Best Timex Chronograph Watches and How to use them

Expedition Field Timex Chronograph watch

Timex is a US-based watch brand that owns the right to be named as the American’s default wristwatch. The watch manufacturer has been adoring American’s wrists for more than a century and a half now. Among Bulova, Hamilton, and Invicta, Timex is world-known as an American giant watch manufacturer that manages to deliver sustainable timepieces at affordable prices. Timex Chronograph is the perfect example. 

The company’s headquarters are located in Connecticut, but the watches are manufactured elsewhere, in the Far East (excluding here the American Documents collection of Timex which is manufactured in America with a movement from Switzerland). 

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Valuable Timex Chronograph Watches 

Timex Standard Chronograph


A watch that can be worn on both: casual as well as formal events – the Timex Standard Chronograph. The timepiece brings together the classic touch with modern materials and interchangeable straps. A cream-colored dial in a silver-tone case could not find a better place to combine.

Crystal: Mineral Glass

Case Width: 41mm

Movement: Quartz Analog

Features: Date Window, Chronograph, Indiglo Backlight 

Price: $132.00

Fairfield Chronograph from Timex


This badass and durable Timex Chronograph is in fact inspired by the Bauhaus techniques (a German art school with a distinctive manner of artmaking). The watch dial features a minimalist look with all the chronograph functions and the date window still positioned at their places but in a tranquil restful appearance. 

Crystal: Mineral Glass

Case Width: 41mm

Movement: Quartz Analog

Features: Date Window, Chronograph, Indiglo Backlight 

Water Resistance 30 meters

Price: $132.00

Waterbury Classic Timex Chronograph Watch


The classic timepiece honors the “Timex good old days” when the brand started the journey to the world of watches approximately 160 years ago in Waterbury, Connecticut. Their favorite watch, as Timex likes to call it, features a white dial fitted in a 40mm polished stainless-steel case. The dial is where the manufacturer spent their time the most as its components are in pure harmony.

Crystal: Mineral Glass

Case Width: 40mm

Movement: Quartz Analog

Features: Date Window, Chronograph, Indiglo Backlight 

Water Resistance 30 meters

Price: $181.00

Timex MK1 Steel Chronograph


The MK1 Steel Chronograph is a watch made to endure what everyday use can do to a watch. It features military-style aircraft-quality steel finished in brushed gunmetal. As with every Timex Chronograph watch, this one also features the chronograph functions, the Indiglo light-up watch dial, and a date window at 4 o’clock.

Crystal: Acrylic

Case Width: 42mm

Movement: Quartz Analog

Features: Date Window, Chronograph, Indiglo Backlight 

Water Resistance 50 meters

Price: $118.00

Timex Chronograph Features

The Timex Chronograph can be considered as the typical chronograph wristwatch. The timepieces that fall in the Chronograph category, feature almost the same designs and complications. 

What you will find in a Timex Chronograph watch

  • Full-size cases (From 40mm up to 43mm cases)
  • Three sub-dials set in a “V” position for the chronograph functions.
  • A date window perfectly positioned at 4 o’clock.
  • A crown and two push-in buttons used to activate the watch functions.
  • (Less common) A tachymeter used in Timex Chronograph watches to measure the frequency of something occurring within a given time. 

What you will NOT find in a Timex Chronograph watch

  • An automatic movement
  • A rotating bezel
  • A sapphire crystal glass
  • High-end materials like (titanium, ceramic, or gold)

The collection of Timex Chronograph is an enormous fortune of timepieces that reflect the brand’s craftsmanship heritage. The designs of the watch allow the wearer to go from the office to later hit a party without worrying if your Chronograph doesn’t pair with your outfit. It can be worn for casual as well as formal events.

The best Everyday-Use watch

Timex Waterbury Chronograph watch

Timex Chronograph is an everyday-use-inspired wristwatch that delivers the humble yet unbeatable punctuality of a quartz movement (responsible for correctly measuring 1/20 of a second!). The sustainability and the accuracy of the watch are the main reasons why Timex Chronograph and Timex Weekender are some of the most preferred watches to be worn by healthcare professionals. 

The manufacturer uses mineral glass instead of sapphire crystal due to the low cost. Probably not as strong as sapphire crystal, but after the mineral glass is heat-treated, it becomes scratch resistant and more durable to breakage, almost the same as sapphire. 

These beautiful timepieces from the Timex Chronograph collection also come with a water-resistant feature. Not ideal for swimming or diving, but perfect to withstand splashes, washing hands, rain, or a quick shower.   

How to use a Timex Chronograph watch?

Below you will see how to properly use the complications and features of a Timex Chronograph without damaging the watch. 

How to use a Timex Chronograph watch

The sub-dial at 6 o’clock is used to measure the seconds of the day. 

The sub-dial at 10 o’clock is used to measure the minutes elapsed within a 30-min segment.

The sub-dial at 2 o’clock displays the elapsed 1/10 of a second. 

The date window is positioned at 4 o’clock.

The second hand is valid for the chronograph function only. 

Use the buttons and the crown to operate your Timex Chronograph

Press the upper button to start measuring seconds and the red second hand will start moving. To take a split time you can do so by pressing the bottom button. 

You can read the elapsed time while the seemingly paused chronograph hands are keeping track of time in the background. 

Press the bottom pusher and the hands will catch up to the internal kept time. 

By pressing the top button, you can stop the chronograph. It will eventually stop after 4 hours to preserve battery life. 

Turn on the Indiglo Light and Activate Night mode

To activate the Timex Chronograph Indiglo Backlight press in on the crown gently and the dial with be illuminated.

Press and hold the crown for about 4-5 seconds to active the Indiglo night mode.

Redo the same action to deactivate night mode.

Set the date and time

To set the time on your Timex Chronograph, just pull the crown out two positions and rotate the crown in both directions till’ finished. 

To set only the hour and date on your Timex Chronograph pull the crown out once and rotate the crown until the hour hand passes 12 o’clock twice. 

The watch is now in the A.M hours and the date is set.

In Conclusion 

We hope you found this article useful. It is pleasure for us to share our knowledge and experience for the watch industry with the rest of the watch lovers community. Timex is one of the most reputable watch brands in the industry, and as such, their watches can not pass unnoticed.