatively “inexpensive price tag” for a Tourbillon, might seem as difficult to swallow among many watch houses and watch collectors as well but the quality is indisputable. 

Moreover, Stuhrling automatic watches start from $100, a rare quality seen in the automatic watches’ territory. To purchase one of the automatic Stuhrling watches expect to pay from $100 up to $400 for their Stuhrling Modena Skeleton Automatic watch from the Stuhrling’s Legacy collection. 

Price of a Stuhrling watch

Stuhrling watches are not meant to be a poor man’s Rolex

The only way to properly review a watch brand is by putting the brand’s pros and cons on a scale. Stuhrling watch brand is undeniably a pioneer in designs and their watches come at affordable prices. However, is it enough? Are the price tag and the watch’s overall aesthetics the only key factors to look for when purchasing a watch? Definitely not. 

When it comes to purchasing a watch, the brand’s reputation sells the product more than watch houses can imagine. A true watch connoisseur will skip the design and the price and stick with the mechanism, its functionality, and sustainability. 

Stuhrling watch movements

Stuhrling watches use both: automatic and quartz movements. The brand is incapable of manufacturing their own movements (excluding Tourbillon, they started the brand in 2002 with a line of Tourbillon watches. The founder, Chaim Fischer, united a team of craftsmanship and woman to develop their first collection, Stuhrling Tourbillon) so they are obligated to use third-party movements (Seiko’s quartz movements & Swiss made automatic movements).

Moreover, the glass Stuhrling uses for their watches is named Krysterna. A tough and reliable glass primarily used in the eye-wear industry, now a standard glass of Stuhrling watches. Read on…

Where are Stuhrling watches manufactured?

So far so good. Nothing seems to be going bad for Stuhrling. The only disfavor and at the same time the reason the brand manages to deliver satisfactory timepieces at affordable prices – Stuhrling watches are manufactured in Shenzhen, China. In general, the labor cost is extremely low and the working conditions are not suitable as they should be for the manufacturing of an extremely accurate tool as a watch is. Not to mention the lack of qualified staff and technology as well. It is an open secret now in the watch business that many watch brands purchase watch supplies (cases, crowns, hands, or bracelets) from China or in other cases put their entire watch brand to the cheapest private label watch manufacturer.

Watch Factory in China

While we wish all the best for the people of China, the main concern is the quality of a Stuhrling watch. 

Countless Stuhrling watches reviews from Amazon, eBay, and other world’s leading eCommerce websites claim that Stuhrling watches are of good quality, and can be compared with the quality of an Invicta, Fossil, or a watch from Nixon. However, expect Citizen, Seiko, and Timex to be claim victory over a Stuhrling. 

Only the Legacy Collection features Automatic Stuhrling Watches 

Stuhrling Automatic watches

It is quite reasonable what the manufacturer meant by naming the only collection of Stuhrling Automatic watches – Legacy. An automatic watch will always be a reflection of hundreds of years of watchmaking heritage, the craftsmanship of who will always surpass the quartz. There is nothing wrong with purchasing a quartz watch, instead, we lobby in having a quartz watch glowing on your wrist as they are affordable, sustainable, more accurate than automatic watches, and excluding the battery replacement, a quartz watch needs little to no maintenance at all. 

So why purchase an Automatic Watch from Stuhrling?

Automatic watches feature complicated movements, where hundreds of pieces work in symphony with one another to tell the time, hopefully, for life. The image of an automatic watch has been engraved in people’s wrists and minds for centuries, as the functioning concept has been improved throughout the years, but not changed. 

An automatic watch is the type of watch you can pass down for generations, from you to your kids and your kids to their kids, and so on. 

Considering that the overall aesthetics of an Automatic Stuhrling watch features a naked movement, courtesy of the skeleton dial, makes the watch more pleasant to the wearer’s eye. 

Moreover, the undeniable fact that Automatic Stuhrling watches are relatively the most affordable automatic timepieces you will ever encounter, makes Stuhrling a valuable timepiece.  

Best Stuhrling watches to add to your collection 

Stuhrling Monaco 669 Chronograph

Stuhrling Monaco 669 Chronograph

Collection: Monaco

Movement – Quartz

Case size – 42mm

Water Resistance – 50m/5ATM/165ft

Complications & Features – Chronograph, AM/PM indicator, Luminous Hands, Screw-down case-back, Fixed Bezel.

Price the last time I checked – $130


Stuhrling Cobia 966A

Stuhrling Cobia 966A

Collection: Aquadiver

Movement – Quartz

Case size – 43mm

Water Resistance – 200M/20ATM/660FT

Complications & Features – Rotating bezel, Luminous hands & markers, Date window at 6 o’clock.

Price the last time I checked – $145.00

Stuhrling Aviator 931

Stuhrling Aviator 931

Collection: Aviator

Movement – Quartz

Case size – 42mm

Water Resistance – 50m/5ATM/165ft

Complications & Features – Luminous hands, markers, and Arabic numbers, Seconds sub-dial at 6 o’clock, Screw down case back, Dauphine style hands.

Price the last time I checked – $110.00


Stuhrling Anatol Automatic

Stuhrling Anatol Automatic

Collection: Legacy

Movement – Automatic

Case size – 47mm

Water Resistance – 50m/5ATM/165ft

Complications & Features – Alligator Leather Strap, Dual Time, Exhibition Case back, AM/PM indicator.

Price the last time I checked – $250.00

Stuhrling Tourbillon Barringer 973 

Stuhrling Tourbillon Barringer 973

Collection: Tourbillon

Movement – Mechanical Tourbillon

Case size – 40mm

Water Resistance – 50m/5ATM/165ft

Complications & Features – Alligator leather strap, Sapphire exhibition case back, Open-heart dial

Price the last time I checked – $1,750.00