Watch Review: TAG Heuer Connected Titanium Smartwatch For 2021

Watch Review: TAG Heuer Connected Titanium Smartwatch
Watch Review: TAG Heuer Connected Titanium Smartwatch

Ever since its first debut in November 2015, the Tag Heuer Connected collection of smartwatches has improved itself significantly. Today we will take a look at the latest release from Tag Heuer – The Tag Heuer Connected Smartwatch and will pay closer attention to the model in a titanium case. 

Overall Aesthetics 

The descendant of last year’s Connected Generation 3, the new Tag Heuer Connected 2021 sports a 45mm case with a relatively slim 13.5mm thickness. You can see the strong case lines on the polished lugs and satin-brushed case sides. The strikingly geometric pushers accompany the rubber-covered smart crown that functions as the watch’s steering wheel. The ceramic bezel comes with polished faceted surfaces and a 60-minute scale. In the case back you will find the infra-red heart rate sensor and the charging points which so far complete the consistency with the generation 3 models. 

A 1.39-inch OLED screen displays all the information. From calendar notifications, calls, messages, emails, and the NFC payments with Google Pay. Of course it comes with a built-in GPS and further options include Google Maps and weather alerts. 

Tag Heuer Connected 2021 Technical Specs

  • Operating System: Google Wear
  • Processor: Snapdragon Wear 3100 Platform
  • Charging Type: Magnetic
  • Location: GPS (U.S. and global) – GLONASS (Russia) – QZSS (Japan) – BeiDou (China)
  • Connectivity: WiFi – Bluetooth 4.1 
  • Syncing support: Google Fit and Apple Health
  • Case Size – 45mm in titanium sand-blasted and fixed ceramic bezel
  • Water Resistance – 50 meters (165 feet) – Suitable for everyday wear, would not recommend wearing it while swimming or showering. 
  • Battery: The full capacity of the battery is 430 mAh. It needs 1 hour and 30 minutes for a full charge and has a lifespan of 24 hours + 1 hour sport session in standard mode. 

Strap and Case Options

One of the greatest advantages of the new Tag Heuer Connected smartwatch is its wide range of straps and case materials. Its quick-change mechanism requires no tools. You are paying for the watch and it is reasonable to require something less mainstream and more personalized. The new Connected 2021 edition sports a sleek design with angular lines and is available in stainless steel or titanium. The latter can either be coated in a series of PDV colors or you can choose the left bare model. In addition, with the titanium model, you are getting your hands on a comfortable and lightweight smartwatch that also has improved resistance against scratches and knocks. Courtesy of the durability of titanium. Learn more about titanium vs stainless steel here. 

Going down with the specs of the new Tag Heuer Connected smartwatch 2021 edition and taking a look at the case topped by a selection of ceramic bezels, finished with a micro-blasted treatment and coming in different colors. As for the watch glass, you get what you would normally expect from a Swiss watch mansion. A scratch resistant sapphire crystal with an anti reflective coating. 

Inspired by the manufacturer’s iconic Carrera watch, the new Connected 2021 features a vivid and badass design with its sport-inspired crown and push buttons, and faceted horns. You can further customize the watch as you see fit or depending on your mood or occasion with a dozen strap options easily interchangeable. In an assortment of colors, in front of you are introduced rubber bands, calfskin leather straps, or titanium and stainless steel bracelets. 

Customisable Dials

And the customization continues… A decent selection of dials from which you can choose from comes along with your new Tag Heuer Connected smartwatch. There is a dial for everyone and the opportunity for choice makes this a one-of-a-kind smartwatch. What are these dials? 

Well, the most beautiful one, in my opinion, is the Carrera watch face, Heuer 02. Tag Heuer pays tribute to their most sought-after watch model by delivering a watch face that gives your smartwatch a sport-elegant feel. 

Going next with the digital watch face Heuer 01C. Allowing you to keep track of your daily essentials at a glance. Get the right information with up to six complications available. 

And what if you want something more high-tech? Well, Tag Heuer has brought something new. The conventional hour hands or the digital time display are perfectly positioned in the center as in the background a constantly moving neural network keeps track of seconds. Talking about the Orbital watch dial. 

Now the Carbon dial must have been adopted by Tron: Legacy as every time you look at the watch your mind enters into a virtual world. At least that’s the effect it had on me. 

And more dial designs await. What’s really impressive with the watch dials of the new Tag Heuer Connected 2021 is the after-customization. Yes, you can keep on playing and almost become a designer of your own watch. You can choose what complications are on offer to add to the dials, change the colors of the hour markers, and even the color of the second hand. Now, that’s kinda new!

Reviewing the Tag Heuer Connected Wellness App and Tag Heuer Connected App


So is the Tag Heuer Connected Wellness App any good? 

You can download it on the App Store and get it on Google Play to follow your heart rate live, keep track of burned calories, and reach your daily step goals. It is a reflection of the usual fitness apps we are used to, with the progress monitoring and goal setting concept being primary. In addition, you can overview your active minutes per week, your targets, cardio, and exercise impact just to name a few. 

The latest update was made on July 7,  2021, and the software counts over 10.000 download hits on Google Play alone. It has a 3.5 out of 5 review rating and this brings some questions to mind about its functionality. As far as I am concerned, and after taking a closer look at the first 30 reviews, the only problem with the app is the massive battery drain. Caused by the continuously running sensors. That’s something I can live with. However, if I am going to spend my hard-earned  $2500, I would expect no such issues. At least, I can choose not to download the software and seek a more energy efficient one. 

As for the Tag Heuer Connected app, the online reviews were way warmer. It has a 4.5 out of 5 ratings and counts more than 50.000 downloads. In addition to walking, fitness, cycling, and running, the multi-sport app can now be used for swimming and the latest update has improved the running experience significantly. 

Reviewing the Tag Heuer Golf App

And if you’re into golfing, which you might be taking into account the fact that you are reading an article about a $2.500 luxury smartwatch, you will find the Tag Heuer Golf App really useful. The new Tag Heuer Connected 2021 smartwatch comes with an improvement in the Golf app which now allows you to access more than 40.000 golf courses in 3D and 2D maps. The update includes better textures and forests, even single trees are taken into account. Rendering the details smoother and faster was made available thanks to a collaboration with SceneKit – Apple’s pioneering 3D graphics framework. 

Battery Life

Reminding you this is still a smartwatch and it needs a battery to run. That’s a no-brainer but if you are into watches you will understand that writing about the battery life of the Tag Heuer smartwatch is kind of off-piste. The Swiss mansion is a pioneer in conventional watchmaking and seeing the transition process affecting them one by one, gets you to think that the days when we will see a new Rolex Smartwatch or a hybrid Nautilus are near. Now back to the topic! 

The battery life of the new Tag Heuer Connected Smartwatch is up to 24 hours in standard mode + 1-hour workout. That is a take off from the Connected 2020 which offered 4 hours less. The increased battery efficiency comes as a result of a low power processor which, alongside the main processor, handles less battery consuming tasks like timekeeping and step-counting. And if you’re always on the move, bear in mind that the 430mAh battery can last up to six hours with GPS, sports tracking features and heart rate monitoring on. And the watch has a power-saving mode too. When battery life is low or it is crucial for later, simply switch to ambient mode and the watch will only keep track of time until you charge it back. 

In Final Words

Tag Heuer has been carrying the flag for the Swiss smartwatches so far. Along with Breitling, Alpina, Tissot, Hublot, and Montblanc, Tag Heuer’s uninterrupted efforts in penetrating the lucrative market of smartwatches have started to pay off. The brand is focused on the wearing experience. With the limitations and bugs gone, I see no reason why Tag Heuer Connected 2021 should not be on your wrist. Especially if you follow an active lifestyle.